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Website Hosting

Over the years, SEO has become a key factor in visibility. Search engines such as Google take into account dozens of criteria when ranking websites, and one of them is a website’s speed. As hosting and SEO are directly linked, choosing the right hosting service is important.

Google always strives to provide the most relevant search results, but also the fastest, allowing users to easily browse the web.

New – Hosting by

Dedicated or semi-dedicated servers

We now offer hosting on dedicated or semi-dedicated servers.

Custom storage

You will have a storage space adapted to your website’s needs, even if it has a lot of large files, while maintaining optimized loading speed.

Latest technology

Our hosting service is located in France on servers that use the latest technology: two 500 Go SATA hard disks that run SoftRAID to secure the data.

Data Security

Your data is backed up every day to avoid data loss.

We update server security quickly to ensure maximum availability at all times. We offer 24/7 website availability with 99% reliability.

Supported Technologies

We have been hosting since 1998, so we are equipped to host websites with a wide range of technologies, using the latest versions of PHP.
For software, our server is configured ready to use with Apache2, PHP7, PERL, MySQL5, phpMyAdmin, BIND, QMAIL, and Webmin in French for simple hosting management.

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