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Optimize your multilingual website

Do you have a multilingual website and are looking to optimize the SEO for your different languages? At, we can help you find the best editorial strategy for each country you are targeting.

Each language and country has its own semantic particularities and often, simply translating your content is not effective for ranking in other countries you are targeting. It is important to understand that each country is associated with a robot and a dedicated Google search engine. This is why each language is a distinctive SEO job.

So why not get the help of an agency with over 25 years of experience in Google referencing? With you, we can build the right digital strategy, that fits your business and audience, to improve your website’s ranking and increase your sales, both in France and for all your French-speaking customers.

Rather than having a different agency for each country, offers you to manage your different languages within the same agency and thus allow you to have a global strategy with the same methods and know-how, while taking into account the subtleties of each targeted country

French SEO

Getting advised by our French SEO expert will enable you to adapt optimize your website to the French market, and to choose relevant and efficient editorial strategies to boost your positioning on Google. This also will allow you to set up seo strategies including for example seo content or seo campaign.

The webmaster will accompany you all along your seo strategy locally in France. A dedicated SEO service is the key to success for your French development. In addition, you will get guidance on all the things to avoid on your website, such as duplicate content. The International SEO is complicated with big competitors but it is not impossible to get in.

One goal: to be among the best in the SERP.

SEA with Google Ads

Google Adwords is your friend.

Finding the optimum keywords for a French Google Ads campaign will make the difference on your return on investment. With a French SEA expert, you give your ads the best chance to target the right audience and improve your conversion rate, that’s why paid search is interesting to get in ‘easily’. 

You are looking for better link buildingbut don’t know how to find the right backlinks? Let our link building department help you with the insight of our French knowledge. We will guide you to choose websites matching your business, and set up an efficient  link building campaign. The seo link of each page is very important and it is by building links, with our seo specialist that we will optimize your site internationally.

Develop your team’s skills with our training courses

It is in our DNA to pass on our expertise and help our clients improve their knowledge about digital marketing. This is why we have a training courses service that covers all the topics about online visibility (SEO, SEA, Google Analytics…). The rang of our training courses goes from basic to advanced level and our speaker will adapt his course to your need. All our training courses can be done on line (webinar) if it is simpler for you.

A legit international dimension

Our SEO agency has been present in the international scene for a long time now and even has an office in Miami since 2017. An antenna in London should also open by the end of the year. We are also active member of the French Chamber of Commerce in England, Switzerland and China.

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