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What is a PBN and is it interesting for SEO?

The use of PBNs in SEO is the subject of much debate. While some SEOs use this strategy to increase a site’s popularity with search engines, others believe it to be a black hat practice. Which is it?

Although implementing a PBN backlinks strategy can expose you to a Google penalty, it’s worth noting that it all depends on the quality of the links. When your links come from authority sites, this can increase your popularity and positively impact your ranking in search results.

On the other hand, when you get a bad link, Google considers that you’re spamming and de-indexes your web showcase. Want to understand SEO PBN optimization? Our SEO agency reveals all the essential points about this link approach now.

What is a PBN (private blog network)?

This is a network of private blogs used for SEO optimization. It enables you to improve your ranking in the search results and transfer popularity to a Money site.

This strategy for obtaining links is not new. It has been developed by some SEO professionals for years.

To attract the attention of Google’s algorithms, specialists build up a large number of links pointing to the main site via PBNs. This collection of interconnected sites and blogs creates a high quantity and quality of backlinks.

Some of the sites in the site chain are based on blogging platforms such as

  • blogger

Others use expired domains and take advantage of the domain’s authority.

The use of a series of sites in SEO raises debate. Some specialists consider it a negative SEO technique. For them, this strategy doesn’t encourage the exchange of natural links, and therefore runs counter to the requirements of the algorithms. However, when you adopt the right practices with this set of sites, PBN is an effective SEO approach for :

  • Develop links in your niche.
  • Increase Money site popularity in record time.
  • Attract more traffic to your website and build brand awareness.

How does a private blog network work?

Would you like to improve your site’s links or strengthen the link building strategy of your various web projects? Do you think that developing a PBN SEO strategy is the best way to achieve this? First and foremost, you need to understand how personal websites work.

In fact, the series of interconnected sites works on the basis of links. This approach to netlinking involves setting up several sites on different themes. PBNs are then used to generate links to a Money site.

Simply put, private sites make it easy to create inbound links. They save you all the work of finding backlinks. They act as influencers and positively affect the ranking of a main site.

When the transfer is made, for example, from a page with relevant content and a high PageRank, then the link juice sent to your site is effective. But what are the concrete benefits and risks of a series of personal sites?

What are the advantages of using a private PBN?

To build new links and push a Money site to the top of the SERP, using a PBN brings many privileges. Here are just a few of them:

  • Increase website popularity

When you have a set of high-quality personal blogs, it maximizes your chances of building internal and external links. These in turn will facilitate traffic redirections to your target site.

  • Total control over the links established by your series of interconnected sites

All the sites in the chain belong to the same owner, so he can use them as he sees fit. He no longer needs to spend money on a backlink campaign. Instead, he can sell links. What’s more, PBN encourages link exchanges with other webmasters.

  • Benefit from greater flexibility and speed

Not all backlink requests are successful, especially when the links come from an authority site.

In these cases, having a chain of personal sites simplifies your task. You can develop a solid linking strategy on your own. What should I bear in mind when using a chain of private sites?

Risks and precautions

Despite differing opinions, receiving relevant links from other sites is an SEO advantage. But as we mentioned, if you own a PBN, there are a few constraints you’ll have to deal with.

First of all, creating a chain of personal sites requires a substantial budget. Not only does this involve the cost of site design, but you also need to consider web maintenance fees. All this can quickly add up to a hefty sum if you want to set up dynamic private sites.

In concrete terms, you need to buy a new domain name or take expired domains and then get PBN hosting. To create your sites :

  • Choose a free CMS or paid tools.
  • Set up social networking accounts.
  • Create quality content.
  • Maintain sites regularly and update content.

Note that all these actions apply to all the web pages that make up the PBN.

Another important point to consider is the risk of Google penalties. These are algorithmic penalties. This occurs when Google Penguin detects spam or aggressive link exchanges.

On the other hand, manual penalties occur as a result of denunciations from less ethical competitors. Finally, it’s important to understand that creating a set of sites is a time-consuming process compared to buying links.

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So, should a blog network be used for SEO?

SEO PBN is a powerful approach to link building. When you take the necessary precautions, PBN produces good results. You need to understand that Google has nothing against links – it just demands that they be natural. So be careful about the links you generate, and make sure they comply with its rules.

Before launching a chain of personal sites, carefully assess the state of the internal mesh. Count the number of hyperlinks in the site, then clearly identify the nature of the set of sites that’s right for you.

There are three ways of doing this. First, you can create single-page sites, grouping together two or three web pages. Then there are sites with up to 10 pages based on the same theme.

Finally, you can set up sites with more than 10 pages. They don’t necessarily contain links on a specific theme. These PBNs serve to attract more traffic and improve the money site’s ranking.

In addition to these factors, to make a chain of personal sites, produce content with high added value. Why should you do this? Google prioritizes the quality of a site’s content, as it plays an overall role in optimizing the user experience.

To create an effective set of personal sites, take this criterion into account, because it’s decisive for a page’s ranking in search results. To do this, choose relevant keywords and long-tail keywords, and write fresh content that responds to users’ queries.

How do you build a private website and boost its visibility?

Setting up a PBN SEO approach isn’t always easy when you’re a novice. To help you design a PBN, discover the rules to follow.

  1. Publish separately on all sites and pay attention to Footprint.
  2. Only exchange links between a few sites, not the whole chain.
  3. When creating your personal series of sites, prioritize the placement of URL and image links on a few pages. Ideally, you should create links pointing to authority sites. Diversify link types and content as much as possible.
  4. Include links only in the text. Site-wide links are not recommended.
  5. Ensure that each page has a maximum of 5 outgoing links. This way, you’ll maintain a natural link profile in Google’s eyes.
  6. To build a solid PBN, make sure that all outgoing links point to authoritative sites dealing with relevant content-related topics.
  7. Set up several pages before exchanging a link between the domain and Money site. This makes the link exchange effective.
  8. Vary the anchor text.
  9. Use dofollow and nofollow attributes to define links. By doing so, you’ll let search engines know which links to follow on the target site.

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