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SERP definition (Search Engine Results Page)

Definition of the SERP (Search Engine Results Page)

The acronym SERP for Search Engine Results Page simply refers to a results page following a search engine query. It is presented in the form of a succession of links, each pointing to pages and websites one below the other. Depending on the relevance of each of these links to the query, the websites and pages are ranked in descending order by the search engine: from the most relevant to the least relevant. The relevance of these sites is also influenced by referencing, the aim of which is to rank sites in order of importance.

However, depending on the search carried out by the Internet user, these SERPs present themselves in different ways and offer more or less varied results (in terms of content and links). On a results page, for example, you may see a number of different things: URLs or title tags (clickable elements), a meta-description (small description paragraph below the link), the website icon/logo, a selection of Google images when the search is made there, the type of document if the resource is a document, the date of the resource and the author if it is an article, a Google Maps link, Youtube videos and others related to the search, etc.

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