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Bing Search Console / Webmaster Tools

Although Bing accounts for less than 5% of Internet searches in France, it is still a significant source of traffic. Bing also offers Bing Webmaster Tools, an interface dedicated to webmasters, developers and web agencies, with a host of useful link analysis and SEO audit tools.

Bing Webmaster Tools, Bing’s SEO tools

Like Google with Search Console, Bing offers a number of free SEO and analysis tools for domain name owners and SEO agencies. These enable you to boost your website’s presence in this search engine by using the various reports and recommendations on offer.

Source of traffic to your site

Once your site has been added to Bing Webmaster Tools and checked, various analyses and reports will provide you with a clearer picture of :

  • Keyword searches (search clicks, number of impressions, click-through rate, average position, etc)
  • Traffic on the various pages, with visual indicators showing the trend (decrease, increase, stability)
  • Visitor behavior (country, devices used, etc)
  • The number and origin of incoming links
  • etc.
Indexing status

Another invaluable feature is the ability to control the indexing status of a site’s pages. In addition to the essential sitemap, it is possible, for example, to manually suggest or block URLs, define geographic targeting or detect any 404-type errors.

Diagnostics and tools

Bing offers a number of diagnostics and data, the results of which can be cross-referenced with those provided by other SEO tools to refine them even further.

These include, for example, mobile compatibility, an SEO analyzer, an overview of the evolution of backlinks, a keyword search tool based on the volume of the expression, and detection of malware or phishing attempts.

The tool provided by Bing will remain a complementary source to your Google Search Console, and much of the data will be equivalent on both tools, which may raise the question of maintaining and monitoring two equivalent tools in France. In other countries where Bing has a stronger influence (the United States in particular), the tool is acquiring real legitimacy.

The added value of this tool will also lie in your ability to understand the data presented, and know how to interpret it to improve your natural referencing. Our e-business consultants and SEO experts can help you analyze and improve your site using Bing Webmaster Tools.

Ideal for improving your referencing

To make the most of Bing Search Console’s features and improve your SEO, here are a few key steps to follow:

  1. Check and submit your site: Start by checking the ownership of your website in Bing Search Console. Follow the instructions provided to check that you are the owner of the site. Once this has been done, submit your site to the Bing index using the sitemap submission option. This will enable Bing to quickly discover your pages and index them.
  2. Monitor indexing status: Check the Bing Search Console indexing report regularly to track the number of pages on your site that are indexed by Bing. If you notice significant fluctuations or missing pages, identify any indexing problems and correct them. Make sure that all the important pages on your site are indexed to maximize your visibility.
  3. Analyze search performance: Use the Bing Search Console performance report to analyze the search queries that generate traffic to your site. Identify the keywords that have a good click-through rate, as well as those that have potential for improvement. Use this information to adjust your content and optimization strategy to target the most relevant queries for your site.
  4. Manage inbound links: Explore the links to your site report in Bing Search Console to monitor the sites that point to yours. Identify quality links from relevant sites and establish partnerships with them if possible. Also check for undesirable or low-quality links and take the necessary steps to disavow or remove them.
  5. Resolve technical problems: Take into account the warnings and errors reported by Bing Search Console. These may include crawl errors, pages blocked by robots.txt, missing tags or other technical problems. Correct these problems to ensure that your site is crawled and indexed optimally by Bing.

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