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For many years, links creation was supposed to give you the edge for your website referencing. Today, it is known to be an essential factor to improve SEO.

Links (or Backlinks) operate like a « vote » from the other websites to vouch the relevance of your website about a thematic, a keyword or an idea. But search engines often change the rules to catch unscrupulous referencers who use loopholes in the algorithm to quickly rank websites.

Our training will simply explain to you how to think and create an inbound links strategy with long term effects so that your website benefits from a maximum popularity without seeming over-optimized.

You will also learn how to protect yourself from a SEO’s attack with fake links and the different ways to remove unwanted links towards your website.

Your trainer : Sylvain Vidal

  • 13 years of experience
  • Certified Google Analytics
  • Certified Google Ads Premier
  • SEO & SEM speaker

Programme de la formation

  • Netlinking lexicon
  • Awareness to a measured and controlled links strategy
  • What is a good link? Learn to find profitable link’s sources and the ones to avoid for your website
  • Find link’s sources. Whether it is in your competition or search, learn how to find good sources for backlink!
  • Create a viable netlinking campaign
  • Follow day to day link’s arrival to help you adapt your strategy (optimized anchors, reknowned link for search engines…)
  • Good and bad uses of netlinking
  • Risks of bad netlinking: Pingouin Penalty
  • How to protect yourself from a fake links attack
  • Succeed your links disavowal and get out of a penalty for fake links
  • Case studies / Backlinks studies and establishment of a strategy for the trainees

Temps de formation : 7 heures


800 € / person
Declining price for more than 2 employees


Webmasters, Marketing or communication department, online merchants and CEOs


Internet and browser’s use, knowledge of Web lexicon or website management

Training purpose

Create a natural links strategy. Learn how to identify reliable link sources and the ones to avoid.

At the end of the training

Receive a 2 year « Netlinking » Certification at the end of the training. It will allow you to clearly display your ability to search and create a relevant netlinking strategy for a website.


« After many disappointing experiments with referencing agencies, I let myself be convinced by the team and its professionalism. I followed the AdWords course and I discovered the many tools of AdWords and the ones I should use for my different projects. Now, I can manage myself all my campaigns knowing how to optimize them. I’m thinking now that I’ll trust this very efficient agency, by far, with my websites. »

Marina AMOURIQ, Director of NC Formation, 12/02/2015

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