Paris: a human-sized web agency

Over 3500 clients since 1998

The values of our Parisian web agency

1. Simple and effective collaboration!

“Alone we go faster, together we go further” – African proverb. The best results are usually achieved when your team and ours work together most effectively. With our project managers involved in your website, we build lasting partnerships with our clients that allow projects to progress efficiently.

SEO is a collaborative effort, which requires regular communication between the web agency and the client. As specialists in your field, no one is better placed to answer questions about your industry. On our side, as professionals in natural and paid referencing and website creation, we put our technical skills at your service.

This allows you to have a site that is coherent with your expectations and those of your clientele, but also optimised for referencing, technically clean and in line with current standards and codes.

2. Training our customers – For our pleasure

Our SEO and web design agency is very involved in the training of our clients. Based on pedagogy and support, we do everything possible to ensure that our clients are trained and involved in the services we offer.

To this end, we offer our SEO clients the opportunity to attend free of charge the Masterclasses that we regularly hold. These advanced training courses and other conferences offer you an uninhibited view of our profession, throughout the services.

When we create or redesign a website with our teams of developers, we train you on the basics of your site. Our certified training courses are designed to give you the basic knowledge necessary to take control of your site in case of need for modification or minor problems.

The training courses are generally held in our premises and are designed to help you to improve your skills naturally. By attending one or more of our training sessions, you will be able to meet our teams and have a concrete look at the project we are carrying out together.

3. Concrete results for your satisfaction

Our project managers’ greatest pleasure is to bring you concrete results. We assure you of transparency on the optimisations made and the results obtained. You can follow our performance through regular reports, the Google Analytics tool, as well as our results tracking tool developed in-house by our digital agency.

Our team of web enthusiasts


Director of


Deputy Director – Trainer


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Seo Team Manager


Seo Team Manager

+20 other

Pass on our knowledge to progress together!

We are passionate about sharing our knowledge of webmarketing and especially natural referencing. For several years, we have been multiplying our actions in this direction. First of all, our Paris web agency is a partner and/or sponsor of many webmarketing events, including :

  • SEOCamp
  • WeLoveSEO
  • TeknSEO
  • Visibility Live Camp (VLC)
  • NDDcamp
  • Formidable E-merchant Contest

Far from slowing down, we have many new features planned. We’ll keep you updated on our blog.

Customer satisfaction is our number one goal

Our French SEO agency has handled more than 3500 client files with a different SEO strategy, since our creation, with the aim of building a relationship of trust with our clients.

We study their needs by taking the time to discuss their objectives, and we advise them on how best to achieve them. No two websites are ever referenced in the same way. Each SEO campaign we implement involves a different approach and work depending on the seo expert.

We make regular reports by phone or e-mail, so that our clients can follow our actions step by step, and they can learn the basics of SEO and the webmaster world themselves.

The 7 key points of our web agency

1. Satisfaction

The quality of our services and the relationship with our clients is at the heart of all our services. 88% of our customers continue to work with us.

With our SEO advice, we offer you an advanced marketing strategy!

2. Results

You can see the first positive results 3 to 4 months after starting our services. Both in terms of SEO results, conversion rates and search engine optimisation.

3. Financial strength

In order to be able to commit ourselves to you, we make our online account statements available to you. Your company needs an established partner.

4. Challenge

Our French SEO company likes to take on challenges and make progress. Is your industry competitive? Are you suffering from Google penalties? We are here to help you on different aspects such as Backlinks, meta optimizations, SEO audit….

5. Experience

Our company has been specialising in internet referencing for over 25 years. As such, our digital agency already has more than 3500 clients.

6. Security

We ensure transparency of the optimisations we make and the successes we achieve. You follow our service through regular reports and Google Analytics.

7. Watch

Our team of SEO consultants is constantly monitoring the SEO issues that you can benefit from. Our web agency investigates trends, sets up tests and innovates.

Redesign of the website and new branding for our web agency!


Creation of the Social Media Department with Community Management services and video production.


Partnership with the football club of Juvisy-sur-Orge: Juvisy Académie de Football de l’Essonne (JAFE). With the participation of the MP, Robin REDA.

2019’s 20th anniversary conference with Google, Prestashop and Paypal.
24 employees


Opening of a branch in Miami


Development and launch of SEOCleaner software
Received Google Partners Premier certification


Launch of free training workshops
on SEO and digital :
Google Partners Premier Certification MasterClass.


Acquisition of the web agency Adifco, a web design agency.


Franck MAQUINAY takes over the management of the family business.
6 employees


Launch of the website creation activity by Franck MAQUINAY, son of the founder.
First website referencing on the very young Google.


Creation of the company by Jean-Claude MAQUINAY, selling typewriters and then computers!


Our certifications and partnerships

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