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Google Search Console

Like Google Analytics, Google Search Console is one of the essential SEO tools for anyone looking to improve their visibility in the SERPs. What is Google Search Console? Why is this tool essential for SEO professionals?

What is Google Search Console?

In 2006, the Californian search engine launched Google Webmaster Tools (GWT), an interface reserved for website owners. This allows them to :

  • Verification of indexing status;
  • Optimizing the visibility of registered sites.

Google Webmaster Tools is therefore aimed at website owners, but also at SEO professionals. This tool provides a wealth of essential information, particularly on the origin of visitors and the expressions that generate traffic.

On 20 May 2015, the online search giant renamed this tool to Google Search Console. In reality, although the name is different, nothing else has changed. This change was made because Google felt that the previous name of its online service was too restrictive. “There are all kinds of users [using this service]”.

In January 2018, Google updated this interface. Aesthetics and ergonomics have been redesigned, and many functions have been improved.

Google Search Console: valuable information for your SEO

Registering and submitting one or more sites to Search Console is free. After a few hours, Google provides the first reports on the home page of this interface (Overview).


Total number of clicks or impressions, CTR or average position – the performance data provided by Google for your site is extremely useful for boosting your visibility.

The engine also provides information on the origin of your visitors, based on queries typed, entry pages, country of origin and device used. Numerous filters (web, video, image, etc.) can be used to refine this data and guide your SEO strategy.

Url inspection

This feature allows you to check the indexing status of a particular url on your site. By specifying this url, we obtain 3 key pieces of information:

  • The indexing status of the page, with the possibility of requesting a re-exploration if its content has changed or following a crawling problem;
  • Coverage;
  • Mobile usability.

The URL to remove section is essential when you want to request the removal of a web page from search results. This is the case when the robots have indexed a page that is irrelevant to Internet users, or when you feel that a piece of content has become obsolete.

Conversely, you can ask the engine to index pages if you’ve noticed that it hasn’t done so, even though you put new content online several weeks ago.


This section is packed with interesting data for any webmaster. It provides information on the problems robots may encounter when crawling and indexing your site’s content.

A diagram shows the progress of the project:

  • The number of pages with indexing or 404 errors;
  • Valid pages;
  • Pages excluded from search engine results.
Mobile ergonomics

For each site submitted, Google provides two valuable pieces of data: the number of pages that are mobile-friendly, and those that are not. As this SEO criterion is essential, it’s possible to retrieve the list of problematic urls and make the necessary corrections to comply with Google guidelines.


Search Console provides an overview of internal and external links by landing page. While this is more or less relevant for internal linking, this is not the case for backlinks. The list of backlinks is not regularly updated, which is not surprising in itself. Implementing a link building strategy gives him a better understanding of your site.

Safety and manual actions

Finally, using this Google application means you’ll be alerted in real time to any security problems or manual actions. The latter are designed to penalize all or part of a site that fails to comply with the “quality” best practices laid down by the search engine.

This applies, for example, to any attempt to manipulate the SERPs using black hat techniques, or to the acquisition of artificial backlinks.

Understanding Google Search Console can be a daunting task, but it’s Our e-business consultants are at your side to explore and try to improve your positioning using this tool. Don’t hesitate to contact our SEO agency to see how Search Console can help your SEO take off.

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