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    Optimize your Ads campaigns :

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    When you advertise on Google’s search engine and its partners, you can display banners and ads to a selected audience, and quickly gain conversions. This service used to be called Google Adwords. If you want to gain visibility on the Internet and Google as quickly as possible, you need to use Google Ads. The distribution platform allows you to create ads based on an auction and pay-per-click system.

    SEA (Search Engine Advertising) covers all forms of advertising on search engines, including Google, Bing Ads, and Yahoo.

    The advantages of using a Google Ads agency

    By enlisting the expertise of our agency, you gain access to a number of advantages:

    Target a relevant audience

    Definition of parameters such as geolocation or geographical area, language, time of day and demographic criteria.

    Precise measurement and monitoring

    AdWords audit to optimize your advertising campaign, tracking the performance of your ads, number of clicks, impressions, average CPC, CTR and conversion rate. Real-time optimization of your campaigns and adjustment of your strategy.

    Regular monitoring

    Increase brand awareness and stimulate conversions. When you follow up, this enables you to make informed decisions and continually improve your online presence.

    What is Search Engine Advertising or SEA?

    Search Engine Advertising (SEA), also known as paid search, is a form of online advertising that allows companies to promote their products and services on search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. Unlike Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which aims to improve a site’s visibility organically, SEA involves paying to display sponsored ads at the top of search results pages.

    When your SEO efforts aren’t producing the expected results, or aren’t producing them quickly enough, SEA is a sensible solution. It allows you to add advertising campaigns on search engines to develop your brand and your customer base more quickly. This means immediate visibility, which can be particularly useful for new businesses or product launches. What’s more, advertisers can specifically target their audience according to keywords, demographic criteria, centers of interest, etc., so they can reach the users most relevant to their business.

    Natural referencing can take a long time to bear fruit. A Google AdWords campaign, on the other hand, saves you time by appearing directly in front of target audiences looking for products or services similar to yours. It’s the ideal way to kick-start your business!

    Why do you need an SEA agency?

    SEA is a complex and constantly evolving field. It is essential to call on the services of a specialist Google Ads agency in order to reap the maximum benefits. Effective management of advertising campaigns requires in-depth expertise and constant monitoring.

    What are the right queries to obtain a quality score? How can I retarget to potential customers? Calling on a webmarketing agency is essential!

    SEA expertise

    Our Google Ads Paris agency has a team of experts specializing in online advertising. They are trained in best practices, the latest trends and tools.

    Maximizing ROI

    Our SEA agency works strategically to maximize your return on advertising investment. Thanks to in-depth data analysis and constant adjustments.

    Save time and effort

    Managing SEA campaigns can be complex and time-consuming. By entrusting this task to our agency, you save time and effort, allowing you to concentrate on your core business.

    Ongoing analysis and optimization

    Our SEA agency keeps a close eye on the performance of advertising campaigns and carries out regular analyses to identify opportunities for improvement.

    Your agency specializing in paid search

    At, we pride ourselves on our expertise in paid search. With a team of SEA experts, we have extensive experience in managing Google Ads campaigns.

    We take charge of all aspects of your SEA strategy, with the aim of maximizing your online visibility.


    How Does Google Ads work?

    Google’s advertising department, called Google Ads, includes several types of advertisements depending on your website’s needs and your criteria for a successful campaign.

    You may have several criteria depending on your website:

    • Purchases on your webshop
    • Forms filled out on your showcase website
    • Banners on partner websites to improve brand awareness
    • Significant traffic to communicate something, or reaching the audience through remarketing afterwards

    Your campaign must therefore have a specific purpose so that you can choose the Google Ads channel that best suits your needs. Depending on your field and goals, our teams will help you choose the most appropriate keywords.

    Combining SEO and SEA: the winning combo

    Our integrated approach to online marketing allows us to combine SEO and SEA. For us, these two complementary facets are essential to a good SEO strategy.

    By combining these two approaches, we can achieve even better results!

    Our SEA experts, with their many years of experience, will suggest the best keywords on which to base your Google Ads campaign. Then, our SEA agency Paris will set up the campaign. Once the campaign is published, we will test different strategies to see which one works best.

    Your ad’s position will depend on several criteria :  your ad’s quality score and the maximum bid you have set for the term in question. Your page’s display position is simply the product of these two figures. We take into account several points to calculate your ad’s quality score:

    • The relevance of the selected keyword to the advertisement and your website’s address
    • The user experience: what happens when people click on your ad, how long they spend on the website, etc.
    • The ratio between the number of users who clicked on your Google Ad and its display number

    Tell us about your project

      Our Services: the Google Ads Advantage

      Our Google Ads PREMIER certified agency has extensive experience in setting up, optimising, and monitoring Ads campaigns. You can use paid SEO in addition to the natural SEO services we offer since it uses the same keywords to improve your visibility and reputation. Here are some of the advantages of paid SEO:

      • Fast set-up: it only takes us a few hours to publish a campaign that will quickly improve your website’s visibility.
      • Precise targeting: the user comes from the ad’s target audience. They enter a query that we have defined based on one of the keywords, read the ad, and then visit your website. Targeting can also be location-specific, which allows you to focus on a particular city or country depending on the nature of your product.
      • You can choose your auction type (CPC, CPM, CPA). In other words, you can choose to only pay for visits to your website, not page views, for example. You can also improve your positioning on the keywords we have selected.
      • Our Google Ads campaigns allow you to immediately create ads for all kinds of products. You can have pictures, prices, and product links display directly on the search engine results page (SERP). If you plan out your targeting well, you will start seeing results quickly. You can either use this tool from time to time to increase sales or permanently to maintain good visibility.
      • You can improve your website’s indexing with an Ads campaign using keywords. Our SEA agency can collect useful information such as number of clicks, bounce rate, etc. Once we have discussed your budget, it will be easier to determine the maximum rate per click.

      Frequently asked questions about Google ads

      How much should you budget for an SEA campaign?

      Google Ads campaign costs can vary widely depending on several factors. Our SEA e-business consultants can provide you with a quote to fit your needs. Keep in mind that the cost per click can range from a few cents to a few euros, as some keywords are more highly rated than others. The advantage is that you can continually monitor the platform’s impact on your digital strategy and goals. So we can tell you how users act on your website and how long they spend on each page.

      The platform also has an excellent return on investment that is very easy to determine. All you have to do is calculate how many euros you earn per euro invested in the Google Ads campaign that our Google Ads agency runs for you. From a marketing standpoint, as specialists well know, there are very few tools that can provide such accuracy.

      Why create a paid search campaign?

      Google Ads allows you to be placed in the top positions of search results even if your SEO is not yet satisfactory. This helps you boost your visibility and generate qualified traffic relevant to the keywords you choose.

      What is the advantage of combining SEO and SEA?

      The combination of natural and paid search engine optimization optimizes organic and paid search engine results. SEA is effective in the very short term and gives you immediate visibility, while SEO pays off in the medium and long term.

      Advertising on search engines

      A search engine advertising campaign is a digital marketing strategy that offers instant brand awareness. It allows you to place paid text ads in the first search results of engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. It’s an excellent way of attracting new customers. E-commerce is booming thanks to Google Ads. It’s also possible to promote your business on Youtube through videos broadcast via your Adwords account.

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