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SEA consultants: their role and missions

The way companies interact with their target audience has changed profoundly since the advent of digital marketing. Among the many strategies at their disposal, search engine advertising occupies a prominent place. This paid search technique relies on ads delivered to users who perform online searches. That said, the complexity of adwords campaigns requires special expertise. This is where the SEA consultant comes in.

What is a SEA consultant?

Specialized in managing search engine advertising campaigns, the paid search expert is a digital marketing professional. His or her main mission is to increase a website’s visibility using paid advertising such as Google Ads, in order to reach a targeted, qualified audience and guarantee an optimal return on investment.

What’s the difference between SEO and SEA? SEO is organic search engine optimization. Its aim is to achieve a high ranking and sustainable position for a site without paying the search engine directly for this rank. SEA, on the other hand, involves paying for text ads in order to achieve an optimum position as quickly as possible.

But what are the consultant’s tasks? A SEA consultant’s job is to design, optimize and monitor advertising campaigns. To do this, they perform a variety of tasks, such as :

  • Relevant keyword research
  • Create compelling advertisements
  • Advertising budget management
  • Adjust bids
  • Performance analysis to maximize ROI.

The Google Ads consultant’s role and qualities

The role of the marketer is complex, ranging from strategy to execution. Its main missions are to :

Customer needs analysis

The Google Ads specialist begins by understanding the customer’s objectives and needs. He must immerse himself in the company’s philosophy in order to design advertising campaigns that are adapted to the customer’s needs.

Keyword search

Identifying relevant keywords for advertisements is one of the crucial tasks of an SEA expert. This enables him to effectively target Internet users interested in the client’s products or services.

Advertising management

The SEA consultant has to create compelling ads, but that’s not all. They also determine bids, manage budgets and plan time slots to deliver ads at the best time.

Continuous optimization

Based on the data collected, the SEO constantly adjusts campaigns to improve their effectiveness.

Performance monitoring

The consultant carefully monitors metrics (click-through rate, conversion rate, etc.) to assess the campaign’s success.

What are the most important factors in choosing a SEA consultant?

To be a good SEA consultant, it’s essential to have a specific set of skills and qualities. Here are just a few of the assets required to excel in this field.

  • Expert in online advertising and knowledge of search engines: A quality Adwords SEO must have a solid understanding of the principles of online advertising campaigns. He or she masters the management of platforms such as Google Ads or Bing Ads, and keeps abreast of the latest trends in the digital marketplace. He or she has a thorough understanding of how search engines work, their algorithms and the essential criteria for creating an effective campaign;
  • Skilled in keyword analysis and research: Data analysis is at the heart of an ATS consultant’s work. He’s able to understand and interpret key metrics to make informed decisions. He is skilled in keyword selection, a crucial part of creating an SEA campaign;
  • Creative and meticulous: To stand out from the competition, a good consultant knows how to create persuasive ads and attractive campaigns. But different campaign parameters, budgets, bids and audiences require careful management. Mistakes can be costly, so precision is crucial;
  • Reactive and a good communicator: Constantly seeking solutions to improve performance, a good SEA consultant is proactive and reacts quickly to changes. They are also able to communicate effectively with customers, explaining strategies and results, and giving clear recommendations;
  • Organized and passionate: Handling multiple campaigns requires effective time management to meet deadlines and maximize productivity. An SEO consultant who is constantly seeking to learn and improve will be much better in his or her role. Search engines and advertising platforms are constantly evolving.

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Ads agency or freelance consultant?

You’re probably wondering which is better, an independent consultant or an ads agency. While this generally depends on your needs, agencies offer a wider range of services. They have versatile teams with a wide range of skills, which can be very beneficial if you need additional services such as SEO strategy or social media management.

What’s more, agencies often have access to state-of-the-art tools and resources for managing SEO campaigns. Hiring a SEA marketing consultant brings specialized expertise, time savings and the ability to monitor market trends. The benefits are considerable. You benefit from better advertising performance and a higher return on investment.

The SEA expert will set up a tracking system to measure ads campaigns. The results of an SEA advertising campaign can be quantified using metrics such as click-through rate (CTR), cost per click (CPC), return on investment (ROI), conversions and many others. The google SEA expert uses this data to evaluate campaign performance and make adjustments where necessary.

The cost of a SEA consultant varies according to a number of factors: the competition in your field, the advertising platform used and, of course, the scope of the work involved.

Finally, a SEA consultant working in a web agency is likely to manage campaigns for a variety of clients. This gives them a broad experience and a good understanding of the needs of different sectors.

Key points for choosing a good paid search provider

SEA consulting is one of the pillars of modern inbound marketing. Choosing a qualified SEA consultant can be a real challenge, as the success of your campaigns largely depends on it. Rest assured, here are the main points to consider when looking for the right consultant to meet your marketing needs and objectives.

Experience is a major asset for a paid search specialist. Check the consultant’s technical skills on platforms such as Google Ads, and make sure he or she is familiar with these tools. Don’t hesitate to examine the results and quality of his work.

The SEA consultant must be able to create and explain strategies tailored to your company’s needs. Opt for transparency by choosing a SEA expert who communicates costs, performance and results clearly.

Ask for references and look for reviews from previous customers. Contact us for further information.

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