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You want to work with an agency for your web referencing? You are interested by organic referencing? Within a practical and operational day you will have discover the different layers of SEO.

From the mechanism of the search engines to the backlinks, through content organisation, you will apprehend many concepts that will allow you to understand better the stakes and importance of organic traffic and referencing.

Easy to understand, even without technical knowledge, this training will give you the SEO lexicon and, thanks to many case studies, a good view of the different criteria of a good ranking by search engines.

Once you will be enlightened, you will be more at ease to navigate in the web referencing world, to understand the recommendations of a SEO project manager and to know the difference between web professions. You will be able to see the whys and wherefores available to you.

Your trainer : Sylvain Vidal

  • 13 years of experience
  • Certified Google Analytics
  • Certified Google Ads Premier
  • SEO & SEM speaker

Training program

  • Discovery of SEO
  • Lexicon and technical terms of referencing
  • Awareness of the 3 thematics of SEO: Architecture, Content & Links
  • Primary architecture’s optimizations
  • Presentation of a relevant content stratégy & long-term profit
  • Backlinking: generalities and advices for better undertanding of links exchange’s proposal and the work of a referencing agency
  • Monitoring your SEO with efficient tools and adapting the strategy depending on the results of the ranking
  • Toolbox of a good referencer
  • Case studies

Training duration : 7 hours


800 € / person
Declining price for more than 2 employees


Webmasters, Marketing or communication department, online merchants and CEOs


Internet and browser’s use, knowledge of Web lexicon or website management

Training purpose

Apprehend the basic concepts of web referencing and understand the stakes of the different optimizations possible on a website.

Training location

The courses take place at our agency (71 avenue de la Cour de France – 91260 Juvisy-sur-Orge) or directly at your firm or offices.

At the end of the training

Receive a 2-year certification « SEO-Friendly Certification » delivered by our trainer!
It will allow you to attest of your knowledge about the different layers of SEO.

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