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Web Analytics agency: Make your traffic profitable

Analyze the performance of your campaigns and readjust your investments on your most performing digital channels:

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    The Internet is becoming more and more competitive and each euro spent is important. So entrepreneurs must be able to tell when their campaigns are working and be aware of the pertinence of traffic on their websites.

    How Does a WebAnalytics Service Work?

    Beyond traffic monitoring and some indicators such as the bounce rate, Google Analytics is a very powerful tool for tracking conversions and where they come from.

    Website study and analysis

    We schedule a preliminary meeting to study your website and company and work together to determine your needs. You can explain your expectations and vision to our marketing expert.


    We configure your website so that we can properly correct the corresponding data.

    Personalized report

    You then receive a personalized report including data, analysis, and decryption by our Data Analyst.

    What Data Makes My Traffic Profitable?

    The data available on Google Analytics is very extensive and can help you make many decisions:

    • Manage your advertising budget with a clear understanding of which campaigns are profitable and which are not
    • Learn more about your visitors and how to direct the message to better convert them
    • Know which parts of your site are less read or visited and make them a priority for improvement
    • Monitor and optimize the conversion process and increase your website’s conversion rate
    • etc.

    Our Data Analyst will help you analyze this data and make decisions for your company. We can help you improve the conversion tunnel through A/B tests and track your webshop data on Google Analytics.

    What Support Is Provided with WebAnalytics?

    Our Data Analyst, a certified Google Analytics specialist for several years now, will help you set up your tracking. They will help you decide which elements are important for your company (visitor demographics, tracking conversion goals, advertising data, visits to several of your websites), and a configuration will follow.

    Then, the reports we send you will include a clear and precise analysis of each data point, so that you can understand all the information provided.

    Contact our web analytics agency for an appointment and a free audit of your website’s potential using Google Analytics traffic analysis.

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