SEMRush: competitive analysis accessible to all

SEMRush is a competitive analysis service first offered to the public in 2008. It is one of the most widely used software packages by SEO agencies.

It collects data from the results of various search engines (Bing, Google…) and presents them in the form of results that a webmaster can use very easily.

These include, for example, analysis of your own engine rankings and comparison with your competitors. You can also compare two different domains for a given keyword, identify competitors’ Ads or determine search volumes for given queries. Other Sem Rush features include traffic cost estimation and Facebook advertising analysis.

Facebook analytics allow all users to see the number of impressions, landing pages and geographic targeting for a given domain.

The tool is also a formidable partner in the development of a content creation strategy.


The partner to generate more traffic

New keywords are easily discovered, and this inevitably leads to ideas for SEO-optimized posts that are likely to rank well in search results. Today, it’s essential to encourage the creation of traffic-generating content when you’re looking to raise the profile of your site or store on the web. Of course, you can also export data in CSV format.

Web marketers who have the onerous task of managing sites on ultra-competitive themes, in addition to having acquired SEO training, should adopt this tool right away! Sem Rush’s developers claim that their baby is currently being used by over 300,000 people, and that they’re working hard to offer new features. In particular, they no longer see it as an analysis service for search professionals only.

SEMRush is available at an initial price of $70 (about 50 euros). 10,000 results per query and 3,000 queries per day: there’s plenty to do with this version! Forget the alternative of the free version, which is far too limited to be useful in the medium or long term. SEMRush is designed to support you in optimizing your SEO / SEM strategy, and can help you make important decisions in the management of your search engine optimization, provided you take the time to make the most of it.

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