Definition of SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a set of internal or external optimizations to a site. In line with Google’s guidelines, the aim is to enable different pages to appear in search engine results for keywords or key phrases directly related to their content. Websites that appear on the first page of search results are more likely to be visited by users.

Natural referencing, for long-term visibility

Having a presence on the internet is one thing, but being visible in the right place is quite another. Visibility on search engines, and more specifically on Google, is now crucial for virtually all businesses, from international organisations to independent entrepreneurs, as it generates direct and indirect sales.

Enabling professionals to reach their core target via Google in a sustainable way is precisely the expertise of the natural referencing agency.

Natural referencing: several thousand criteria

The world of search engine optimisation (SEO) is particularly subject to the ravages of competition, whether fair or unfair (Negative SEO or NSEO), and is governed by a set of rules that are constantly being called into question by Google.

While respecting the framework imposed by this American company (on pain of Panda, Penguin and other penalties), the SEO’s job is to optimise a large number of major positioning factors, including :

  • The quality of the editorial content, which must meet a dual objective: it must be optimized to contain keywords related to your business and on which you want to rank well, while complying with Google guidelines and avoiding duplicate content;
  • On-site optimisation, i.e. optimisation of the site itself. These range from the quality of the code to internal linking, page structure (Hn) and speed of loading on mobile devices (mobile first);
  • Off-site optimisation, which relates to the environment in which the site operates, such as the quality of the external link profile (netlinking) or the e-reputation of the brand or company.
  • User experience: search engines take user experience into account when assessing the quality of websites. It is therefore important to optimise navigation, loading speed, presentation, etc. to improve the user experience.

How long does it take to rank well on Google?

Search engine optimisation does not produce immediate results, as it involves optimising a number of factors and then taking them into account by Google and the search engines in general. In addition, the keyword audit plays a vital role in achieving visibility more or less quickly, depending on the competition. It takes time to move up the results! On the other hand, once the positioning has been acquired, the results are long-lasting.

This is not the case with SEA, also known as paid search, which enables your site to appear on the first page for a specific query using the Google Ads advertising network. Don’t hesitate to call on a google ads agency to help you with your project. However, this involves :

  • Substantial budgets over the medium or long term;
  • Total disappearance of your site from the front page when your advertising budget is exhausted.

That’s why’s visibility specialists generally advocate playing both sides of the fence:

  • SEA for immediate traffic;
  • SEO or free referencing for long-term ranking that is not dependent on your advertising budget.

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Local SEO, an opportunity for SMEs

To make its results more relevant, Google has for some years now been offering results that are no longer general, but based on your query or your location. For example, if you type “shoemaker”, it will show you the addresses of nearby shoemakers. Similarly, it provides geolocalised results for any search using a word + town.

This local search is a real opportunity for businesses whose customers are located in a specific area. Google considers that only they are legitimate enough to appear on the first page. So if you are in Paris, in the example above, it will only provide contacts in your arrondissement, not in Brest.

Reach your core target directly

The web agency systematically integrates the notion of local referencing into any referencing strategy, whenever it makes sense to do so.

It’s easier and more effective to appear in the top results for your business and your town than in the results for the whole of France.

What’s more, the ROI (return on investment) is much greater. It’s a safe bet that someone who types in “shoemaker” will be looking for a professional right next door to meet an immediate need. So local SEO is a way of reaching your core target and turning it into contacts or customers more effectively.

Our local referencing service

After analysing your site, we will draw up a tailor-made local SEO strategy for you. In addition to the optimisations that are essential for any website, there are those that are more specific to your visibility in your catchment area, such as creating a Google My Business page, geolocalising your content, monitoring the competition and many other factors too numerous to list here.

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