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An experienced team

As illustrated by the agency, which boasts an unusual length of service in its field (more than 17 years of existence… as much as Google !), the team in charge of your future project is experienced, and each one of us has already managed several dozens of different websites (corporate, e-trading, showcases, blogs…) and different themes (tourism, health, automobile sector, industry, handicraft…)

Our specialists have put at your disposal their advanced expertise in website development, so that we can easily collaborate with the person in charge of your website admin.

Multiple and diverse profiles compose our team, in order to ensure you are allocated a specific consultant according to your project, who will be thoroughly involved throughout our whole collaboration.

The 7 key points of our SEO Agency

1. Satisfaction

Quality of our services and of our clients’ relationship is the focus of all our services. 88 % of our customers extend their engagement with us.

2. Results

You can notice the first positive results from 1 to 4 months after the beginning of our services.

3. Financial soundness

As a commitment to work by your side, we make our statements of accounts available online. Your firm needs a well-established partner.

4. Challenge

Our Agency loves to take up challenges and to progress. Is your business sector in a competitive environment ? Are you suffering from penalisation ? We are here to help.

5. Experience

Our firm has been specialized in internet referencing since more than 17 years. As such our Agency already counts more than 1050 clients.

6. Security

We ensure transparency of the optimisations we bring and of the success we obtain. You follow our service through regular reports and Google Analytics.

7. Watch

Our team of consultants in referencing constantly monitors the SEO topics, of which you may take advantage. Our agency enquires about trends, sets up tests, and innovates.

Customer satisfaction: our number 1 goal

Our SEO agency has dealt with more than 1050 client cases since our creation,with the aim of building a trusting relationship with our customers.

We study their requirements by taking time to exchange about their objectives, and we give them best advice so as to meet them. All our actions are justified and adapted to the problems of our customers, because every client has specific requirements. This is why we don’t offer standardised services. We never reference two sites in the same way.

We carry out regular reports by telephone or by e-mail, so that our clients may follow our actions step by step,and can so they may teach themselves in the bases of SEO.

5 easy tips when choosing an SEO Agency

In the Parisian region alone, there are dozens of referencing agencies, so how to select one, and not make a mistake in the selection ? Because SEO is long-term work, it is especially important to work with an agency which will give you significant results. Here are 5 easy tips which will enable you to choose a good SEO Agency.

Realistic offers

If the proposed services seem to be too good to be true, they are probably so. Look for businesses offering realistic results without using guarantees. Because a serious SEO agency knows that there is a duty of endeavour, but no obligation of result. No one has the capacity to guarantee the rankings of Google. As soon as you notice such guarantees, it is the sign that you must walk away.


How long has the business been in existence ? How many clients has it dealt with ? Its level of experience is very important information. It enables to evaluate the capabilities of an SEO agency to deal with multiple cases. You must also find out information about business lines,to know if the agency is experienced in your specific sector. SEO strategies can be very different from one field to another.

Cases studies

It is a good indicator of the experience of a referencing business. The more diversified the sectors, the higher the experience. Look at agencies’ websites to see if there are clients’ case studies, or ask your agency contact for them directly, because they are the guarantee that the agency is able to provide its clients with positive results.


The expertise of the referencing agents is diverse: web analytics, web writing aso… No SEO-recognised certification exists, but the French-speaking referencing agents use a « SEO Camp » certification which attests to a person’s expertise in the field. There are also the Google certifications on web analytics, Google Adwords for example. On the SEO level, the Google Analytics certification is a minimum certification to provide when an agency presents itself as a specialist in SEO.

The « white hat » practices

In the SEO field, several strategies are possible. There is no strategy that can be duplicated from one site to another because each case is different. The white hat refers to the SEO techniques which are respectful of the Google guidelines. By contrast, there is the black hat, i.e. techniques which try to mislead the algorithms. These last ones are risky because Google has been greatly involved these last years, and it can detect and punish this sort of practice. It is obvious that the more lasting white hat strategies must be favoured. But they are longer and sometimes more complex to set up. Find out more about the used types of strategies and don’t hesitate to contact former clients for it. The strategies which consist in multiplying the number of links to quickly increase the positioning of a site are not serious, and the agencies which propose this practice are to be avoided. Never forget : ethical SEO agencies won’t have any problem answering your questions and explaining to you the details of their strategy so that there isn’t any ambiguity.

Certified expertise

To help you making the right choice, our references and our certifications are our most beautiful medals. Choosing our agency is the assurance to be taken on by professionals recognised in the referencing area. Indeed some of our consultants are certified CESEO (SEO expert), Google Analytics IQ (traffic analysis) and Google Partners (Google Adwords specialist).

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