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    Website maintenance: a valuable investment for your online business.

    Do you have a company website? This process is essential because it brings you so many advantages: a site that runs smoothly, a fluid user experience, fast loading times and an online presence that’s constantly optimized to attract and convert prospects into loyal customers!

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    What is website maintenance?

    Website maintenance encompasses a series of actions designed to ensure the smooth running, security and performance of your site. It includes :

    It also involves preventive action to avoid hacker attacks or browser compatibility problems.

    To ensure effective maintenance of your website, it is advisable to call on the services of a specialized web design agency. is an experienced web development or webmastering agency. Our team of qualified professionals can expertly manage all aspects of your website’s maintenance. From managing updates to monitoring performance, our experts ensure that your site remains responsive, secure and compliant with current standards.

    Why is website maintenance essential?

    Today’s web users have high expectations in terms of UX, loading speed and online security. Maintaining your website is essential for a number of reasons. Not only does it guarantee an optimal user experience, but it also helps improve search engine optimization. What’s more, regular maintenance helps you to quickly detect and resolve potential problems before they affect your site.

    If you neglect the maintenance of your website, you risk encountering problems such as :

    Slow loading times

    Code errors

    Security vulnerabilities

    Browser compatibility issues

    Tell us about your project

      Why use as a TMA agency?

      Maintaining a website is a complex task requiring technical skills and a thorough understanding of the latest web trends. Calling on our SEO agency for TMA (Tierce Maintenance Applicative) maintenance allows us to relieve you of these technical issues. So you can stay focused on your core business.

      Developing your project

      When you call on a specialized TMA agency, you benefit from the necessary technical expertise and constant site monitoring. This saves you considerable time by freeing you from the technical concerns associated with your site.

      What’s more, a TMA agency has the skills and experience to solve demanding challenges quickly. You also benefit from the implementation of optimization strategies and effective web solutions.

      Specializing in the creation of e-commerce and showcase websites, our agency offers a complete range of solutions for your website.

      Our maintenance services are tailored to your budget and hosting provider. We can maintain your WordPress site or Prestashop site or any other hosting platform.

      Your website maintenance agency

      Our maintenance offer includes several types of intervention, which can vary according to your specific needs, such as:

      1. Regular updates: Ensure CMS, plugins, theme and other updates to guarantee security and compatibility;
      2. Security monitoring: Ensure site security by detecting and resolving any vulnerabilities;
      3. Correcting technical problems: Intervene rapidly to resolve any technical problems, display errors, bugs, etc. ;
      4. Performance optimization: Improve site loading speed and efficiency for a better user experience;
      5. Content management: Add, modify or delete content according to customer needs;
      6. Technical support: Provide assistance in case of questions;
      7. Analysis and recommendations: Carry out regular site analyses and propose relevant recommendations for continuous improvement;
      8. Functionality addition and technology watch: Integrate new functionalities, improve existing ones, monitor technological developments to propose adaptations and stay up to date.

      At, we put the control in your hands. No action is taken without your explicit approval. You decide when, how and what maintenance tasks are prioritized for your website. Our team is here to carry out your requests with precision and efficiency.

      What levers do you use to manage your web maintenance?

      We understand that web maintenance is more than just a routine check-up. It’s a proactive strategy to ensure the stability, security and optimal performance of your site. As a maintenance agency, we offer a full range of customized services on demand.

      Customized service

      Our dedicated team is with you every step of the way, understanding your objectives to ensure the long-term success of your online presence.


      Experience counts. Benefit from personalized strategic advice to maximize your website’s effectiveness.


      We implement continuous optimization strategies, ensuring that your site runs smoothly, quickly and efficiently.

      Secure audit

      Our in-depth audits identify potential vulnerabilities and strengthen your site’s robustness against threats.

      Updates and follow-up

      Our upgrades are carried out on demand, ensuring total flexibility to meet your unique needs and avoid unnecessary disruption.

      FAQ about website maintenance

      What does website maintenance involve?

      Maintenance includes updating content, correcting coding errors and backing up data. It also aims to improve performance and implement other proactive actions to ensure site quality.

      What are the 3 types of website maintenance?

      Computer maintenance for your website falls into 3 distinct categories:

      1. Preventive maintenance: This type of maintenance consists in anticipating and avoiding problems. It includes, for example, updating the CMS, theme, plugins, database cleanup, security and regular backups. It reduces the risk of piracy, improves performance and facilitates content management;
      2. Corrective maintenance: This takes place when anomalies are detected. These may be security problems, obsolete code, display or hosting issues. In short, it ensures that the site continues to function properly, corrects problems and optimizes the user experience;
      3. Evolutionary maintenance: The web is constantly developing. Evolutionary maintenance enables us to adapt to these dynamic changes. It aims to add new functionalities, create new content, improve design, modify structure and enhance site performance. Its benefits include integrating new features, revitalizing the site, improving loading speed and SEO optimization. As an added bonus, it helps protect against hackers.
      What are the most important aspects of good maintenance?

      Website maintenance is essential to optimize performance and longevity. It involves regular updates, corrections and improvements to keep the site healthy and technically up to date. The main aspects are as follows:

      Maintenance after development: Maintenance follows the development of the website, ensuring its relevance and functionality.

      Regular updates: Regular interventions, such as repairing broken links and resolving technical problems, are part of the maintenance process.

      Continuous improvement: Maintenance includes improvements to existing websites, addressing and correcting elements to enhance performance.

      You can contact us via our website or by telephone to discuss your maintenance requirements. With, you benefit from a personalized assessment of your various needs.

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