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Let’s build your new website together with WordPress:

    Let’s build your new website together with WordPress:

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    Creating your Showcase Website: A Necessary Challenge for your Business

    Creating a showcase website is the ideal solution to present your business and its activities online.
    Today, 64% of French businesses have online websites. And you?


    The Functionalities of your showcase Website

    he following is a list of the functionalities that we implement while creating your website.

    A Design that reflects your image

    You will participate in the design of your website so that it perfectly reflects your visual identity.

    Present your activities

    Present your services and projects on your website and try to convert your visitors.

    Keep your customers updated on your blog

    This new system allows you to inform your visitors by publishing an unlimited number of articles.

    Stay Available

    Your customers will have every way to get in touch with you from contact forms to google maps.

    4 good reasons to create your showcase website

    Are you still unconvinced that you need a showcase website to grow your reputation online ?
    Here are some additional reasons!

    Make your Business Known

    Internet is a source of unlimited information. But it is also a place where you can attract new potential customers. So, don’t waste any minute and create a website for your business.

    Make your Information Accessible

    Unlike your customer service, your website is online 24/7 and broadcasting information.

    Increase Your Credibility

    Because you present your activities, when showcasing your products and also through your costumers’ testimonials, you increase the trust of your future customers.

    Maintain Customer Relations

    The showcase website makes communication with your customers easier through a contact form and an FAQ space. Additionally, you will add interesting content regularly which will make them return to your website frequently.

    Set Yourself Apart from the Competition !

    If your competitors, too, have websites, know that your customers will surely compare you. A study revealed that 75% of internet users judge the credibility of a business through its website. The website must give them the desire to contact you and work with you. Even if your products are better than those of your competitors, we advise you to work on your online identity, and to get a professional design.

    A Website with a Professional Aspect is Important

    It is well known that business is all about trust. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes. For example, if you need to choose between two artisans :

    • One presents his previous works, techniques, and experience.
    • The other has no website and you don’t know much about him/her, or, his website is neglected and obsolete.

    … Who will you choose?

    Don’t Neglect the Referencing of your showcase Website

    It is indispensable for every website to have a referencing strategy to be well positioned on search engines and easily found. Natural referencing represents generally 2/3 of websites traffic.

    Your potential customers look for your products or services on search engines like Google, and you have to, then, be visible there. Our company has been specialized in natural referencing for more than 15 years so we can guide you through your strategy. Contact us

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