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What is web architecture?

Web architecture is a crucial pillar for SEO. It could question completely relevant optimizations.

Helping search engines to crawl on your website can allow not only best guidance towards chosen contents but also show a modern, relevant, trustworthy website to search engines.

This day training, dedicated to approach SEO from a website’s structure point of view, will help you identify blocking factors that may prevent from a good crawling by search engines on your website and help you correct slowing factors that slow down your website’s display.

Web architecture optimization is a real component that each webmaster needs to monitor so that the website is as SEO-ready as it can be.

Training program

  • Awareness to website architecture’s optimization
  • How works a Spider or a Crawler (GoogleBot, BingBot…)
  • Know the main slowing and blocking factors
  • Optimize the speed of your website with speed measuring tools
  • Use Google Webmaster Tools at its best to handle correctly the path and way of search engines on your website
  • Optimize the internal mesh of your website
  • Case studies / Audit of architecture’s optimization of the trainees’ websites

Training duration : 7 hours


800 € / person
Declining price for more than 2 employees


Webmasters, Marketing or communication department, online merchants and CEOs


Internet and browser’s use, knowledge of Web lexicon or website management

Training purpose

Optimize your website so that there is no obstacle for search engine’s crawling. Make it a real support for your company.

A l'issue de la formation

Receive a 2 year « Technique SEO » Certification at the end of the training. It will allow you to clearly display your expertise to optimize websites.

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