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Google Analytics Training

Is there traffic on my website? Is it of quality and relevant? Do my mailings bring as many visitors as before? Who visits my website? Do they purchase anything? Is my rebound rate too high or average? What is the difference between a session and a visit?

So many questions that website owners ask themselves everyday, and to which they expect precise answers. The Google Analytics course is for those who, without necessarily having technical or coding knowledge, wish to grasp the audience measuring system of Google Analytics, full of data.

Come learn how to use the Google Analytics data analysis tool to interpret your traffic’s sources and habits with details, how to check if your marketing campaigns (online and offline) are working, how to see which source brings you the most revenues, and how to improve profitability of your online activity.

Once you’ve mastered the interface, our trainer will explain to you how you can extract and regroup your audience’s data so that you can use them to make decisions.

Thanks to a practical side to the training course dedicated to your questions, you will be able to analyse the data of your website with the trainer, and to set up objectives and events in real time. The trainer will also have a certified professional look at your traffic in real time.

Having worked on websites with audiences from 100 visitors per month to 70 million visitors per month, our trainer will be able to answer your questions about your website’s principal problems, and help delegates to install relevant indicators for each website.

This course is open to anybody, no matter your current level of expertise. The 2-day Google Analytics training course will show you the good uses of traffic analysis, so that you can quickly research your key factor indicators about your website’s traffic, and then determine them in order to establish short- and long-term strategies.

Your trainer : Sylvain Vidal

  • 15 years of experience
  • Certified Google Analytics
  • Certified Google Ads
  • SEO & SEM speaker

Training program

  • Presentation of Google Analytics
  • Understand the interest and issues of Google Analytics
  • Install elements for the data collection and operation of cookies
  • Lexicon and technical terms of Webmarketing & Google Analytics (visitors, rebound rate, dimensions, statistics…)
  • Define the KPI (Key Factor Indicators) for your website
  • Learn how to use interfaces and acquire reflexes in menu navigation
  • Setting up Analytics for an e-commerce & showcase website
  • Know to add filters on views and reports
  • Segments creation and use of the reporting interface
  • Associating Google Analytics with other products (Google Ads, Adsense…)
  • Cross data for further analysis thanks to secondary dimensions
  • Google Real-Time: Uses and limits
  • Setting funnels and multi-channels of conversion
  • Create and plan personalised reports
  • Setting and following up events
  • Manage different access rights depending on the account, property or views
  • Setting shortcuts
  • Creation of regular expressions (RegEx) to effectively use the tool
  • Configure your own URLs thanks to Google URL Builder
  • Follow the results of your marketing campaigns
  • Case studies / Studies of the delegates’ Google Analytics accounts

Training duration: 2 days

1 600 € par personne
Prix dégressifs dès 2+ salariés
Financement OPCA / Pôle Emploi

Webmaster, Service marketing ou Communication, E-Commerçant ou dirigeant.

Utilisation d’internet et d’un navigateur, connaissance en langage Web ou gestion de site internet.

Training purpose

Know how to extract information from the interface, learn how to cross the data and analyse the results to help make operational decisions.

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