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Google Discover, Google’s essential tool for boosting your search engine optimization

Building your strategy and positioning yourself solely in search results means limiting the power of SEO. Did you know that with Google Discover, you can reach your targets without them typing a query into the search engines?

Google discover SEO offers the opportunity to generate qualified traffic and new customers on the web. This marketing tool presents a space where users can access personalized content based on their area of interest.

It displays new pages to Internet users without them having to search online. It’s clear that this Google feature can help us develop our brand awareness and build a strong brand image. But how can you integrate Google discover news into your overall strategy? reveals all about Google Discover in this article.

What is Google discover?

Discover Google refers to the personalized feed of content that Google sets up for mobile users. On Android or iOS, it is accessible on all smartphones and tablets running the Google app or Chrome.

This Google artificial intelligence application prioritizes the mobile web. It offers users content that meets their needs. How is this possible?

Like the social media algorithm, the application works on an interactive basis. It explores our browsing history and Internet search habits. In doing so, it pinpoints our interests and then suggests relevant content that matches our needs.

As a reminder, Google Discover isn’t brand new. Since 2018, it has been available on the web and was known as Google Feed. This service from the American giant presents news feeds on a variety of subjects, unlike Feed, which focused solely on content from news sites.

It prioritizes articles in Google’s AMP format, as well as relevant, rich content available on all websites. But beware. This feature doesn’t take all sites into account. So what kind of site can appear on this Google application? The tool prefers sites with strong authority. It relies on the expertise and reliability of its sources.

On Google Discover, you can see content on digital, sports, politics, technology, music, media, marketing and other topics. The mobile app recommends different content formats. These include :

  • News
  • Images and photos
  • Videos
  • Fresh, relevant blog posts
  • Evergreen content and much more.

Why use Discover Google for SEO?

The famous search engine has introduced Discover Google to enhance the user experience. Thanks to this feature, mobile users can access data from web pages tailored to their interests. They no longer need to go through conventional searches. This saves time. But how useful is Google Discover for SEO?

You need to know that the number of users connected to the Internet via mobile is growing all the time. Incorporating Discover news into your marketing plan is one way to make your web strategy a success. This digital marketing tool is effective for generating qualified traffic to your website and increasing your conversions.

If you run a digital business, you can take advantage of this opportunity. Perhaps you’re a start-up? A web consultant? A webmarketing manager or developing an e-commerce business?

Want to implement a web strategy to be visible on Google Discover? Before we show you how to use this service to optimize your digital transformation, let’s take a look at how it can benefit your SEO.

Google Discover SEO, drive traffic to your storefront and keep an eye on the competition

Referencing a site for Google Discover news is one of the most innovative ways of developing your reputation on the web. This Google feature offers companies the opportunity to increase their visibility on the web. Optimize your website for search engines, make yourself known to your targets and develop a strong brand identity thanks to inbound marketing and content marketing. In other words, you create content to reach your targets directly. In return, Google Discover helps you generate more :

  • Clicks on your web pages, because before creating content, you target keywords and answer specific queries.
  • Organic traffic
  • A clear improvement in conversion rates
  • Leads and new customers.
  • You strengthen your digital influence and improve sales of your products and services thanks to Discover News.

Another important advantage of this service is that it facilitates competitor analysis. How does it work? You specify your topics of interest in the tool’s parameters, then look at the content offered by Google on these themes. In this way, you can monitor the competition and identify topics for article writing.

Keep in mind that if your competitors appear on Google Discover, it’s because they’ve complied with the algorithm’s requirements. So take inspiration from them to optimize your content, but avoid duplicating content published on the web as much as possible.

A tool for customer loyalty and ROI

Beyond acquiring traffic and increasing sales, the news feed can help you build consumer loyalty. Remember, Google Discover news offers relevant and personalized articles to users.

It favors reliable sources and authoritative sites. Logically, if your brand is referenced on Discover’s news feed, it proves that you have a good e-reputation. You offer a better customer relationship. And that means more people trust you.

To illustrate, let’s say you’re a life coach. You want to develop your digital presence and generate traffic on Discover Google. You switch to creating websites with a responsive design CMS like WordPress or Drupal. You make it your mission to offer online courses to help freelancers balance their professional and personal lives.

You want to achieve your goals on the web, so you decide to call on marketing consulting agencies. To successfully optimize your site for the Discover news algorithm, you choose an SEO agency.

Naturally, you maximize your conversions and offer your courses to new people. You’ll build loyalty among users of your digital products thanks to a good customer experience.

As you can see, Google Discover is a profitable traffic acquisition channel for your digital presence.

How do I activate Discover Google?

Activating Google’s personalized content feed on your smartphone or tablet is very simple. If you’re using an Android, go to the Google application available on your mobile and press Plus. These are the ellipses at the bottom of the screen. If you’d like to take advantage of the Google Discover feature, go to Settings and go to General.

Once there, click on the activation slider to activate Discover Google and start enjoying your tool. You can move the activation slider to deactivate this Google tool.

One thing is to activate Google Discover and another is to use it to develop your brand awareness.

Discover our solutions for successful marketing campaigns. We put our skills at your disposal and develop your digital communications. Choosing an agency like ours allows you to stand out in your industry. Our marketing company will help you develop an effective strategy to optimize your online presence.

Not only can we make you appear in Google Discover, we can also offer you other digital solutions. Our marketing expertise enables us to act on the following digital levers:

  • Search Engine Optimization (with the implementation of a sound inbound marketing strategy and the writing of content attractive to visitors and search engines)
  • Paid search (Google Adwords)
  • Management of your e-reputation and social media with the services of a professional community manager
  • Creation of responsive websites (or website redesign) with the help of an experienced developer from our inbound marketing agency
  • Marketing automation through emailing, etc.

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How do I get my content onto Discover?

Want to optimize your site and content for Google Discover? Discover the best practices you can put in place to be visible in users’ personalized news feeds.

  • Have a high publication rate to seduce the Discover news algorithm.

You must publish more than 5 articles per day. If you do less, you reduce your chances of appearing on Discover. It’s true that you can be inserted into users’ news feeds, but only occasionally.

  • Use NewsArticle structured data to tag your articles

This criterion is essential for optimizing your content with Google Discover SEO. If you have a site designed with the WordPress CMS, you’ll find free plugins to automate this process.

  • Set up a sitemap for News Discover articles

For your articles to be displayed in Google Discover, they need to be indexed quickly. To achieve this, create a sitemap that facilitates the indexing of your content.

  • Make sure your website is responsive

On Google Discover news, the loading time of your website is an important SEO factor.

  • Mention the author and sources to build trust

Give Google access to public information about the site’s authors and fill in the sources of your information. This makes you reliable in the eyes of Google Discover. Its algorithm can then reference you in the personality newsfeed. Be transparent:

  • Your contact details
  • Your social media
  • Your phone number.
  • Choose attractive, high-quality articles of over 500 words.

Content quality is an essential criterion for search engine optimization. This factor is even more important when it comes to referencing your articles on Discover. Focus on the quality of your content and avoid disseminating false information. Vulgar language and hate speech should be avoided. Would you like to succeed with your SEO strategy on Google Discover? Respect the Discover content policy and produce fresh content.

  • Opt for quality images

On Discover’s interface, you can see that images are prominently featured for all articles. Choose large, attractive, high-quality images (at least 1200 pixels). Google appreciates this. What’s more, optimizing your images and videos can encourage users to click on your content.

  • Build authority for your website

Even if young blogs get their change to appear in Google’s personalized newsfeed, Discover highlights sites with high authority. Entrust your backlink campaigns to a specialized marketing agency and improve your search engine popularity, then attract Google Discover.

Would you like to integrate it into your marketing plan to increase your visibility? Our agency can help you implement an effective strategy for successful digitalization. A marketing expert from our team can help you boost your profile on Google Discover news.

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