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Google SGE in France: risks for SEO?

The imminent introduction of Google SGE (Search Generative Experience) in France heralds a profound transformation of SEO. This revolution in the search experience, based on generative AI, brings with it a new way of displaying search results that promises to shake up SEO and SEO agencies alike.

According to the American giant, this tool will refine search results and optimize the user experience. But when you consider that Google is the number one search engine in France, and the best solution in the world for getting clicks and traffic, there’s plenty of reason to be concerned about this change.

What can we expect? How can the transformation of the search experience based on AI revolutionize the display of natural results? In this article, reveals all about Google SGE.

What is the Google SGE algorithm?

The Search Generative Experience is Google’s new search engine driven by artificial intelligence. This system, introduced on the web in beta version by the Mountain View firm, uses generative AI to refine search results.

Thanks to this tool, Internet users can perform Google searches and obtain concise, clear and precise answers, focused on the most relevant results. How does it work?

AI processes user queries, analyzes and synthesizes the data available on the Internet, and then offers fast, contextualized results. It presents you with suggestions and links to search-related content. Google SGE saves you a considerable amount of time.

This tool enables users to carry out instant searches and/or engage in conversational mode with AI, as it merges the functionalities of a chatbot and a classic search engine. Users are thus able to interact dynamically with the Google Search Generative Experience.

When you use this tool, you’ll find that the SERP, when you try to display the results of the searches you’ve carried out, appears redesigned to make the search experience original, personalized and adapted to your needs.

With this search tool, Internet users can now use Google to :

  • Perform advanced searches
  • Get more in-depth answers.
  • Start drafting or creating images directly with Google SGE.
  • Get an instant summary of a subject and links to reliable sources for further information.
  • Evolve easily in your quest for information by asking conversational follow-up questions or taking suggested next steps.

But what impact can this transformation of the search engine have on a website’s SEO?

Google SGE

What are the risks of generative AI for SEO?

The Search Generative Experience will transform the way web users search on Google. This algorithmic change brought about by Google SGE will also influence the elements displayed on results pages. This could cause major upheavals in the way we view and consume information on this site.

In fact, this tool personalizes search results to suit the needs of the Internet user. This means that when someone searches on Google, they will find results pages that reflect their habits and preferences.

What’s more, users can obtain relevant results and, above all, quick results without having to click on a particular link. This search engine revolution is worrying many. But why? With the arrival of Google SGE, SEO experts and thousands of businesses need to readjust their visibility strategy on the platform. Otherwise, their business will take a hit. How does this pose a threat to SEO? Let’s take a closer look now.

AI-based Google searches: changes and their impact on SEO

The integration of artificial intelligence into the search experience in France may give rise to strong competition between sites. The race to the top of the rankings will remain fierce, as the space reserved for search results will be reduced. As a result, companies that used to generate traffic through organic results will be affected. The advent of Google SGE may lead to :

  • Lower click-through rates

As we’ve just mentioned, this evolution of the search experience will restrict the number of results on the SERP. This may lead to a drop in organic traffic and conversion rates. Why is this?

As you no doubt know, to increase the number of visitors to a website, you need to be visible and, above all, positioned on the first page. Logically, if you’re not on the results pages, you’ll get fewer clicks and fewer visitors.

  • Variations in the ranking of results

In all likelihood, Google SGE is different from the classic search engine. This could lead to fluctuations in website rankings. Nothing is less certain. However, it’s important to remember that everything will happen according to the new engine’s algorithmic ranking criteria.

What’s more, this exciting evolution of the search experience will see search results appear in position zero. This means you’ll find answers to your queries right at the bottom of the search bar.

  • A strong focus on content quality

With SGE, all French websites that want to optimize their SEO and rank well on the web will have to pay close attention to the quality of their content. This is essential if you want to be visible on the new engine.

Google SGE, what can you do to reduce the impact on your website?

The transformation of the famous search engine certainly heralds a reduction in click-through rates, fluctuations in rankings and potentially a drop in conversion rates. But there’s still time to minimize these risks for your business.

If your brand relies solely on organic traffic generated by the search engine, you need to develop new habits. How can you reduce your dependence on Google and bring your business to life in the age of the new search engine?

To ensure your online presence is successful with the arrival of Google SGE, diversify your traffic sources. SEO isn’t the only channel for attracting visitors to your site. You can use other webmarketing solutions.

Why not invest in adwords or exploit social networks, e-mail marketing or maximize your local SEO efforts? Do you get the idea? Adopt a multi-channel visibility strategy to minimize the impact of SGE on your business. Think about :

  • Internalizing your website. The transformation of the user experience based on generative AI can be different in every country. To avoid unpleasant surprises, work on your international SEO with and maximize your chances of success.
  • Optimizing content quality. Duplicate content should be ruled out, as it won’t work with Google SGE. Dedicate a budget to content creation. Produce relevant content for each page and articles that add value for users. Maximize your visibility with long-tail keywords.
  • Improve your DA (Domain Authority) through PR campaigns and quality backlinks.
  • Keep a close eye on changes in the algorithm, and adapt as necessary.

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Why could Google’s new search engine turn the web world upside down?

The SGE focuses on the surfer, offering a new search experience. The system offers instant search and the option of conversing with the AI to go further. You get precise results without wasting time. Indeed, before the announcement of Google SGE, to access information, you first had to enter a query in the search field.

Whether we want to find out more about an image or do some online shopping, Google presents us with various links that can meet our needs. And depending on the relevance of the results, we scroll through the sites to find what interests us. But that’s all coming to an end soon.

What will characterize Google’s modern search tool?

With SGE, web search results can present different response structures depending on the type of search.

Specifically, for product searches, Google SGE generates a summary of the essential criteria to be taken into account. The search engine also offers various options and descriptions. These generally include product reviews, ratings, prices and images, updated via Google Shopping Graph integration.

When it comes to information searches, whether direct questions or general searches, the modern search engine generates a page similar to the search results displayed in position zero. The content of this element includes links to the top three most reputable sites, all in a carousel. This, of course, affects SEO.

Advertisers, on the other hand, have nothing to worry about with Google SGE, as ads will always appear in dedicated spaces on the results page. What’s more, they can be clearly distinguished by the label: “sponsored”.

The modern search engine brings a few changes to :

  • Local search. Here, the tool adds more precision to the answers, allowing the surfer to explore several search options.
  • YMYL (Your Money Your Life) queries. In this case, Google focuses on informative answers from reliable sources. The American giant establishes disclaimers for answers on sensitive subjects such as health or finance. Google SGE provides answers with factual information only.

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