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    Don’t like your current website anymore? Do you want to change the design or completely overhaul the structure? Then a redesign of your website is essential. With the website redesign agency, you will be supported throughout the project.


    Why redesign your website?

    The creation of a website is based on two main levers: the creative side, which represents the design of the site, and the functional side. It’s essential to ensure that both are in harmony to create a site that not only looks good, but also meets the needs of its users.

    There are major differences between creating and redesigning a website. A new site has the advantage of starting with a neutral liability, in the sense that this is the first version of the site and there are no points of comparison. With a redesign, on the other hand, you have experience of the site, and this is an opportunity to correct what didn’t work the first time. So there’s a greater requirement to get it right.

    Successfully creating a website and redesigning it is not at all the same thing.

    Appearance and design

    A redesign will give your website a new, modern and aesthetic look.

    Performance and speed

    A redesign to improve your site’s loading speed and overall performance.

    The user experience

    A redesign will help you improve the UX and encourage people to stay longer on your site.

    4 good reasons for a website redesign

    By redesigning your website, you can reap significant benefits and give your online presence a fresh boost, attracting traffic in the process. With a website redesign agency, you’ll get extra help.

    Improving the UX

    A website redesign allows you to rethink and modernize the user interface, providing a more pleasant and intuitive experience for your visitors. You can make it easier for them to find information and encourage conversions.

    Optimizing referencing

    A website redesign offers the opportunity to put in place a solid SEO strategy. You can improve your site’s visibility and attract more traffic to your site.

    New technologies

    With web technology constantly evolving, it’s essential to keep your site up to date. A redesign allows you to adapt to the latest standards and trends in web design and mobile optimization.

    Strengthen your image

    Your website is the first interaction with a user. A redesign gives you the opportunity to convey your values and reflect your visual identity. This builds user confidence and can help you stand out from your competitors.

    Why choose as your website redesign agency?

    Our website redesign experts will take charge of all these actions and help you choose the levers that match your objectives.

    Our specialists are able to meet all your requirements in terms of web development and mobile applications such as :

    • We create high-performance websites in line with the latest technological trends.
    • We also take care of the graphic design and ergonomics of your site so that it is easy to navigate and pleasing to the eye.
    • We offer you a clear vision of your visual identity, your market positioning and your brand image.
    • We provide strategic advice to help you develop your business on the web.

    Our website redesign agency will support you at every stage of your website redesign project. We are committed to the quality of each of our web projects. We put our responsiveness and creativity at your service to create a site that meets your expectations and delivers an optimum return on investment.

    Our redesign team : Examine your current site

    Many people equate a redesign with a total change of site design, but this is not necessarily the case. When redesigning a showcase site or an e-commerce site, our redesign agency has the opportunity to learn more about your target audience, the competition and, above all, the current state of your website. Our team and our website redesign agency will be able to meet your expectations.

    • Which elements should be kept?
    • Which elements should be changed as a priority?
    • Do we need to overhaul the entire UX?
    • What are we going to do with your old pages?

    Remember: a redesign is an improvement on the current site. By keeping what you like about the site, you’ll have more time to concentrate on the changes you need to make.


    The tasks of our team at

    How can you improve the functionality of your site?

    Now that you’ve identified exactly what your customers want, it’s time to add or modify the features on your site.

    As is often the case on the internet, you’ll need statistical tools to analyze how visitors use your site. Google Analytics can help you understand how visitors interact with your site.

    As a specialist website redesign agency, here are the main areas we cover:

    • In-depth analysis of the existing site
    • Customized redesign strategy, according to your defined objectives
    • Search engine optimization (SEO) – our SEO agency will also work with you on this
    • Post-redesign testing and monitoring (A/B testing)

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      FAQ à propos de la refonte web

      What is web redesign?

      Web redesign is the process of transforming and improving an existing website. It goes beyond a simple visual facelift, as it involves rethinking and rebuilding the site as a whole in order to achieve a more effective and efficient online presence.

      Redesigning a site requires a complete digital strategy, including an SEO analysis to improve natural referencing, setting up Google AdWords advertising campaigns to generate traffic, optimizing the user experience, etc.

      The aim of web redesign is to optimize the site to achieve tangible results, such as improved search engine visibility, increased traffic, reduced bounce rate, increased conversions and improved user experience. It all depends on what you want to achieve.

      What should you do for your web redesign?

      As you probably know, content is an important lever for your site.

      Does your current site deal with subjects relating to your business in a relevant way? To attract new visitors and, above all, keep them coming back to your site, you need to produce unique and original content. Regular publication is also essential.

      The new structure of your site should support your content strategy: how should you highlight your news? Should you create a blog page or integrate your news into each category? Setting up an editorial calendar will help you to create regular content for your site.

      Don’t forget that content doesn’t necessarily mean text. Images and videos are also very popular sources of content on the Web.

      Redesigning a website is a delicate operation from an SEO point of view. You’ve put a lot of work into setting up a high-performance site and gaining positions on the search engines, and it would be a shame to let it all go to waste. Describing all the SEO operations to be carried out would require an entire article. The easiest thing to do is to enlist the help of an SEO specialist.

      Should you optimize your digital strategy during a redesign?

      It’s your entire digital strategy that needs to be optimized when you redesign your site.

      For example, if you are planning to create a monthly or weekly newsletter to enhance your e-mail marketing strategy, is your site designed to effectively convert visitors into subscribers?

      Take advantage of the redesign of your website to implement the necessary optimizations for your digital marketing.

      The redesign of your website must also take into account digital communication media such as tablets and smartphones. Responsive design will ensure that your site is optimally adapted to each medium.

      Google Search console for your redesign?

      How healthy is your site? Google Search Console gives you valuable information about the state of indexing and pages in error. If you don’t yet have a Google Search Console account, now is the time to do so.

      Redesigning your website is an opportunity to get rid of everything that’s not working on your site and start afresh.

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