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CMS SEO: Choose the best CMS for your website’s SEO

CMS (content management systems) play an important role in the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) of a website. Indeed, a well-designed and optimised CMS can facilitate the implementation of good SEO practices in terms of structure, markup and internal linking.

How to optimise the SEO of your CMS to increase your business’s leads?

Entrust us with the search engine optimisation of your website

Our SEO experts will implement a tailor-made strategy to increase your traffic and your turnover. They will work on and optimise the SEO of your CMS such as creating quality content, internal mesh and link building strategies, etc.

Our SEO experts are familiar with :

One of the most used solutions in France due to its ergonomic administration interface and its native SEO optimization.

WordPress SEO criteria that can help you rank in the top Google results.

A free add-on to the WordPress CMS that benefits from its optimisations.

Free and open source solution allowing the creation and management of an e-commerce.

Drupal is an open source solution that allows you to create a personalized website and manage all types of content thanks to its intuitive and flexible nature.

An e-commerce platform that allows individuals and businesses to create their own online shops.

The platform provides users with customisable templates, predefined functions to design sites and enhance the customer experience.

General features like multilingual administration, product and customer statistics make Oscommerce a strength.

Webflow is a website creation tool known for its flexibility and advanced features. The platform has been designed to appeal to users and search engines alike.

For an SME or an ETI, if the CMS solution is often preferred to that of custom development, it is because of the many advantages it offers:

  • A much lower cost ;
  • An ergonomic admin dashboard allowing a fast daily management;
  • 100% customisation of your shop is possible;
  • Many SEO optimisations already integrated;
  • The possibility to use many modules or plugins according to your needs;
  • An active community allowing the CMS to evolve regularly.

Do you have an e-commerce project? The agency brings together professionals in website creation or web redesign and experts in search engine optimisation. Take advantage of our team’s dual expertise to bring your project to fruition and boost your visibility and positions in search engines.

How to optimise the SEO of your online shop?

The search engine optimisation of an e-shop is always a key step since it will allow you to get better rankings in search engines, and therefore, to reach a higher targeted clientele.

User Experience (UX)

For some years now, the user experience (UX) has been at the heart of Google’s concerns. It seeks to provide users of its services with the most relevant results.

Although the search engine cannot judge the quality of the ergonomics of your e-commerce by itself, it bases itself on a certain number of criteria that provide it with a set of indicators. These include the time spent by users on your site and the bounce rate.
Thus, an online shop that sends positive signals to Google has a good chance of being positioned ahead of another that sends poor data.

In addition, enhancing the user experience helps to keep the visitor on the portal, thus reducing the shopping cart abandonment rate for example.

Website ergonomics, page speed on smartphones, information hierarchy or product suggestion, many optimisations are possible to improve your Google ranking. Talk to one of the SEOs from our web agency,

Content strategy

In addition to UX, search engines analyse the content of your pages, categories and product sheets to determine the ranking of each of them in the results.

To take advantage of all the visibility levers made available by Alphabet (Google, Youtube, etc), this content can take different forms:

  • Texts: since 2012 and the deployment of several Google filters (Penguin and Panda), this editorial content must be unique and of high quality. It is an essential component of any good seo strategy and contributes to a better positioning in Google on the main queries, while allowing you to benefit from the traffic of the long tail;
  • Images : often neglected, the seo optimization of images allows to appear in a good position in Google Images and to benefit from a qualified traffic;
  • Videos: it is often forgotten, but Youtube is the second search engine in France and in the world, just after Google.

More than ever, adopting a good content strategy allows you to score points against the competition and, above all, to benefit from a greater number of visibility levers.

For your online shop, demand a sustainable and effective SEO strategy including keyword audit, competitor study or internal linking. Call on our web referencing agency!

Optimization of the technical performance of the site

One of the phases of the optimisation of an online shop is purely technical. It aims to improve the performance of the e-commerce, in order to comply with all the requirements of the search engines.

These include the speed of page loading on mobile and tablet devices. Indeed, Google has deployed the mobile first index (MFI) to respond to a paradox. While it has always indexed the “computer” version of sites, it is on mobile terminals such as smartphones that these are most consulted.

Mobile pages are now a priority in terms of ergonomics, content and seo. However, many online shops are not optimised for this.

Html code compliance, https, AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) protocol, 404 identification, rich snippets, many optimisations can be deployed. To flirt with the first page of Google on queries that generate turnover for your online shop, ask one of our seo experts!

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