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    Do you want to be visible, generate traffic and promote your products and services on the web? Are you looking for a tourism SEO agency to help you get your site listed?

    Our SEO consultants will help you to be visible on the SERP and position your site sustainably. Create your tourism SEO strategy and position your site at the top of the SERP with our travel SEO agency.

    What is SEO for the tourism sector?

    Search engine optimization, abbreviated SEO, is a branch of web marketing as opposed to paid search. In French, it refers to search engine optimization. In the tourism sector, SEO refers to all natural referencing techniques used to position a tourism site in search engines.

    This is one of the main missions of a tourism SEO agency. A travel SEO agency works to optimize and position a website specialized in tourism. Through these SEO services, it places you in the top results of search engines.

    Effective SEO for the tourism sector enables you to position your website for the long term. It differs from Google AdWords campaigns, which produce temporary results.

    When it comes to tourism SEO, natural referencing agencies use their knowledge of algorithms and your targets. They create an inbound marketing strategy, harnessing the power of content marketing to drive traffic to your website.

    The SEO tourism agency takes care of :

    Content editing

    It supports content writing, travel and SEO performance tracking.

    Keyword study

    The study of relevant tourism-related keywords.

    Web Analytics

    We’ll measure your site’s performance and monitor your project’s SEO online.

    Site creation

    The travel SEO agency takes care of tourism website creation, and can choose a responsive CMS such as WordPress or Drupal depending on the scope of your web project.

    Link building

    The SEO agency manages tourism link building to ensure your site’s popularity.

    SEO audits

    She carries out technical and semantic audits to examine the state of health of your shop.

    Tell us about your project

      Why entrust your SEO to a specialized agency?

      Calling on a tourism SEO agency is the surest route to the top of the search results. If you want to achieve good SEO and stand out in a competitive environment, the marketing agency will provide you with professional support.

      Imagine, you want to venture out. You decide to visit a tourist site you’ve never explored before. Are you going to choose a professional tour guide to make your trip a success, or are you going to be accompanied by a passenger who, like you, is not familiar with the geographical site?

      The answer seems obvious. You’ll be exploring with an experienced tour guide, so you can enjoy your trip without a hitch. He or she will help you avoid the perilous circuits of your outing.

      The SEO tourisme agency also supports you throughout your SEO process. We’ll make sure you rank well on the SERP and attract traffic to your website.

      You know, you can have a site and still go incognito on the web if you don’t do a good job of SEO. Most of the travel agencies and hotel chains that appear in first position when web users search for relevant keywords in their sector have implemented an effective SEO strategy.

      Do the same, use SEO as a lever for traffic acquisition. Work out your marketing strategy with an experienced SEO agency.

      Why choose as your tourism SEO agency?

      Are you looking for a reference agency to improve your tourism website’s positioning over the long term? Our SEO travel agency can help you reach the top positions on the SERP and attract qualified traffic.

      A strategy for your project

      Our SEO tourism agency combines its expertise in tourism and SEO to implement a web strategy tailored to each project. Working on your website with our tourism digital marketing agency enables you to :

      • Get a good positioning to attract natural traffic.
      • Generate qualified traffic to your tourism site.
      • Provide a better user experience through optimized navigation and website design by our UX experts.
      • Increase your conversions and find more new customers.
      • Get a good return on investment, because your products and services will be known and sold on the web thanks to the SEO services provided by our tourism SEO agency.
      • Build loyalty among users of your products, because an SEO expert from our marketing agency manages your e-reputation.

      Customized SEO support

      To help you be visible on the web, our travel SEO agency provides you with various SEO services such as :

      • Keyword research. Whether you’re planning to create a new site, improve your visibility or redesign a website, keyword research is essential.
      • Creating a tourism website to promote your brand online. Depending on your needs, our SEO tourism agency selects a responsive CMS.
      • Travel content writing for tourism sites. Our copywriters implement a content marketing strategy in which we respond to Internet users’ queries.
      • Tourism link building. Our webmarketing agency helps you manage your backlink campaigns, your internal and external links.
      • SEO audit and SEO performance monitoring in line with your SEO strategy.
      • Local SEO and international SEO

      What levers do you use to manage your SEO?

      Our agency specializing in tourism SEO will help you draw up a personalized marketing plan, perfectly adapted to your target audience, and implement an optimal visibility strategy. We then carry out in-depth keyword research to ensure the success of your SEO strategy.

      Following this stage, we start designing and improving the content of your web pages, strategically integrating keywords. We pay particular attention to internal and external linking, and metadata optimization. It’s essential to note that neglecting the user experience in the SEO management of your travel site is very important and should not be overlooked.

      In short, to manage your tourism SEO, we take care of these levers:

      Audits (technical and semantic)

      Digital strategy

      Creating content

      Optimisations (technical optimisation)

      Creating backlinks

      Local Optimization

      Social media integration

      Visual and vocal stimulation

      E-reputation management

      Metrics monitoring and analysis

      Our satisfied customers in the tourism sector

      FAQ about SEO in the tourism sector

      Why use as your tourism SEO agency?

      Entrusting your website’s SEO work to our travel SEO agency is the starting point for achieving good SERP positioning. We offer you the SEO services of professionals who are passionate about tourism. They deploy their knowledge of the travel sector to improve your web positioning. Calling on a web agency like is your guarantee of a well-organized online presence. We’ll help you succeed with your travel SEO.

      Our travel SEO experts understand the complexities of the travel industry. We understand seasonal fluctuations, travel trends and the changing needs of travelers. Beyond our experience in the tourism industry, our SEO specialists know how algorithms like Google Panda or Penguin work.

      Why SEO in the tourism sector?

      To be visible in search engines and generate natural traffic on your tourism site, it’s important to do SEO. Unlike paid search, this webmarketing solution delivers long-term results. You’ll stand out from the crowd in the competitive tourism sector, and achieve a high ranking on the web.

      What’s more, implementing search engine optimization helps you build brand awareness, find new customers and develop your online business. So it’s a worthwhile investment for your travel business.

      SEO services, travel, but for whom?

      Our SEO services for the tourism sector include :

      • Travel agencies
      • Flight comparators
      • Tour guides
      • Campsite owners
      • Hotel chains
      • Car rental companies.
      How does the SEO process work for a tourism agency?

      The SEO process for a tourism agency involves optimizing keywords related to the destinations, experiences and services you offer. It also includes improving site structure, meta tags, content and inbound links to enhance your site’s credibility in the eyes of search engines.

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