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    Boost your sales with the right International SEO agency

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    Short term

    Do you want to immediately boost your business? Many advertising solutions on Google Ads or Facebook Ads can boost your business.

    Discuss your project and your needs with our E-Business consultants, who will help you find the best solutions to generate activity towards your website.

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    Long term

    Your business is running, but you would like to develop new business lines and visitor contacts.

    Thanks to our rich experience in SEO and Digital Visibility, we can help you with your project and guide you to find the best channels for acquiring sustainable and stable traffic, in order to bring more business and security to your company.

    Discuss your project and your needs with our E-Business consultants, who will help you find the best solutions to generate activity towards your website.

    Results in less than 6 months

    Making traffic profitable

    Knowing exactly how much your site is worth, and which traffic sources are really profitable is nowadays essential to grow on the Internet.

    We provide answers to your profitability issues on the Web by offering advice and support on monitoring the conversion and improving the profitability of your traffic.

    Discuss your project and your needs with our E-Business consultants, who will help you find the best solutions to generate activity towards your website.

    Knowing the performance of your site

    Our business expertise


    The visibility of your site on Google is vital. Within the agency, our team sets up a clean and quality referencing strategy. Our actions are therefore designed to resist Google updates. We optimise the technical performance of your site, its structure, content and incoming link profile. We also remove your site from any algorithmic (Penguin, Panda) and manual penalty.


    As members of Google Partners Premier, and with 12 years of experience, online advertising no longer holds any secrets for our experts who can make the most of your advertising budgets.

    Website creation

    Your website is the showcase of your online business. In order to keep it always up to date, modern, and using the latest technologies required by search engines, we will create-Friendly and responsive sites for you, according to your specifications. You are the full owner of your site, and you can learn how to modify it yourself in the future.


    Que vous soyez débutant sur le Web, ou développeur souhaitant ajouter une corde à son arc, nous proposons des formations au SEO, SEA ou Google Analytics vous permettant de monter rapidement en compétence. Découvrez les différentes formations dispensées par notre agence SEO prises en charge par les OPCA et apprenez les coulisses de nos différents métiers.

    Google Analytics

    Creating traffic towards your website is useless if you do not track the profitability of your advertising operations. Thanks to our Data Analyst and Google Analytics configurations, you will receive relevant traffic reports, allowing you to know the profitability and interest of all operations on your website. Ask us for an sample report.

    Social media

    Social networks have a major role in today’s digital strategies. In order to offer a wider range of services to our clients, we have launched a Social Media Optimization service.
    SMO aims at federating a community around the brand. The ultimate goal is to generate more leads for your company.

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    Dedicated MasterClass

    In order to be efficient with your website, we offer free general (Masterclass) and specialized (Workshop below) trainings that will allow you to have live relevant information in order to improve your website, and ask your questions live and for free to an SEO and Digital Visibility specialist.

    Discover our team in video! (FR)

    3 important SEO criteria
    in 2021

    Content as a priority

    Content, still? Yes! In 2021, it is still an important factor in SEO. Not just any content, though – it must be of high quality, unique and relevant to the theme of your site. The other aspect to consider is the length of content. The more detailed your subject with text, the better your rank on Google, provided of course that it is of high quality. Writing for the sake of writing is useless… It is also recommended to use multimedia with visuals, such as computer graphics, videos that are very popular on the Web, or anything that can improve the length of visits on your website.

    The importance of mobile phones

    Google continues to highlight mobile device users in its strategy. This makes sense as more and more Internet users are using mobile devices for research. In 2015, the number of mobile users surpassed the number of desktop Internet users.
    How can we adapt to mobility for SEO? Responsive design is Google’s preferred answer to make sites compatible with all types of screens. However, you can go further by adopting the AMP format: Accelerated Mobile Pages. This new standard, launched by Google and Twitter among others, aims to present pages that are displayed instantly on mobile phones.
    The”mobile first” trend consists in planning a website for mobile devices first and foremost. From an SEO point of view, the “mobile first” trend was promoted by Google in 2016, specifying that it will first take into account SEO criteria based on mobile devices.
    In any case, it is not so much a trend but a reality that has endured over time. Think about creating and optimising sites for mobiles – this can be done through responsive design, but it is not the only factor. It is also necessary to think about the design of your site for mobiles.
    Loading time is one of the factors to be taken into account, because a site that is slow to load sends out a negative signal in SEO.

    Focus on the user experience (UX)

    Google is increasingly focusing on the user in its positioning criteria. This means taking into account the bounce rate: the rate of people who visit only one page and leave the site, but also other indicators such as page visit time, etc.
    You must therefore put the user at the centre of your SEO strategy, and accurately track the behaviour of visitors who arrive on your website in order to make the most of your investments on Google Analytics.

    Your frequently asked questions about SEO

    How do I choose the right SEO agency?

    Choosing a new service provider is a delicate step. To properly select the SEO agency that will optimise the visibility of your website, there are a few points to check: its positioning on Google, its reputation in the world of SEO, its references, the quality of its SEO audit… As we help foreign companies to inflitrate the French market, ask our sales team for advice and information about your project.

    How can an SEO service improve the visibility of my site?

    If you have never used a SEO specialist to optimise your site, it has many “imperfections” that affect its visibility in search engines. It is not “SEO-friendly”. An SEO service will improve the quality of your site and comply with Google’s official guidelines. For this purpose, in-depth work is carried out on the technical part, on the content (web writing, internal networking) and on the netlinking of your site. See how an SEO service improves the visibility of a site.

    How can I measure my return on investment (ROI) with SEO?

    Calculating a return on investment is relatively simple with SEO. The objective for an SEO agency is to improve your search engine traffic and bring qualified prospects to your website. Increasing your traffic and conversion rate will increase your sales and therefore your turnover. Let see together how we can help you calculate the perfect ROI for your business.

    Can you guarantee my positioning?

    Be careful, an SEO agency consultant will never be able to guarantee your position in Google’s natural results. A gain in visibility can be improved upon; this is the objective of natural referencing, but a precise position or percentage increase can never be anticipated. Also avoid agencies that offer services for a defined number of keywords, because SEO does not work like that. Find out everything you need to know about positioning a site in Google.

    Is it useful to invest in sponsored links (Google Ads) in addition to SEO?

    Yes, it is a common strategy. Natural referencing and sponsored links are two complementary techniques that maximise a site’s visibility in the Google search engine. While SEO has a long-term effect and ROI, SEA (Google Ads) has a much more immediate effect and a short-term ROI. Read our article on the advantages of combining an Ads campaign with a SEO strategy.

    How can I check the results of your SEO service?

    Our SEO agency makes it a point of honour to communicate transparently with all our clients and to provide them with SEO advice. To this effect, we carry out regular reporting: every two weeks you automatically receive a positioning report, and you occasionally discuss project points with your SEO consultant. We also provide you with external analysis tools to monitor the progress of your site. Discover our detailed reporting method to control our SEO service.

    What are the differences between SEO and SEA?

    SEO works through an algorithm that ranks website pages according to a multitude of criteria. This work is done in a natural way, without any human intervention. The engine thus returns relevant results to Internet users in relation to their queries, which can be questions or a combination of keywords. Paid referencing refers to sponsored links, which appear in the engine even before natural or organic results. They are somehow privileged and more likely to be clicked than the links that precede them. You have to pay the search engine a certain amount of money to see the pages of your site appear as sponsored links.

    Why is SEO essential?

    SEO optimisation of a website

    SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), or more commonly natural referencing, is the art of optimising websites to improve their performance in search engines, and improve their organic traffic. In France, the leader in Internet search is Google, with a market share of more than 94%. The search engine sorts the results by relevance, and ranks the websites in its index according to several selection criteria (more than 200 factors are taken into account). These factors are divided into two main areas: Onsite factors (internal and website specific) and Offsite factors (external but indirectly benefitting the site). 9 out of 10 Internet users will not go beyond the first page of results. The first places are contested, and the competition is fierce, especially for the referencing of e-commerce sites. Using an SEO agency to optimise its SEO is nowadays vital to be visible on the Internet.

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