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SEO Training

Come learn about SEO with professionals

Where ?

Courses take place in our agency near Paris
(N7 Juvisy, 91260)

It can also take place at your firm. Ask our consultants for more information.

All our training courses can be adapted to videoconference training courses.

For whom ?

  • Webdesigners / Webmasters
  • Writers
  • Students
  • Company CEOs and managers who want to learn web vocabulary
  • Beginners and wannabes are welcome as well

Our SEO training courses

You are looking for training courses led by renown professionals with over 16 years of experience?

We have 7 courses about referencing. Our trainings cover strategic topics and the basic required knowledge about web referencing. We perform a daily watch about the evolution of search engines, so that we always stay on top of our field’s expertise.

By choosing our training, you are making the right call to learn the most efficient techniques in this area.

Depending on the theme, our training courses last 1-3 days.

Discover our SEO training courses:

The SEO world seems out of reach to you and you want to acquire the basics to master the main concepts of SEO? You want to know how search engines behave? Do not hesitate, this training is made for you !

Do you want to improve your SEO technics? We propose an advanced SEO course in which every web referencing factor is detailed and explained, so that you can develop your own visibility strategy for your website.

Traffic on your website is not enough, you need to know how to analyse the data to study your audience and its behaviour on your website. Traffic analysis is crucial to guide you in your strategic decisions.

Learn how to create a successful campaign with Google Ads. With this training you will know how to manage your account and maximise return on investment from your ads.

More specific training

If you want to be trained on specific topics linked to web expertise, we offer adapted courses : Web architecture optmisation, Content writing, link-building and Web analytics.

Our courses have been thought out to be directly applicable, and to give you the right tools to improve your business online.
Date and details of our training courses

Link buildingis the most important factor for SEO. With this training, you will discover how to find good quality links for your website, without over-optimising it.

A website’s architecture must be thought out from its creation with SEO and users in mind. If it is not the case, then you have to rethink your website’s architecture and adapt it to current requirements.

Content is more and more important in SEO. Find out the methods to set up an efficient content strategy with our training.


Depending on the thematic, they are 1 to 3 days training courses

Supports provided

Courses supports are provided at the end of the training on USB drive

Our training courses are open to everybody. All we ask for is basic knowledge of a website’s functioning. Our training are made to help you grow your business, improve your skills, update your knowledge or help you with your professional retraining.

When the training takes place at our office in Juvisy-sur-Orge, we take care of lunches. We think it is a good way to share a more informal moment with your speaker and continue the course.

Many practical case studies will help you acquire easily new notions.
Every training course is evolutive, practical and adapted to each one’s needs.

Our trainers

SEO trainings performed by field’s experts

Your trainer : Sylvain Vidal

  • 15 years of experience
  • Certified Google Analytics
  • Certified Google Ads Premier
  • SEO & SEM speaker

Your trainer : Franck Maquinay

  • 23 years of experience
  • SEO specialist
  • CEO of agencies
  • Experts Référencement and Adifco
  • SEO speaker

What do our clients think of us?

“I was at a Google Analytics training for 2 days in the office of in April. I sincerely thank Sylvain for his professionalism and the richness of our exchanges. The theorical course and the practical one as well perfectly met my expectations. The program is intense but comprehensible thanks to clear and concise explanations. Sylvain completely masters the thematic and knows how to adapt his course to us by focusing some topics more than the others. I left with good comprehension of the tool, its action perimeter and immediately used this training by integrating Google Analytics at the centre of my Web marketing actions.”

“After many disappointing experiments with referencing agencies, I let myself be convinced by the team and its professionalism. I followed the AdWords course and I discovered the many tools of AdWords and the ones I should use for my different projects. Now, I can manage myself all my campaigns knowing how to optimize them. I’m thinking now that I’ll trust this very efficient agency, by far, with my websites”

“SEO represents 90% of my sales, that is why I need to have good ranking on Google. I was looking for a SEO course about netlinking and I found (well ranked!). This training helped me a lot in every aspect: theory in the morning and practical studies in the afternoon. Sylvain’s course is adapted to TPE’s problematics and help to understand technical notions, not always easy, by making them easier to get. Always listening, mentoring and kind, Sylvain is looking for the people he trains to get better in the long term. This is the reason why I recommend his courses for anyone who is looking to improve its SEO approach and easily understand how search engines work.”

Why learn about SEO?

SEO trainings have a growing success. A few years ago, only web professionals knew what was SEO, but today this particular field becomes more and more important. Whether it’s from the point of view of general public or professionals (CEO, webmasters, webmanagers, merchants, craftsmen…), the need to gain online visibility is starting to be assimilated and the importance of SEO as well.

4 reasons why you should learn about SEO:

Understand how search engines operate

To improve your website ranking, you fisrt need to understand how Google works. It will help you measuring the issues of renferencing and why you should take action about your SEO.

Handle your referencing yourself

SEO is a strategic domain. For some companies, it represents the main channel of acquisition. That is why it is primordial to have all the keys to manage your SEO. As the old saying goes, « If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself! ».

Analyse the results of your actions

In web referencing, analysing the results is an essential part to succeed your SEO strategy. Working without measuring is the same as working in a vacuum. That is why it is important to master analysing tools such as Google Analytics. Our training course about it will help you to use them in an optimal way.

Integrate SEO in your business strategy

Web referencing is an essential component of your web strategy. If you are not already using SEO, our trainings will give you the tools and knowledge to drive this important aspect of your strategy.

Frequently asked questions about our trainings

When do you last update your training course ?

We update our training courses every month. We realise a daily watch about the evolution of search engines so that we always stay on top of our field’s expertise. By choosing our training, you are making the right call to learn the most efficient technics in this area.

How long last the training courses ?

Depending on the training you will choose, our courses duration is from 1 to 3 days for the most advanced ones. They are designed to be as efficient as they can be : theory in the morning and practical cases in the afternoon to apply what you will learn.

What level of knowledge is necessary for this trainings ?

Our trainings are for all levels : from beginners to people who work in this area. Si you want to acquire the basics of SEO, then our course SEO « Get started » the right one for you. There is no prerequisites needed to attend this course. For more experienced profiles, our training « Advanced SEO » may be more adapted. Other specific courses will allow you to deepen precise topics : web Analytics, web content, etc.

Can I apply what I learned immediately after the training ?

Many of our clients who come for our training courses want to be able to manage their website’s SEO by themselves. Our trainings give them the opportunity to do so thanks to our practical case studies where you can begin to think your own SEO strategy.

How often do your trainings take place ?

We try do have our formation once a week. We want to have a regular training courses so that if you missed one, you will be able to attend the next one a few weeks later.

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