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E-commerce Website Design Agency

Let’s Create your New Website together Using Prestashop:

    Let’s Create your New Website together Using Prestashop:

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    You can’t miss out on creating a profitable e-commerce Website

    Creating an e-commerce is the best way to show your company’s products.
    36 million French buyers have ordered something online at least once. Why should you miss out on such an online presence?
    With our e-commerce website design agency, we offer a range of services from a responsive website, to a custom website tailored to your needs.


    A Design that reflects your image

    You will participate in the design of your website so that it reflects perfectly your visual identity. The design of e-commerce websites is carried out by our web designers who will offer the best web solutions for you.

    Our E-commerce website creation agency offers you customizable results with the best brand strategy!

    Sell all your products

    Whatever your field of activity, your E-commerce website will allow you to sell all your products.

    Follow all your customers

    Stay informed in real time on your customers’ actions from marketing to obtain their loyalty. With our e-commerce agency, you’ll get real professional help for your web business.

    Stay Available

    Your customers will have every way to get in touch with you from contact forms to google maps.

    Payment Methods

    Payment by electronic cards, wire transfers, cheques, Paypal, etc. You can propose every possible method of payment in order to reach any customer and do not lose some on the road.

    Manage the Entirety of Your Website

    We will give you a training that will make you able to manage your content on your own.

    All the trainings offered by our agency of creation of ecommerce sites will allow you to have a content managements of your pages to develop your E-reputation.

    SEO Friendly

    Your website will be optimized for natural referencing and more intensive guidance is available upon request. We can help you to develop your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) on your online business.

    Optimized Speed

    Thanks to a cache module that will deliver your pages faster to your visitors, the speed of your front website will be optimized.

    4 Good Reasons to Create an E-Commerce Website

    Are you still unconvinced that you need an e-commerce website to sell your products online and become better known on the web? Here are some additional reasons!

    Sell Anytime

    Unlike your physical shop, your site is online 24/7 and makes all your products available anytime, it is with your online sales that you can stand out.  You have better chances to sell your products anytime.

    Easier Administrative Formalities

    No rent or professionals’ tax, less personnel costs, no strikes, no sickness leaves, simplified VAT procedures, etc. Manage the entirety of your e-commerce website through a single interface.

    Continuous Evolution of E-Commerce

    E-commerce represents 13.4% of retail in France in 2021 according to FEVAD (Fédération e-commerce et vente à distance) while it was at 9.8% in 2019. Internet purchases are rapidly catching up to physical shops purchases. So don’t miss out on this!

    Interactivity with Customers

    Whether it is the presentation of your products (photos, videos, or audio) or the follow up of your customers, you can put in place marketing actions that are unavailable for a physical shop by increasing your ROI.

    At least 2577 euros in average was spent by buyers in 2024

    Would you like to open new channels for online selling? The idea often tempts you but too many questions stop you from going forward. Let us answer the most frequent questions :

    • E-Commerce Sites are simple to manage : Honestly, managing an online shop is no more complicated than sending an email. It requires only some time and a training that we will provide you with the help of a web expert. 
    • You will not be lacking of support : We want our clients to draw the maximum of benefits from the sites we create with them. Therefore, we will show you how to use your e-commerce website and we will always be available to answer your questions.
    • Internet=Fraud : You are currently more likely to have your phone stolen than to be a victim of online fraud.
    • Transactions are secure : Our e-commerce websites use SSL-128 secure payment technologies (the most secure). No data is stored and confidentiality is more than certain.

    Contact us if you have any doubts regarding electronic commerce or to explain your website creation project. We will be happy to answer your questions and, perhaps, we will even be able to give you new ideas.

    With our ecommerce website design agency, we make everything possible to develop your project.

    Grow your Customer Base With your E-Commerce Website

    From brewers to jewelers and clothing lines, the number of internet sellers in 2017 reached 206.800, that is, a rise by 11% in 2016 (FEVAD). Online selling is no longer reserved for a minority of pioneers. This evolution of sales systems allows you to reach a bigger customer base.

    You may be wondering; how will your customers find you among all the online sellers? Unless you are already well known offline or you’re selling a very particular product, your internet visibility depends on a good web communication., specializes in natural e-commerce referencing and keyword buying campaigns. Use our experience to become known on the internet and make the success of your online shop easier. 

    We will be delighted to suggest a tailored e-commerce solution that integrates a web communication (natural referencing, keyword buying, press statements, radio ads, …) that is perfectly adapted to your product and takes into account the peculiarities of your field activity and its level of competition on search engines.

    Our Prestashop Works

    Tout Mon Bio is a global e-commerce store that sells the products of BJORG &Co Group.

    Visuals France offers its customers all its products and services directly on its online store.

    On Linie & Protéines website you will find everything to complement your protein diet.

    FAQ about creating an e-commerce site

    How do I create a website with PrestaShop?

    At, we prefer PrestaShop, a high-performance CMS offering a wealth of features for creating your e-commerce site.

    The first step is to choose hosting and a domain name to ensure that your site is accessible online.

    Then it’s time to install PrestaShop and configure the basic settings, such as language, currency, payment methods, and so on.

    Once these elements are in place, you can move on to customizing your store, creating a user-friendly, ergonomic site structure. Then add products and other parameters specific to your business. Finally, you’ll need to introduce relevant content, use meta tags, appropriate keywords and so on.

    It’s a good idea to carry out thorough tests to make sure everything’s working properly. To take full advantage of PrestaShop and guarantee the success of your online store, call on your specialized e-commerce website design agency.

    What are the advantages of PrestaShop?

    Creating an e-commerce site with PrestaShop offers many advantages for companies wishing to develop their online business:

    1. Free, open source and easy to use: PrestaShop has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to manage your site. It’s free to download and use;
    2. Customizable and extensible: A wide range of themes and modules are available to create a unique user experience for your customers;
    3. Product management: PrestaShop offers a host of advanced features for managing products, stock, promotions and more;
    4. SEO-friendly: The platform has built-in features to optimize your site for search engines and increase your visibility.

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