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SEO Quake – SEO Browser Plugin

Whether you’re a seasoned SEO expert or just starting out, SEO Quake gives you the functionality and analysis you need to optimise your SEO strategy. With its power, versatility and ease of use, SEO Quake allows you to drill down into your website, analyse your competitors, monitor your performance and make informed decisions to propel your site to the top of search results.

Find out now how SEO Quake can be your indispensable ally in achieving your SEO goals.

The SEO Quake tool to improve your website’s ranking

Page Rank and number of indexed pages

We recently introduced you to Screaming Frog and SEO Soft, two very useful pieces of software to help you reference your sites on a daily basis. This time we’re going to talk to you about SEO Quake, a small but highly effective browser extension!

This extension was released a few years ago, but is still used by many web marketers around the world in 2014.

It provides you with a wealth of information once you have installed it on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Opera. This tool installs an SEO Bar in your browser’s interface, giving you a wealth of indicators relating to the page of a site you are currently browsing.

SEM Rush provides information on the popularity and authority of a page: Alexa Rank, Page Rank and the number of links. Fans of advanced link building strategies will love the ability to easily identify dofollow and nofollow links on each page. You can also find out almost instantly the density of keywords, the number of indexed pages and a site’s activity on social networks (number of Likes, Google Plus +1s, etc.).

Examples of reports generated by the Quake SEO plugin

Analyse your site and those of your competitors

The same indicators are also presented when you carry out a search on Google. In this way, you can find out which attributes are important for SEO in all the results you see for each query! All of this data can be exported in CSV format for further analysis.

SEO Quake will allow you to analyse the factors that favour the ranking of your site and will help you to identify the same factors in your competitors! The extension is of course free, and has the advantage of being installed on Opera and the two most popular browsers on the web, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

So is this tool really that essential? We can answer in the affirmative, given the considerable efforts that need to be made these days to climb the SERPs. Competition is gradually increasing in many sectors, so we need to put all our weapons on our side and benefit from as much information as possible to adjust our SEO strategy on a day-to-day basis.

Les avantages de SEO Quake pour améliorer votre SEO

The benefits of SEO Quake for improving your SEO:

  1. Full SEO audit: SEO Quake offers a full SEO audit of your website, identifying technical issues, markup errors, broken links, loading speed and other elements that may be impacting your SEO. You can then take corrective action to improve the overall health of your site and optimise its search engine ranking.
  2. Backlink analysis: This tool lets you analyse your site’s backlinks and assess their quality. You can obtain information on referring domains, link anchors, page authorities and much more. This helps you manage your backlink profile, identify link building opportunities and improve your search engine authority.
  3. Customise settings: This plugin lets you customise settings to suit your specific needs. You can adjust the metrics displayed, configure search preferences and customise the user interface for more efficient use of the tool.
  4. Ease of use: SEO Quake is a user-friendly plugin that integrates easily into your browser. It offers an intuitive interface and simple-to-use features, making it a practical tool for SEO professionals at all levels of expertise.

(available for Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera)

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