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SEO Soft – Positioning monitoring

SEO Soft software: free SEO monitoring and analysis

We recently introduced you to Screaming Frog SEO, a software package that lets you check the fundamental SEO attributes of each site (title tag, h1 tag, URL structure, etc.). This time we’re talking about SEO Soft, a tool that’s just as useful for SEOs and webmasters looking at the visibility of one or more sites in Google’s rankings, and that will let you know your SEO positions.

A free, lightweight tool

Published by Webmaster-rank, it has the advantage of being free and very light! Essentially, it lets you find out the positions of any site on Google for different keywords. Natural referencing is still a considerable vector of traffic on the web today, whatever the theme or type of site. When we develop an SEO strategy, we are prepared to analyze the results of our work over time, and in particular to check whether we are progressing in Google’s rankings on certain expressions that attract visitors.

SEO Soft will firstly enable you to take a snapshot of your site’s visibility, and then monitor its progress, day by day.

While some tools are rightly considered to be austere, this one is rather attractive, as it offers genuine illustrated positioning reports. So it’s quick and easy to show your staff or a client how your positions have changed on a wide range of keywords. The tool also lets you spy on your competitors!

Setting up SEO Soft

Just go to the “Configuration” tab and start entering the domain name of the site you want to analyze. Then below that, all you have to do is enter the various keywords. It’s really child’s play! The results can then be viewed in the “Positioning statistics” tab. Expressions can be sorted by name and positioning.

To be integrated into an SEO strategy

In 2014, competition on the web is increasingly fierce in certain sectors. Natural search engine optimization, or free search engine optimization, is therefore essential for acquiring and retaining customers. SEO Soft will help you to monitor your positions on a daily basis, but it will in no way improve your visibility in the search engines. In fact, content creation, activity on social networks and obtaining quality backlinks are still essential for long-term SEO optimization. Our SEO Paris agency supports its customers in their SEO visibility strategy, contact us.

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