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While monitoring and solid experience are essential for any good SEO specialist, he or she also needs a number of tools to work efficiently. These help optimize the SEO expert’s time, enabling him to concentrate on tasks with high added value for your visibility: SEO audits, analysis reports, statistics, crawling, positioning, link strategy, keyword research, technical analysis.

Of all the SEO tools available on the market, which are the most popular with SEO professionals?

Site audit tools for SEOs and marketing professionals

A site audit tool analyzes a page’s SEO factors (loading speed, external links, semantic richness, etc.). It then generates an audit report enabling the SEO specialist to quickly assess a site’s optimization. is an online service dedicated to optimizing the editorial content of a page. It analyzes the textual content of a url, assigns it a semantic score and issues a report.

An invaluable asset for SEO copywriting, the analysis of this same report makes it possible to :

  • Determine the degree of optimization of the page in relation to the target expression;
  • Obtain suggestions related to the same lexical field;
  • Identify various types of interference.
SEO Quake

SEO Quake is a browser extension (plug-in or module) for Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, widely used in the SEO world. It provides a wealth of information on the pages and sites visited: title, meta description, title tags, keyword density, domain age, presence of frames, flash… The list that makes it an indispensable tool is a long one.

SEO Grader

SEO Grader is a free online website auditing service. In the form of a report, it provides an SEO analysis of the fundamentals of a web page. These include the page’s semantic markup, title tags, meta title and meta description, the page’s main keywords, internal links and many other useful indicators.


Woorank is an online analysis tool that examines a wide range of SEO criteria that can influence your site’s ranking. These include semantic tagging, content, mobile ergonomics, technologies used, backlinks, social networks and local presence.

The resulting automatic SEO audit is accompanied by a number of SEO recommendations.

Position tracking tools

Position tracking tools enable you to analyze the keywords on which a site is positioned, and obtain statistics on targeted expressions.

SEO Hero

If you simply want to check your positions on Google, then this tool is for you. You enter a keyword, the domain, the geolocation, the language (several countries available) and you immediately get your ranking.

This positioning tool has the merit of being simple and of fulfilling its intended function.


Positeo is a limited online service, but it has the advantage of being free. It allows you to check the position of a page for a given keyword. Positeo’s good idea is to check several datacenters simultaneously for a more precise answer.

Positeo’s second major feature is duplicate content checking via a text box or directly via a given URL.


SEMRush is a powerful competitive analysis tool widely used by SEO agencies. In particular, it enables you to track the evolution of your positions on a key expression, both in the search engines and in relation to the competition.

Although it offers many other functions, it is mainly used to analyze:

  • A website to identify the terms on which it is positioned;
  • A keyword to obtain monthly search volume, Adwords CPC, related expressions, etc.

Ranxplorer is an analysis tool that gives users access to a wealth of positioning analysis data about a website. The aim is to understand which keywords are generating traffic.

The platform sifts through SEO data (organic traffic, position, indexed URLs, etc.) and SEA data (CPC, positioned keywords, estimated budget), as well as competitor data. Ranxplorer also enables you to track the evolution of your SEO positions over a given period.

Backlink analysis tools enable you to collect information about the external links pointing to a page or site. These tools are essential for analyzing the link profile and developing a sustainable SEO strategy (the netlinking part).

Majestic SEO

Majestic SEO is an online backlink audit tool. Based on a website address, it provides a detailed account of all external links. In particular, the tool provides information on link anchors, link status (nofollow or dofollow) and the reputation of the domains concerned.

A very useful service for analyzing a website’s link profile.


Like Majestic SEO, Ahrefs is an online backlink audit tool. Simply specify a domain or link to obtain a detailed report on its inbound link profiles.

Ahrefs makes it easy to track the evolution of your link profile, thanks to numerous indicators and graphs: number of backlinks, anchors, link status, domain reputation, etc.

SEO Cleaner

SEO Cleaner is a free web crawler developed by the team to analyze your link profile and facilitate the task of disavowing links (following Google Penguin, for example).

After importing the list of referrers of an URL via Ahrefs, for example, SEO Cleaner performs an analysis of each domain. Thanks to the information provided, you can judge the quality of the referring page, and therefore the link building. Ideal for fast, efficient Google disavowals.

Site crawlers

A site crawler is a piece of software whose task is to explore the pages linked to a given URL in order to collect information (tags, meshing, etc.) and highlight anomalies that could potentially impact its positioning in search engines.

Screaming Frog SEO Spider

Screaming Frog SEO Spider is website crawling software. Starting with an URL, Screaming Frog SEO crawls the site’s architecture in depth, listing all pages, internal and external links, images, CSS and JavaScript files, title tags and much more.

Netpeak Spider

Netpeak Spider is a free web crawler. While it offers all the basic functions you’d expect from such an SEO tool, it has the added advantage of presenting results clearly and efficiently. In particular, anomalies are highlighted by color coding. An ideal tool for beginners.

Xenu, LinkExaminer et SEO Toolkit

Like Screaming Frog SEO, Xenu, LinkExaminer and SEO Toolkit are three free site crawlers.

Google tools

Google tools are indispensable in their respective fields: site analysis, audience analysis and online advertising.

Google Search Console

Named Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) until 2015, Google Search Console is a free tool offered by the Californian search engine. It enables you to measure site performance, track the evolution and origin of traffic, and highlight errors and blocking points. An indispensable tool for optimizing the natural referencing of your pages.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free tool offered by Google that enables you to analyze your website’s audience very precisely. This enables you to learn more about your visitors (number of visits, origin, technologies used…), their acquisition (natural search, social networks, Google Ads campaign) and their behavior (pages visited, user path…).

You can also track traffic in real time, and set and monitor conversion targets.

Google Ads

Google Ads, until 2018 Google AdWords, is the American leader’s advertising network. It enables users to display targeted ads directly on the Google search engine (Search), but also on the network of sites affiliated to the Google Adsense program (Display) and on Youtube (Video).

The ad is displayed according to the search history of web and mobile users.

Performance analysis tools

Website performance analysis tools are essential for optimizing the technical performance of pages, especially loading speed.

Pingdom Tools

A free online service, Pingdom Tools analyzes a web page to optimize its loading time. To do this, the tool generates a comprehensive report showing, among other things, the number of requests made to the server and the time taken by each.


GTmetrix is an online service providing a detailed report on the performance factors of a web page in order to optimize it. In addition to evaluating these factors, GTmetrix specifies what needs to be corrected and provides advice on how to improve website performance.

SEO PowerSuite, a multi-purpose tool

SEO Powersuite is a software suite dedicated to SEO professionals. It includes four tools covering the essential needs of a professional SEO:

  • Rank Tracker for position tracking ;
  • Link Assistant for netlinking strategies;
  • WebSite Auditor for basic website analysis;
  • SEO Spyglass for link profile analysis.
Google PageSpeed Insight

Google attaches ever-increasing importance to page loading speed on mobile devices.

To this end, it has developed a free tool for all web professionals, Google PageSpeed Insight. This allows you to audit the speed of any URL and obtain a number of personalized recommendations for speeding up loading.

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