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SEO audit

A thorough audit of your website (structure, performance, content, etc.), its external environment (social networks, link profile, etc.), your business sector and your competition is carried out by a Web Promotion professional.


Together we define the positioning objectives to be achieved. Our team then goes into action and implements the right web promotional optimisations and essential corrections for your site.

Personalised follow-up

You receive a detailed positioning report every two weeks. Your dedicated web promoter and your customer service representative are available at any time by e-mail and telephone to answer your questions.


At the end of the contract we analyse the results obtained, but also the potential visibility still available for your site. According to your needs, we establish the continuation of our collaboration.

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The presence of your website on the first page of Google is essential : The most beautiful storefront or the best on-line shop is worthless if nobody knows it exists. Optimising your web promotion makes your website visible to internet users.

The American giant is inseparable from Web Promotion: more than 9 out of 10 French people use Google to search on the internet which makes Google.fr the most visited site in France. In 2013, 87% of French Internet users said they carried out a search on the internet before making a purchase.

A successful web promotion strategy is the assurance of qualified traffic for your site. You hit your target audience directly and thus increase your conversion rate and your turnover.


Who is better than a French company to implement a French keyword campaign ? Sponsored links are great allies to promote a website and to develop sales.

First, they allow to publish targeted ads and to get quick conversion (sales, quote request, demand of contact, form filling). Then, they permit to be directly positioned on the top of Google first page. Google Ads get 30% of the first page clicks. An Adwords campaign is useful when starting an e-commerce website in the meantime the website gets natural positions on keywords with SEO.

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Linkbuilding is a part of the off-site of a SEO canpaign. We use our relationships, agencies networks, websites, bloggers and others medias in order to provide you a large number of sources in different activities areas (industry, technology, medical, business, health, sport…).

Website backlinks are various links present on others media and that redirect the users to your website. Plus these backlinks are qualitative, plus you will have more chances that a lot of internet users will be redirected to your website. Indeed, it’s important to favor quality over quantity.

Those links as to be natural, it’s to say not sponsored and not even in an ad location or google will penalize your rank in search engine with the filter Penguin. Linkbuilding is very delicate. The methods of earning links totally changed those last years. It is a question of the right mixture and experience.

Links are inserted on articles, themselves broadcast on the website actuality by the administrator. We’ll have to determine « anchors » to insert in the articles which’ll guide internet users to your website.

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Video SEO

Video Web Promotion is an often overlooked practice. Agencies only rarely suggest companies use this form of Web Promotion. Yet its visibility potential is outstanding. Google very often brings up videos in its search results. These results contain a thumbnail of the video and thus effectively capture the attention of internet users.

We list your videos mainly on YouTube. Leader in its field and the second largest search engine in the world behind… Google. With a concern for perfection and to multiply the weight of your videos, we also work with Dailymotion and Vimeo.

Don’t have a video? Our video editing and motion design specialist takes care of creating original video content for your company.

Local SEO

Local Web Promotion is the new Eldorado for companies working a catchment area: lawyers, estate agents, restaurants, bars, camp sites, hotels and so on. A company that has an influence at a local, regional or departmental level must now optimise its local web promotion.

20% of all searches on Google are localised searches: either the Internet user is looking for a service in a specific place (e.g.: “Japanese restaurant, Paris”), or they are automatically geolocalised for specific searches (e.g.: “bar”, “service station”, “glazier”).

Local Web Promotion essentially involves creating and managing a Google+ Local page. It provides companies that optimise it with exceptional visibility on the first page of Google and Google Map.

Building a French Website

The information era has changed. Today, the world net globalization requites organizations and companies to be visible in internet and specifically on Google. The Websites take precedence over brick market shop. To continue being competitive, your website is a very important lever that you should not disregard to maintain and develop your business. From this moment, every part of your website conception is important from visual to content without forgetting search engine optimization.

A well-built website concerning the technical and design aspect is unmissable to succeed your communication, your SEO and your marketing efforts. It represents the last contact point which’ll determine if you’ll convert your visitor into a client.

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