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    Do you own an estate agency and want to build your company’s reputation on the web? Discover the expertise of our real estate SEO agency. Our natural referencing consultants will ensure that your website is visible on the SERP. So you can generate more traffic and increase the number of new customers thanks to our SEO services.

    But what is real estate SEO? And how can help you develop a good SEO strategy?

    What is an SEO agency for the property sector?

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a set of search engine optimization techniques. It consists of positioning a site sustainably in the natural search results.

    This is one of the important services that SEO agencies provide. In fact, a real estate web agency is a company that provides SEO services to improve the referencing and visibility of a real estate site in search engines.

    Its objective is to define and implement an inbound marketing strategy to optimize the referencing of a website specializing in property. In this way, the SEO company helps estate agents find more customers to sell or rent flats.

    Seen from this angle, the SEO work of a property SEO agency seems straightforward. However, it requires an action plan and a mastery of good SEO practices. In reality, search engine optimization cannot be improvised and requires an understanding of how the algorithms work. What’s more, you need to respect the search engine ranking factors. There are over 200 criteria to take into account.

    To please Google and rank on the first page, it’s not enough to simply create a website. You also need to :

    • Choosing a responsive design CMS to design your website
    • Prioritizing content writing
    • Use microdata to support your visibility strategy
    • Secure your site using HTTPS protocol
    • Carry out semantic optimization
    • Include user experience
    • Ensure domain name authority
    • etc.

    What does our SEO agency offer its customers?

    Our real estate marketing agency provides SEO services to companies specializing in real estate. Are you involved in commercial or residential property? Our SEO consultants can help you put in place a marketing and communication strategy for the web.

    At we have the expertise and experience in real estate SEO. Whatever the size of your web project, we’ll help you succeed. Our real estate SEO agency delivers positive results to real estate players. Do you specialize in property development, construction or management? We’ll put your offers in the spotlight with our SEO services.

    To help you stand out from the crowd and develop your online presence, we put at your service a team of qualified, experienced SEO experts who are attentive and sensitive to your needs.

    Our SEO agency has a thorough knowledge of real estate vocabulary. We create editorial content that responds correctly to your target audience’s queries.

    Our SEO services are unique in that they are tailor-made. They are aligned with your marketing objectives. What’s more, our team takes full charge of your digital transformation. From website creation and the definition of a visibility strategy, to traffic acquisition and conversions, we manage everything for you.

    We are developing a digital strategy based on content marketing to distribute content related to the real estate sector.

    Our webmarketing agency offers the following services:

    Natural SEO referencing

    Google Ads (SEA)

    Referencing & UX (SXO)

    Reports/Web Analytics

    Website creation

    Tell us about your project

      Why use as your real estate SEO agency?

      Calling on the services of a real estate SEO agency is one of the best ways of getting your website to rank higher on the SERPs in the long term.

      More often than not, estate agents who decide to make a digital transformation want to gain in popularity on the web. They want to be visible locally, improve brand awareness and generate and retain customers.

      With real estate SEO services, you can achieve all these results. Whether you’re a property developer, an agent or even a company specializing in real estate, SEO helps you find new customers over the long term. It is, however, essential to work with real estate SEO experts.

      Choosing a good real estate SEO agency is one way of implementing a profitable SEO strategy. In this way, you can attract qualified traffic and increase your conversion rate.

      Optimizing your search engine optimization to increase your visibility

      On the web, companies that invest in a SEO campaign with a web agency increase their chances of being visible and reaching their target audience.

      Although it is possible to use traditional marketing to promote your offers, this remains a limited means. If, for example, you use billboards to attract customers’ attention, your efforts will have an impact, but only in your geographical area.

      On the other hand, if you work on the positioning of your site with a real estate SEO agency, you can broaden your offer and adapt it to the needs of applicants looking for property outside their home area. SEO can even help you achieve international referencing. In practical terms, thanks to SEO services, you can :

      • Find and benefit from semantic opportunities.
      • Position yourself on the right keywords in your subject area according to your target audience and geolocation.
      • Rank well above your competitors.

      An SEO agency to manage your reputation and popularity

      On the Internet, users will not hesitate to ask about the reliability of your estate agency before making a commitment to you. So it’s essential that you also work with an e-reputation agency if you want your prospects and customers to trust you.

      Choose SEO support for your estate agency. A good SEO agency not only enables you to appear in the first search results, but also to keep track of everything that’s being said about your brand online.

      It responds professionally to comments and customer reviews on your Google My Business page and manages your community on social networks through a community manager. It keeps an active eye on everything to do with your online business.

      All your service provider’s efforts will help your property company gain credibility in the eyes of new customers. So you can :

      • Easily find owners who are interested in your proposals and offers.
      • Get a good return on your investment, because the results are long-term.

      What levers do you use to manage your SEO?

      Our agency, which specializes in property search engine optimization, will help you to draw up a personalized marketing plan that’s perfectly tailored to your target audience, and put in place an optimal visibility strategy. We then carry out in-depth, relevant keyword research to ensure the success of your SEO strategy.

      Following this stage, we start designing and improving the content of your web pages, strategically integrating keywords. We pay particular attention to internal and external meshing and the optimization of metadata. It’s essential to note that the user experience in managing the SEO of your real estate site is very important and should not be neglected.

      In short, to manage your real estate SEO, we take charge of these levers:

      Audits (technical and semantic)

      Digital strategy

      Creating content

      Optimisations (technical optimisation)

      Creating backlinks

      Local Optimization

      Social media integration

      Visual and vocal stimulation

      E-reputation management

      Metrics monitoring and analysis

      Our satisfied real estate customers

      FAQ about SEO in the real estate sector

      What is an SEO agency for the property sector?

      A real estate SEO agency masters search engine optimization techniques. It offers SEO services to real estate websites. It works on their visibility strategy to put them at the top of search results. This position makes it easier for developers, brokers and estate agents to find customers to buy or sell property.

      Why work on your property website’s SEO?
      • When you choose to work on the SEO of your real estate site, you can :
      • Accelerate your digital transformation.
      • Get a good ranking for your site in search engines and position your real estate site favorably in the SERP.
      • Benefit from the advice of natural referencing experts.
      • Receive White-Hat SEO services and avoid algorithmic penalties.
      • Regularly consult our reports to find out how your site is progressing and appreciate our SEO services.
      • Benefit from affordable SEO services.
      What are the benefits of SEO for real estate professionals?

      SEO allows you to :

      • Target your specific audience
      • Improve the user experience on your site
      • Increase awareness of your estate agency
      • Maintain a constant online presence, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
      How does SEO work for real estate?

      SEO for real estate involves optimising your website for relevant keywords, creating quality content, managing internal and external linking, optimising metadata and many other techniques to improve your site’s ranking in search results.

      We are an SEO agency with 25 years’ experience in search engine optimization. We reference your website and harness the power of search engines. Leave your web project in the capable hands of our SEO consultants.

      Would you like to work with our team?
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