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Majestic SEO – Link building analysis

If you’re not a newcomer to the world of search engine optimization, you’ll be aware that backlinking is the sinews of war, and has been for many years now. Tools designed to help you analyze your link building have gradually appeared, including Open Site Explorer, Link Diagnosis and Ahrefs. And today we’d like to introduce you to one of the other heavyweights in the sector, Majestic SEO.

We can already tell you that it crawls and indexes the web in autonomous, without the help of Google! What’s more, its database is updated every hour.

This online service provides Internet users with a great deal of information about their site’s backlinks. In particular, it allows you to identify the number of links redirecting to your site and, just as importantly, the number of referring domains. Majestic SEO is also useful for finding out about new links gained and those lost over time.

Example of a site analysis using the Majestic SEO tool

The quality of a link acquisition strategy can really be analyzed using this tool, since it shows the distribution of anchors and whether the backlinks acquired are nofollow or dofollow. A few years ago, “stuffing” link anchors helped to gain positions fairly easily in the search engine results. Nowadays, you need to work with finesse and constantly work on your link profile. This involves, for example, acquiring “raw” links, i.e. URLs for anchors such as, but also obtaining backlinks composed of no relevant keywords…

The aim is to encourage the creation of a natural link profile (even if you were directly responsible for many of your backlinks). This link profile representation feature is therefore essential to help SEO experts, who are increasingly under threat from Google’s algorithm updates.

And there’s more to come! The service ranks links according to their importance. The developers have created an indicator specific to Majestic SEO called Trust Flow, which is assigned to a URL or a site. They have also unveiled the Citation Flow, which corresponds to the estimated popularity of a site. On the downside, all the features are only available to those who pay a subscription fee. And it’s not cheap: the most economical package costs 40 euros a month.

All the indicators are available in the free version… but with restrictions! For example, you can only see part of the URLs of your backlinks. SEO agencies working on large contracts and companies specializing in link building should use this service to effectively measure the impact of their link building work and refine their strategy as they go along. The power of Majestic SEO is undeniable, whether for analyzing your own sites or those of your competitors.

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