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Wix SEO Agency: Boost your online visibility

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    Wix, an efficient solution to optimise your e-commerce site?

    How to optimise the SEO of your e-commerce site to increase the activity of your business?

    Are you a merchant? You would like to have an online shop and you are wondering which CMS to choose. With our SEO Wix agency, optimize your web shop and improve the visibility and sales of your e-commerce site.

    4 good reasons to do SEO

    on Wix with

    To succeed in standing out, it is crucial to implement an effective SEO strategy. That’s why our agency shows you the important points of SEO with Wix.

    Doing SEO on Wix is above all for :

    Ease of use

    Wix is a user-friendly and intuitive platform that allows users to create and manage their website without any particular technical skills. Getting to grips with this tool will not require any particular skills and will save you time.

    Optimise search engines

    Wix offers built-in tools to optimise your website for search engines such as title tags, meta descriptions, user-friendly URLs and content structure.

    Attract mobile traffic

    All websites created with Wix are optimised for mobile devices, which is an important factor for SEO, as Google favours mobile-friendly websites.

    Analyse your strategy

    Wix provides analytics and tracking tools to monitor your website’s performance and identify areas that need SEO improvement.

    Why choose the agency for your Wix seo?

    Would you like your website to rank higher in search engines? Do you want to generate more leads and increase your online sales? Our team of SEO experts will get you to the first page of search results through ethical work. Entrust your search engine optimisation of your site with our specialised experts.

    1. We have competent and reliable specialists in our SEO agency. Thanks to their mastery of Wix tools, they can help you create and reference your Wix site in the search results. Our professionals know how to build a responsive and accessible website with the Wix editor.
    2. We enable you to develop your online reputation by taking care of your link building campaigns. Our web agency provides you with quality backlinks. We also help you to set up a good internal linking and the writing of your content. You benefit from an SEO-friendly service.
    3. Our expert approach is result-oriented. To this end, we set achievable goals with our clients from the very beginning of our collaboration. In this way, we lay the foundations for a transparent, serious and lasting relationship for the success of our clients.

    It’s easy to set up a website with the Wix editor, but working on its SEO can be quite difficult and complex. You need technical skills. If you want to be more efficient, ask for our personal coaching.

    Our Wix SEO agency works for the referencing of your site

    We help you achieve your marketing goals by implementing a digital strategy tailored to your business. Our Wix SEO experts will support you in the following tasks

    • SEO audit and content optimisation.
    • Website architecture improvement.
    • Mobile optimisation.
    • Tagging improvements.
    • Page load speed audit and optimisation.
    • Setting up a content-rich editorial calendar for your Wix site.
    • Support for internal and external linking of your website in the Wix editor.
    • Production of high quality content.

    Entrust us with the search engine optimisation of your website

    Our SEO experts will implement a tailor-made strategy to increase your traffic and your turnover. They will work on and optimise the SEO of your CMS such as creating quality content, developing external links, etc.

    Our SEO experts are familiar with :

    One of the most used solutions in France due to its ergonomic administration interface and its native SEO optimization.

    WordPress SEO criteria that can help you rank in the top Google results.

    A free add-on to the WordPress CMS that benefits from its optimizations.

    Free and open source solution allowing the creation and management of an e-commerce.

    Drupal is an open source solution that allows you to create a personalized website and manage all types of content thanks to its intuitive and flexible nature.

    An e-commerce platform that allows individuals and businesses to create their own online shops.

    Webflow is a website creation tool known for its flexibility and advanced features. The platform has been designed to appeal to users and search engines alike.

    General features like multilingual administration, product and customer statistics make Oscommerce a strength.

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      Your frequently asked questions about Wix

      What is the Wix CMS and what are its characteristics?

      Wix is a web software that allows you to create any type of website quickly and efficiently. Whether you want to create online shops or professional websites, the manufacturer offers turnkey solutions. The platform offers users customisable templates and predefined functions to design sites that are accessible on all media.

      You can create complete web pages in record time without technical knowledge. This website builder differs from other web editors that require knowledge of HTML, CSS or JavaScript. In addition, Wix tools are available in free and premium versions. It offers you a unique domain name and integrated hosting. It offers you numerous extensions when you opt for a paid package.

      Why Wix for the SEO of your website?

      The Wix website offers many advantages to users who want to position their e-shop in search engines. For example, you can use the Wix SEO Wiz tool. It works as a personal assistant dedicated to Wix site owners and administrators. It provides a step-by-step checklist for optimising your site.

      However, in order to use it properly, you must be accompanied by qualified professionals. Are you looking for a reputable web agency to reference your Wix site?

      What are the negative aspects of Wix SEO?

      SEO with Wix tools has some weak points. Very often, users of the platform have difficulties in switching from the Wix editor to WordPress. They face cases of data loss and therefore need a professional to perform the migration. In addition, the Wix CMS has a very poorly optimised construction for SEO. This is noticeable through the relatively long loading time and often does not facilitate the user experience.

      How to optimise your website with Wix?
      1. Keyword research: Carry out a thorough search for relevant keywords for your website using keyword research tools. Use these keywords in the titles, descriptions and content of your website.
      2. Optimise your titles and descriptions: Make sure your site pages contain a unique title and a relevant meta description. Use your target keywords in these elements to improve your SEO.
      3. Create quality content: Create quality content for your website. Make sure your content is clear, informative and relevant to your target audience.
      4. Structure your content: Use a clear and organised structure for your content, using headings and subheadings to organise the content into easily readable sections.
      5. Mobile optimisation: Make sure your website is optimised for mobile devices, as this can have a significant impact on your SEO. Use the Wix mobile tool to ensure your website is easily navigable on mobile devices.

      Do you want to increase your visibility? Implement a sustainable SEO strategy or have a link or keyword audit done?
      Do you want to optimise your online shop for smartphones (loading speed, mobile first, etc.)?

      Call on our e-commerce website creation agency, and especially on our experts in e-commerce referencing!

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