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WooCommerce SEO Agency : Optimize your online SEO

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    WooCommerce, an efficient solution to optimise your online shop?

    Are you a merchant? You would like to have an online shop and you are wondering which CMS to choose. With our SEO WooCommerce agency, optimise your web shop and improve the visibility and sales of your e-commerce site.

    4 good reasons to do SEO
    on WooCommerce with

    To succeed in standing out, it is crucial to implement an effective SEO strategy. That’s why our agency shows you the important points of SEO with WooCommerce.

    Doing SEO on WooCommerce is above all for :

    Increase your traffic

    SEO for your WooCommerce shop can improve the visibility of your online shop and attract more qualified traffic. By working on SEO on your CMS you can improve your visibility on search engines and reach a wider audience.

    Improve your positioning

    By optimising your WooCommerce shop for search engines, you can improve your ranking in search results and increase your visibility. By attracting more qualified visitors to your site, you increase the chances of making sales.

    Improve your content

    SEO for your WooCommerce shop can help you improve the quality of your content by using relevant keywords and optimising your product descriptions. This will provide a better user experience for your customers.

    Increase your profitability

    SEO for your WooCommerce shop can help improve your conversion rate by increasing the quality of traffic to your online shop and providing a more satisfying user experience. You will be able to increase your turnover and profitability.

    Why choose as your WooCommerce SEO agency?

    If we can only welcome the good SEO basics of WooCommerce, they are however not sufficient in themselves to stand out from the competition and reach the first page of Google. Many other more technical and complex optimisations must be deployed to rank on key queries for your business.

    And that’s precisely where the WooCommerce SEO experts at our SEO agency,, come in. Indeed, to enable you to reach your objectives in terms of visibility, a professional analyses your needs before suggesting an effective SEO strategy. To guarantee lasting results, this strategy will have to rely on several levers, among which :

    • Technical optimisations to improve the performance of your online shop and to comply with Google guidelines;
    • Editorial content: the implementation of a real content strategy aims to eliminate the risks inherent in duplicate content and to position your online shop on the keywords essential to your activity, but also on the long tail;
    • Media: images and videos can also be sources of traffic;
    • User experience: your site’s architecture, internal mesh and user experience ( UX ) are SEO key performances indicators for Google;
    • Loading speed on mobile, because Google now indexes the “mobile” and not the “computer” version of your e-commerce;
    • Link Building strategy that must be particularly respectful of the Google guidelines.

    Obviously, it is not possible to determine in advance what your future WooCommerce SEO strategy will be based on. Only an SEO audit can identify the points of evolution. Don’t wait any longer, ask our web agency for yours!

    Entrust us with the SEO of your website

    Our SEO experts will implement a tailor-made strategy to increase your traffic and your turnover. They will work on and optimise the SEO of your CMS such as creating quality content, developing external links, etc.

    Our SEO experts are familiar with :

    One of the most used solutions in France due to its ergonomic administration interface and its native SEO optimization.

    WordPress SEO criteria that can help you rank in the top Google results.

    Webflow is a website creation tool known for its flexibility and advanced features. The platform has been designed to appeal to users and search engines alike.

    Free and open source solution allowing the creation and management of an e-commerce.

    Drupal is an open source solution that allows you to create a personalized website and manage all types of content thanks to its intuitive and flexible nature.

    An e-commerce platform that allows individuals and businesses to create their own online shops.

    The platform provides users with customisable templates, predefined functions to design sites and enhance the customer experience.

    General features like multilingual administration, product and customer statistics make Oscommerce a strength.

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      Your frequently asked questions about the WooCommerce CMS

      Why choose the WooCommerce CMS to manage your SEO?

      WooCommerce is a very popular CMS, and it can offer several advantages in terms of SEO.

      1. WooCommerce is easy to use: This CMS is very intuitive and easy to use, which means that even beginners can easily implement SEO techniques to improve the visibility of their online shop.
      2. WooCommerce is customisable: WooCommerce offers many customisation options that allow you to easily customise the look and feel of your online shop, but also to optimise the content for search engines.
      3. WooCommerce is compatible with WordPress: WooCommerce is a WordPress extension, which means you can use all the WordPress features and plugins to improve your SEO.
      How to manage SEO with WooCommerce?

      Use relevant keywords in the meta titles, descriptions and content of your product pages and website. This will help search engines understand what your site is about and display your pages in relevant search results. Also make sure your images are of good quality and have descriptive file names and alt tags optimised for search engines.

      A fast website is important for SEO, so make sure your WooCommerce online shop is optimised for fast loading speed. The longer your website takes to load, the more likely the visitor will leave and perhaps never return.

      Creating quality content is essential for SEO, as it helps attract organic traffic and provides useful information to your visitors. Create relevant, informative and well-structured content for your product pages, category pages and blog pages.

      What is the SEO difference between WordPress and WooCommerce?

      WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that allows you to create different types of websites, while WooCommerce is an e-commerce plugin that allows you to create an online shop on WordPress. In terms of SEO, the difference between WordPress and WooCommerce is that WooCommerce is specifically designed for e-commerce and offers SEO features optimised for online shops.

      WooCommerce offers features such as optimised product descriptions, category pages, search filters and payment options for customers, all of which are important for an online shop’s SEO. WordPress, on the other hand, can be used for all types of websites, including blogs, business sites and portfolios.

      However, both platforms share some important SEO features, such as the ability to optimise title tags and meta descriptions, permalink management, the creation of quality content and the implementation of a logical site structure.

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