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Woorank – Website audit

What is Woorank?

Woorank is a powerful, comprehensive website auditing tool that offers in-depth analysis to improve your SEO. It enables you to optimise your site and maximise its visibility on search engines. Thanks to its advanced features, Woorank provides you with customised recommendations for optimising all aspects of your site to achieve better results.

One of Woorank’s key features is its comprehensive website audit. The tool examines all technical aspects of your site, including structure, architecture, meta tags, page titles, internal and external links, content, mobile usability and much more.

Online site analysis

Do you work in a web agency and would like a tool to quickly audit websites? Do you work for an advertiser and would like to identify your company’s weaknesses in the field of natural referencing?

Then Woorank is the tool for you! This online service provides an accessible and relatively comprehensive site analysis. Woorank identifies the strong points and factors blocking a site’s good ranking in search engines. The webmaster or web marketer can thus identify the work that still needs to be done to increase the visibility of a site (blog, online shop, showcase site, etc.) in the results of Bing, Google and other search engines.

In particular, Woorank provides a traffic estimate, reveals the elements present in the site’s content and lists various items of information relating to internal and external optimisation. This includes meta-tags, URL structure and the presence of internal links. You can also check whether your site is optimised for mobile devices, a not inconsiderable criterion given the increase in the number of mobile users. Activity on social networks is also analysed with Woorank, which identifies awareness on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, etc.

Optimising your SEO with Woorank

Woorank enables you to carry out an in-depth analysis of all aspects of your site and implement effective strategies to optimise your SEO. Here’s how you can use Woorank to :

  1. Full site analysis: Woorank performs a full audit of your site to assess its structure, content, meta tags, internal and external links, mobile-friendliness, loading speed and much more. This in-depth analysis allows you to identify weak points and opportunities for optimisation.
  2. Personalised recommendations: Based on the results of the audit, the tool provides you with personalised recommendations for improving your SEO. These recommendations guide you in optimising your meta tags, content, links, mobile-friendliness and other key aspects of your site.
  3. Progress tracking: Woorank allows you to track your SEO progress over time. You can see how changes to your site are impacting your search engine rankings. This tracking helps you make informed decisions and adjust your strategy for better results.
  4. Competitor analysis: Analyse the performance of your competitors. You can compare your performance with that of your direct competitors and identify areas where you can improve to gain greater visibility and competitive advantage.

Recommendations for improving your positioning

The web writing strategy is important, but there are also a number of technical rules that need to be respected when trying to maximise your visibility on the internet. Technical characteristics (loading speed, W3C validity, presence of Sitemap files, robots.txt, canonical IP, etc.) are therefore also taken into account when carrying out an analysis using this tool. However, we did note a slight downside to Woorank when it came to assessing keyword consistency. This index does not always seem relevant.

While the free version gives you an idea of the power of the service, it really comes into its own when it presents recommendations for improving your site’s ranking in search engines.

And to benefit from this pre-packaged work, you have to pay for it. A professional version is available for less than 40 euros a month, and only allows a single in-depth analysis, but there are several more expensive premium versions, aimed at web agencies that audit a large number of websites on a daily basis. Woorank is aimed at SEOs who want support in their analysis work, but it can also be useful for webmasters who don’t know SEO inside out and need a helping hand to refine their strategy.

We’ve brought you this comprehensive tutorial on using Woorank :

800,000 professionals around the world are already using this service, so don’t hesitate to try it out for free!

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