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    Need an SEO strategy to develop your brand on the web? Explore our marketing agency’s SEO sector and contact us to accelerate your digital transformation.

    Our web agency supports companies in a wide range of sectors. Whether you specialize in healthcare, real estate, jurisdiction, insurance or banking, tourism and more, our SEO agency can help you achieve SEO success. to implement your SEO strategy

    Referencing your site and positioning it in the first pages of the SERP is no accident. The SEO sector requires SEO work and a sound digital strategy.

    At, we help you generate natural traffic to your website with a specific action plan. As a first step, our skilled SEO experts check whether your marketing objective is smart.

    Next, we help you define your buyer persona. This is an essential step in identifying the issues facing your potential customers.

    It precedes keyword research and the generation of content ideas. It is therefore essential to the success of your SEO strategy.

    Our SEO sector enables us to act on different levers to optimize your natural referencing. We adopt a global SEO strategy, which enables us to work on the following aspects simultaneously:

    Technical SEO

    It consists of an in-depth analysis of a site and the correction of any problems detected as a result of the audits.

    SEO Content

    Following a solid content strategy, we optimize every page of your website.

    link building

    Our SEO agency organizes your backlink campaigns, manages your internal and external meshing and reinforces your web referencing.

    SEO Watch constantly monitors SEO to keep abreast of new Google updates and to be reactive to technical problems.

    Tell us about your project’s preferred sectors

      Would you like to attract organic traffic to your website? Our SEO company offers you these services to improve your positioning.

      At, we work to drive qualified traffic to your website. We work in the SEO sector to help you achieve your communication and digital marketing objectives. Our SEO agency helps you develop a customized visibility strategy. Explore the business sectors our SEO agency covers.


      Healthcare practices and facilities

      Are you a plastic surgeon, dentist, ophthalmologist, psychologist, animal health specialist or veterinarian? Get more patients and grow your business with the SEO services of our healthcare SEO agency.

      The healthcare SEO sector is one of our areas of expertise. We can help you place your website at the top of the organic results.

      Discover our SEO services to build a solid e-reputation and attract new customers. Thousands of Internet users are looking for help in your industry every day. Work on your site’s positioning and let us find you.

      Real estate agency and architect

      Need help improving your brand’s visibility in real estate? Our SEO real estate agency can help you make the difference in the real estate market. We master the real estate SEO sector. Our digital agency implements an effective SEO strategy to improve your site’s visibility in search engines.

      Developing an online clientele in the real estate sector can be a headache. Real estate is one of the most competitive markets on the web. There’s no point in venturing into it without a proper marketing strategy. Fortunately, this is one of our favorite sectors.


      Law firm

      Our support for law firms includes the implementation of a customized visibility strategy. Our SEO avocat agency helps you leverage search engines, this traffic acquisition lever, to attract qualified prospects to your website. Our expertise in the lawyer SEO sector enables you to use content marketing to develop your popularity in your industry.

      Explore our various SEO services to position your site favorably in the top search results. Our lawyer SEO specialists promote your services. Win new customers with good Google referencing.


      Do you want to attract new customers to your tourism website and are looking for an SEO strategy? Are you a travel agency, flight comparator, tour guide or campsite owner? Do you own a hotel chain or a car rental company?

      Thanks to our expertise in the travel industry, our SEO tourism agency can help you position your site on the first page of organic results. Attract natural traffic and convert more visitors by opting for our SEO services. We deploy our know-how in the tourism SEO sector to lead you with the best SEO practices.



      Do you sell online and want to improve the sales performance of your e-commerce site?

      Our e-commerce SEO agency helps you increase your sales with SEO. Optimize your business returns with our specialized e-commerce SEO experts. E-commerce is one of our favorite sectors at If you’re in fashion, cosmetics or telephony, our web agency will ensure your digital growth.

      Why entrust your SEO to a specialized agency?

      The help of an SEO company is invaluable to the success of your website’s SEO. Our agency’s SEO experts are experienced in all areas of SEO expertise. They can help you develop an effective keyword strategy for better web positioning.

      Thanks to their mastery of the SEO sector, they adopt good SEO practices and develop an ethical visibility strategy. What’s more, they work to protect you from black-hat SEO attacks. Our SEO consultants will help you set up professional SEO.

      Choosing a digital agency is therefore one of the best options for placing your site in the top positions of natural results.

      You acquire qualified traffic, and your conversion rate increases significantly. You build brand awareness and enhance your e-reputation with SEO services from SEO professionals.

      In addition to our mastery of the SEO sector, we work with SEO tools to provide you with a qualitative service.

      Discover the areas of expertise of our digital agency:

      Audits (technical and semantic)

      Digital strategy

      Creating content

      Optimisations (technical optimisation)

      Creating backlinks

      Local Optimization

      Social media integration

      Visual and vocal stimulation

      E-reputation management

      Metrics monitoring and analysis

      SEO FAQs

      What is an SEO strategy?

      This is a visibility strategy designed to make your website appear in the top results of search engines. It’s based on a coherent plan of action to improve your showcase’s positioning in the SERP. A good SEO strategy can include, for example:

      • Research of relevant key expressions in your sector of activity for better positioning.
      • Definition of a content strategy for effective SEO.
      • Creation and writing of content optimized for Google referencing.
      • Creation and structuring of internal and external links to facilitate search engine crawling and indexing of your web pages, etc.
      Freelance SEO and SEO agency, which is the best choice for a successful SEO strategy?

      Both can help you improve your website’s ranking. Of course, this only works if you work with real SEO professionals. Confide in a web agency if you want comprehensive SEO services. They have a multi-disciplinary, skilled team to support you.

      Can you create and implement an SEO strategy for your company?

      Yes, if you take an SEO training course with our top SEO consultants, you can adopt good SEO practices to boost your visibility on the web. On the other hand, if you don’t have the required knowledge, choose a specialized agency.

      We’re an SEO agency with 25 years’ experience. We reference your website and harness the power of search engines. Leave your web project in the capable hands of our SEO consultants.

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