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SXO Agency: Increase your conversions by combining SEO and UX

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    Are you a website owner? Then you know the importance of a good, solid user experience for conversion.

    As a specialist SEO and UX agency, our SXO services combine best practices to create an exceptional website experience.

    The role of our SXO agency for your company

    With our agency, you will benefit from a support during your strategy with :

    Customer Journey

    Our agency will analyse the customer journey and aim to improve the conversion of your visitors into customers.

    SEO & SXO optimisation

    We will implement content optimisation to improve user experience (UX) and search engine optimisation (SEO).

    Regular monitoring

    You will benefit from monitoring with key indicators to evaluate the effectiveness of the strategies put in place and make changes if necessary.

    Develop your SXO with the help of

    What is SXO?

    SXO stands for Search eXperience Optimization and is a practice that aims to :

    • Better visibility of a site on search engines;
    • Improving the conversion rate of the site.

    Does this sound familiar? Well, SXO is very similar to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in that it also aims to improve the visibility of a site on search engines.

    However, it goes further by including user experience (UX) as a key success factor.

    A SXO agency must master these two areas (SEO and UX). The alliance between SEO and UX is very important to meet the expectations of Internet users. To be effective, SXO relies on the quality and relevance of content, but not only. As you can see, the SXO does everything possible to make the user experience pleasant.

    4 advantages of choosing as your SXO agency

    To succeed in standing out, it is crucial to implement an effective digital strategy. That’s why our french SEO agency shows you the important points we will work on. Working with our SXO agency means above all :

    Expertise in SXO

    Our SXO agency has a team of SXO experts with extensive experience in the field. Our experts will guide you through the user-centric strategy, ensuring that the different elements of your site meet the needs and behaviours of the user.

    Regular monitoring

    Our SXO agency can help you optimize your SEO and SXO. To this end, we provide you with regular, detailed follow-up during the implementation of your digital strategy.

    Customised solutions

    We offer individualized solutions to meet the specific needs of your business. We develop customized strategies to improve your SXO, taking into account your industry, objectives and budget.

    Use of tools

    We aim to build long-term relationships with our clients and help them achieve their goals. Web analytics tools and KPIs allow the monitoring of performance and the adjustment of settings.

    Why choose as your SXO agency?

    Our web agency has been specialising in website creation and natural referencing for over 25 years! With our experience in SEO, we have also developed a solid expertise in SXO.

    At, our clients satisfaction speaks for itself! The many testimonials encourage us to continue to provide high quality services. We support our clients over the long term and share our passion with them.

    Calling on an SXO agency, or ux design specialist, is the best option to make a website attractive. If you want to improve the visibility and performance of your website, by offering an optimal user experience, contact your agency!

    3 months actions: SXO audits

    Our SXO agency offers SXO audits including keyword analysis, competition analysis and UX evaluation of the site. Technical audit to identify errors and improve the structure as well as content audit.

    This 6 months strategy is based on analysis tools such as Google Analytics. It allows us to identify the site’s weaknesses and areas for improvement. We can then adjust the action parameters.

    Following this audit, we create SEO and SXO optimized web page templates:

    • Functional model of the home page ;
    • Functional mock-up of the category page;
    • Functional mock-up of the article (blog) or product page.

    Actions at 6 months: SXO analysis report

    The implementation of the recommendations on the site allows us to carry out analysis actions over 6 months.

    At, we offer a team of experts dedicated to your SXO strategy that will meet your SEO needs.

    UX analysis

    Our service includes the implementation of UX analysis tools and KPIs. UX analysis is a continuous process. Your SXO agency is responsible for monitoring and adjusting the KPIs and analysis methods on a regular basis.

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      Your frequently asked questions about the SXO

      Why do SXO?

      Firstly, SXO allows you to attract potential customers to your site through increased visibility. It also aims to make your web pages pleasant and fluid in order to convert your visitors into customers. You could say that SXO is an inbound marketing strategy.

      Is the SXO useful on mobile?

      Now the SXO has become essential for the user.

      Of course, the SXO improves the user experience by taking into account the specificities of mobile devices. It is important to know that more than 50% of Google searches are done from mobile devices. More and more people are browsing on tablets and laptops, so responsive sites have everything to gain.

      How to implement a SXO strategy?

      To improve your referencing, reduce your bounce rate and increase your conversion rate, the SXO is the solution. To do this you will need to :

      • Understand the needs of your personas,
      • Optimising your content and the ecosystem of your site

      These are key steps in a good SXO strategy. But you also need to know how to measure the results to adapt your action plan. This is why it is so important to work with a quality digital agency.

      How to make your SXO?

      SXO is quite complex for the average Internet user. It consists of considering all aspects of a website, from its structure to the optimisation of its content. It is followed by the use of analysis tools that allow the right adjustments to be made over time. An effective SXO strategy requires expertise, which is why you should call on, your SXO agency.

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