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Whether you are a beginner or you already manage your website, come be trained to SEO by an agency of experts !

Organic referencing is focused around trois major points :

  • Web architecture to allow crawling and not blocking search engines.
  • Content written for your website to help search engines to understand the thematic and topics of your website.
  • Netlinking (backlinks). Those can appear naturally but can also be influenced by how they are received. SEO will also search for new sources of links and will know how to do to optimize linkbuilding without being penalized by the search engine’s crawlers for too much netlinking.

This SEO training will guide you through organic referencing from lexicon to advanced optimizations of your website.

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Your trainer : Sylvain Vidal

  • 13 years of experience
  • Certified Google Analytics
  • Certified Google Ads Premier
  • SEO & SEM speaker

Programme de la formation

  • Discovery of SEO
  • Lexicon and technical terms of referencing
  • Know the evolution of the algorithms of search engines
  • The criteria to learn how to audit a website
  • Pilotez les 3 piliers du référencement :
    • Optimize your website’s architecture
      Blocking factors
      Speed optimization
      Crawler path on your website
      Security and profit of organic referencing
    • Developt rapidly a stable relevant content strategy
      What is good SEO content ?
      How to write for SEO
      Establish a content strategy
      Quickly become an important source of content for search engines
    • Learn how to create quality links and use the ones of your competition
      Recognize and know how to create a good link
      Audit your own links and the ones of your competition
      Search new sources of Backlinks
      Set-up of a relevant inbound link strategy
  • Toolbox of a good referencer
  • Case studies
    Audit and starting strategy for websites of the present trainees

Training duration : 3 days


2 400 € / person


Webmasters, Marketing or communication department, online merchants and CEOs


Internet and browser’s use, knowledge of Web lexicon or website management

Training purpose

Understand every problematics of organic referencing in 2019 and learn to establish a relevant long-term strategy for all kind of websites.

Training validation

Webdesigning agencies: Receive the « SEO-Friendly Certification » at the end of the training. It will allow you to clearly display your ability to create SEO compliant websites.


« After many disappointing experiments with referencing agencies, I let myself be convinced by the team and its professionalism. I followed the AdWords course and I discovered the many tools of AdWords and the ones I should use for my different projects. Now, I can manage myself all my campaigns knowing how to optimize them. I’m thinking now that I’ll trust this very efficient agency, by far, with my websites. »

Marina AMOURIQ, Director of NC Formation, le 12/02/2015

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