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Monitorank – Positioning follow-up

Monitorank: positioning monitoring tool

Monitorank is the new positioning monitoring tool on the French market. There are already several platforms offering this service, so what are the features of Monitorank, and how does it differ from competing tools?


Tracking on several platforms

Like all search engine positioning tracking tools, Monitorank allows you to monitor the positions of your sites on search engine results pages. But what I really like about this tool is that it allows you to track your keywords on several types of platform: Google Search of course, with all its variations: images, news, etc. But also the Yellow Pages, Tripadvisor, Amazon and Leboncoin. Handy for tracking local searches!

The ergonomics are well thought out, allowing you to access the information you are looking for from the same page, by site, query group, keyword, location and type of search:

Easy monitoring of the competition

You can easily track competitor sites by adding their sites and strategic queries.

Thanks to simple graphs, you can visualize the changes in the top 100 results pages over the period of your choice.

Alert configuration

Monitorank will send you alerts for groups of keywords that are strategic for you. You’ll receive an e-mail whenever there’s a significant rise or fall.

Analysis of a specific domain or page

This is a feature I really like about this tool, and it’s certainly one of its strong points. Using the search bar in the top left-hand corner, which in my opinion could be given more prominence, you can analyze a specific domain or page to find out which keywords are positioned in the Monitorank database.

This database of millions of keywords provides suggestions for queries that you can follow up in just one click – very practical!

Here’s an example with the query SEO. The tool provides you with volume, cost per click and competition. This feature alone is worth the price!

API access

Like all self-respecting software, Monitorank offers the option of using its API to integrate with your project tracking tools, etc. This is proof of the tool’s maturity.
This is proof of the tool’s maturity, and given the features on offer, there’s a lot of interesting information that can be integrated using the API. A positioning audit for your pages is also available.

My opinion

There’s no shortage of positioning tracking tools in SEO. Monitorank goes beyond traditional search engine tracking. It is particularly useful for tracking geolocated queries using platforms such as Tripadvisor or Yellow Pages.

The prices offered are quite affordable, given the features on offer, compared with the competition. Above all, the offers are flexible, with increments of 10 requests to suit everyone’s budget.

In conclusion, Monitorank is well worth trying out and adopting. It’s a professional tool that fulfils its role perfectly. Personally, I recommend it without hesitation! Don’t hesitate to visit our page dedicated to SEO tools to find out more about the software used by SEO professionals.

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