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SEA Expert: understanding the profession

What is a SEA expert?

Do you have, or would you like to create a website? Would you like to get immediate visibility and appear on the first page of search results? Contact an SEA expert. But what is a SEA specialist?

The SEA consultant (SEA stands for Search Engine Advertising) is an expert in paid referencing. They are also known as SEA expert, because their job is to position their clients’ sites in the SERPs through advertising. This web-marketing specialist works alongside the SEO expert and the marketing and sales teams. Why do you need a SEA project manager?

To maximize your visibility, generate more traffic and reach new customers. The paid search professional develops an effective acquisition strategy. They have the best tools and the SEA expertise needed to create and manage profitable Google Ads campaigns. Whether they work for a search engine optimization agency or on a freelance basis, they can handle any type of campaign. So you can benefit from your digital presence.

What does an ads consultant do?

The role of a Google Ads specialist is to set up advertising campaigns and monitor them for their clients. They optimize the performance of ads to improve a site’s visibility. They have solid marketing and communication skills. SEA experts take great care to ensure the quality of their ads. As a result, the expert places sites easily on the first page of Google results.

It’s true that the paid search specialist and the SEO project manager are both web marketing professionals. They implement digital strategies to generate traffic and improve the conversion rate. They activate qualified traffic acquisition levers based on inbound marketing. However, they use different methods.

Unlike the paid search expert, the SEO consultant wants to achieve long-term positioning in the SERPs. They are patient. Their efforts only pay off in the long term. The SEO expert carries out audits, defines a digital strategy and follows an editorial line when creating content. They also take care of monitoring and reporting.

To return to the SEA specialist, he or she can perform the following tasks:

  • Determine the objectives you want to achieve before setting up advertising campaigns.
  • Carry out an audit and monitor current campaigns to make them more effective.
  • Create and manage a profitable paid search strategy for your company.
  • Segmenting your audience and setting up advertising campaigns that correspond to each target using specific keywords.
  • Drawing up a list of keywords.
  • Deploy your SEA expertise to avoid ads rejected by Google Ads.
  • Identify and study your competitors’ advertising campaign strategies.
  • Manage your budget effectively to maximize your visibility and ROI.

Paid search levers and types of campaigns

Paid search experts know how to distinguish between search ads and display ads. Let’s take a look at some of the campaigns he can implement:

CPC (cost-per-click) advertising

CPC campaigns, also known as PPC (pay per click), work by means of an auction system. This advertising practice requires the advertiser to pay an amount to a publisher for each click on its ad. This is an effective way of calculating the cost of displaying ads. Whether on search engines, CPC is effective because it helps you to define bidding strategies appropriate to your budget in order to maximize the number of clicks. What’s more, you can easily track and measure the KPIs. CPC can be found in the form of: Text ads. Shopping ads. Illustrated ads. Video ads. Facebook ads. Instagram ads. LinkedIn ads. Twitter sponsored tweets.

Google Shopping ads

The Google Adwords specialist uses this type of campaign to present e-commerce products to potential customers. The SEA expert disseminates important information about the items to be promoted in order to attract the attention of users. This may include the price of the product, the name of the product and the name of the merchant. This Google campaign works on a cost-per-click basis. The paid search expert uses product photos on the ads to implement the Google Shopping ads. He also links each ad to one or more keywords.

Remarketing campaigns

This method is used to raise your profile and strengthen your brand image. Retargeting consists of targeting prospects who have already visited your website or used your mobile application and entered their e-mail address. It’s a multichannel web marketing activity that helps you build visitor loyalty and encourage them to buy. This type of campaign works on the principle of search and display.

For example, if you sell a product that Internet users are looking for, your advert will appear as soon as they type in a query that targets the name of your product. Users will also see your ad in the form of banner ads.

What are the best tools for optimizing Google Ads campaigns?

To manage Google Ads campaigns and make them dynamic, the SEA expert doesn’t just use his knowledge. They use various professional tools to optimize the ads.

  • Google Ads Editor: this campaign management application can be downloaded free of charge from the web. It makes a large number of grouped changes to your advertising campaigns. The tool lets you change different aspects of your ads or set up campaigns in record time. And best of all, it can work on several accounts and manage large volumes of data without being connected to the Internet.
  • Google Keyword Planner: another invaluable tool for the paid search specialist. What’s in it for you? It helps them to find the most relevant keywords in order to set up dynamic Google Ads campaigns. The tool provides useful information and helps to optimize targeting. As a result, ads are targeted much more effectively at the right audience. Thanks to this Google Adwords traffic forecasting tool, you can obtain information such as: search volume trends, suggested bids, CPC, impression rates, etc.
  • Google Ad Planner (Google Display Planner): is a free tool dedicated to planning a media campaign. Google experts use it to create display campaigns for their clients. The tool presents data to facilitate the creation of campaigns on Ads. It can provide ad group ideas and other relevant information. The ultimate goal of this tool is not to help you optimize the click rate, but to increase the conversion rate.
  • Google Merchant Center: is a platform that facilitates the management of product-related data on Google Shopping. The SEA expert uses it in e-commerce in particular to reach users who search for specific products in the Google search engine. To promote your products on the web, the SEA consultant combines this tool with Adwords accounts. In doing so, he or she launches product listing ads to boost your sales.
  • The Google Adwords ad preview and diagnostic tool (Adwords Preview). It enables paid search experts to check the status of ads in relation to keywords, language, geographical location and device. It’s also handy for checking whether your text ads are visible.
  • Google My Business: allows you to manage data relating to the local referencing of your business on the Google map.
  • Google Analytics: this free Google tool helps you monitor and analyze traffic sources. The platform offers a wide range of reports to help you understand everything that’s happening on your website.

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How do you choose an SEA expert to create profitable advertising?

To work with a SEA specialist, simply check that they have Google Certification. Take Google Analytics Certification and Google Adwords Certification into account. These documents show that your expert has undergone professional training and passed his exams.

Take a look at the experience of your SEA expert. Don’t want your first campaign to go unnoticed by the search engines? You’d rather see your sponsored ads at the top of the SERP. To achieve this, the experience of your partner plays an important role.

But take your curiosity a step further, ask for references and read customer reviews of your paid search expert. This will show you the different brands that your professional has already worked with in his or her career. Finally, customer testimonials will tell you whether your future paid search partner is competent and reliable.

Agency or expert?

Are you thinking of setting up your first advertising campaign to improve the visibility of your site? Are you hesitating whether to choose a freelance Google Ads consultant or a search engine optimization agency to help you? It’s not always easy to know which decision to make. To help you find the best solution for launching your campaign, let’s take a closer look at the two options.

Working with an independent SEA expert is a good choice if you are available and prefer to work in symbiosis. This collaboration requires constant communication between you and your service provider. You need to talk to your service provider to find out how your project is progressing and provide any necessary instructions.

If you have a minimum knowledge of Google advertising, it will be easy for you to give specific instructions. If not, the freelance specialist can work alone on your project from start to finish. The paid search expert will only take your advertising budget into account.

On the other hand, if you decide to entrust the management of your Google Ads campaigns to a web agency, you get the service of a professional team. In Google Ads agencies, the advertising specialist works under the supervision of the traffic manager. They can ask the SEO expert for advice, so there are several professionals working to improve the quality level or quality score of the campaigns. You can easily create different types of campaign and use several webmarketing levers to maximize your visibility. For example, you can launch :

  • Social ads (Facebook ads, Instagram ads, etc.)
  • Bing ads
  • Mailing
  • Create paid ads that will have a positive impact on your SEO.

It does require more financial resources, but the results are simply incredible. Would you like to create and manage SEA campaigns?

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