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SEO copywriting: how to write SEO optimised content?

Almost all website owners covet the first page of Google, but often ignore SEO copywriting. They all want to get good SEO and attract organic traffic. Yet very few succeed. The problem for those who do? They need quality content. They don’t provide optimised pages with value-added content. Instead, they settle for spinning or plagiarism. Their result is obvious. They don’t appear anywhere.

This may be your case today, your website is not appearing in the results pages. You spend time writing content. You are not reaching your target audience. But how do you write for the web and improve your SEO? Discover the ultimate guide to writing content that is relevant to web users and search engines.

What is SEO copywriting?

It is an art that consists in setting up an optimised content taking into account the specificities of the web medium. Web content writing aims to improve SEO and the positioning of content on the first page of results. To achieve this goal, it uses various writing techniques and journalism. For example, it uses the inverted pyramid technique to synthesise and present information. She focuses on the quality, consistency and optimisation of the content according to the requirements of the search engines.

Indeed, content written for the web must be useful content for Internet users. It must also appeal to search engine algorithms. And that means setting up metadata and structured data. SEO copywriting is therefore clear, concise and structured. It requires the talent of a good writer. In short, writing for the web often involves :

  • Take into account the behaviour of the Internet user in general.
  • Understand the expectations of the target audience.
  • Knowing digital communication
  • Integrate external and internal links (make a good internal and external mesh)
  • Optimise visuals.
  • Consider the user experience
  • Mastering tagging
  • Produce original and fresh content.

Why write SEO optimised content?

Content is important to get a website up in the search engines. With high quality content, you get good SEO and appear on the first page of Google. SEO copywriting is part of a marketing strategy. It is called inbound marketing. Its objective is to help companies to become known to the general public.

Content marketing allows them to attract traffic. Brands can sell their products and services better online without using Adwords campaigns. SEO allows your website to be visible without using paid search. It has many advantages for your online presence.

What does SEO copywriting do for a company?

Imagine this. You create an e-commerce shop to sell your brand’s products. Problem? No one knows you. You leave SEO copywriting out of it. You think about it and decide to choose a reputable Google Ads agency instead. You launch your first advertising campaigns. You hit the jackpot! You make it profitable.

Unfortunately, Google advertising produces short-term results. What happens next? What will happen to your business when you don’t have a large advertising budget? How can you attract new customers? What about SEO?

SEO-optimised copywriting allows you to stand out from the crowd. You stand out from your competitors and attract the attention of both cold and warm prospects. You develop your online reputation and gain the trust and consideration of Internet users. How do you do this? Through the content of your blog posts. Product and service pages. Images and videos. Of course, the SEO content of your product pages is also important if you are in e-commerce.

SEO, more conversion and more loyalty?

The quality of your content brings organic traffic to your website, but not only. It optimises the conversion path to turn traffic into sales or leads. To do this, you can use, for example, customer testimonials and reviews to persuade your prospects.

Ultimately, producing quality content is a long-term web marketing practice. It pays off when you optimise the site’s infrastructure, content and external environment. However, you must persevere and continue your efforts to maximise this acquisition channel over time.

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How to write relevant and well referenced content?

To do web writing :

Search for a main keyword or topic of interest to Internet users. Whether it’s Google, Bing or Qwant, people are entering queries to get content online. What are the keywords that your targets use to search? Are they long tail, intentional, semantic keywords? Use seo tools like Ubersuggest to identify them. Then link them to secondary keywords and insert them skilfully in: The title, sub-headings, paragraphs, article URL, meta-description, ALT text of images.

  1. Choose reliable sources for your documentation. The quality of your editorial content depends on it. Take inspiration from existing online content, but avoid simple copy and paste or duplicate content.
  2. Structure the textual content. This is a rule of SEO writing. Think about the users and the search engines. Write a main title, subtitles, an explicit and inciting meta-description.
  3. Respond to your target audience’s queries without focusing on word count. Stay true to your editorial line. Your content can be short or long as long as it adds value to your target.
  4. Write short, concise and clear paragraphs. SEO promotes user experience and readability of text is part of this. Do some rewriting and rephrase mile-long sentences.
  5. Enrich the content of your paragraphs from a semantic and lexical point of view. To do this, enrich the lexical and semantic field of your content with online tools such as: and
  6. Proofread, check for plagiarism and rewrite content if necessary before publishing it.

Generating SEO optimised content takes time. Call on a web writing agency and benefit from a high quality service.

Should you choose an agency for your editorial content?

Entrusting the writing of your marketing content to an SEO writing agency is a time-saver. You benefit from customised and personalised copywriting services. SEO agencies work with professional copywriters. They are not only experts in SEO, but also have a good writing style. They help you produce articles, pages to improve your SEO.

SEO agencies are able to help you to:

  • Develop a marketing strategy.
  • Set up an editorial line.
  • Improve the existing content on your site in terms of both form and content.
  • Doing high quality writing for blogging.
  • Learn to write if you want to become a copywriter.
  • Set up netlinking campaigns and find quality backlinks.
  • Successfully optimise your website for SEO.

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