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Why choose an SEA agency to make your Google Ads campaign profitable?

You are planning to run advertising campaigns. You want to generate qualified traffic to your site and attract leads. But you’re not sure whether to choose a SEA agency or not. You don’t know if you should manage the campaigns in-house or contact an agency. You wonder which approach would help you with your first campaign?

It is not always easy to find a good solution to implement a paid search strategy. As long as there are web marketing agencies and independent Google experts it is difficult to make a choice.

Read this article until the end to find out which agency to choose to make your paid search strategy more profitable.

What is SEA ? The quick definition to remember

SEA (search engine advertising) refers to paid referencing or an Ads campaign. It is one of the webmarketing levers that brings you an immediate visibility in the search engine results. It consists in displaying advertisements on the first page of Google in the advertising network. Depending on your budget and your marketing objective, you can launch one or more campaigns to improve your visibility.

Theoretically, SEA is opposed to search engine optimization which brings organic traffic. But they complement each other and share many common points. Like SEO, SEA is based on requests of Internet users and a choice of keywords. It is a lever for acquiring traffic to your site. Thanks to SEA, you can :

  • Be visible in search engines to attract more visitors.
  • Generate traffic, improve your brand awareness and reach potential customers.
  • Find new customers and maximize online sales.
  • Increase your conversion rate and make your remarketing strategy more effective.

Choosing a SEA agency: what are the advantages?

Entrusting a SEA campaign to a paid search agency allows you to create a dynamic and profitable ad. Digital agencies usually define marketing strategies to obtain maximum results with minimum investment. They help you succeed in your internet advertising and guarantee the success of your entire web project.

Of course, you can choose a Google expert or a freelance web marketing consultant. But, if you are looking for the support of an expert digital marketing team, it is better to use a SEA agency. Why?

A digital agency for your campaigns?

Simply because a good webmarketing agency has the knowledge of the essential tools as well as the expertise to set up your adwords referencing.

A certified SEA agency helps you create and manage your ad. They use their professional skills and various tools. Choosing a SEA agency means making better use of Google advertising tools. For example, they use the Google Adwords keyword planning tool. This tool can be found in the Tools section of the Adwords account. It shows the relevant data about the search queries of the users in the search engines. This planning tool allows agencies to analyze the trends and then create a list of relevant keywords.

Once they discover the phrases that connect you to your audience, they proceed to create your ads. And that’s not all. You receive performance reports on your campaigns periodically. It provides you with data regarding the number of clicks, the click rate, the impressions, the conversion rate…

This way, the SEO agency brings you an analysis and an optimization of your campaigns. It allows you to increase the traffic to your website in record time. Clearly, choosing a SEA agency helps you to :

  • Make a good targeting and exclude negative keywords for your industry.
  • Create and manage campaigns according to your marketing objectives.
  • Manage Adwords bids.

SEA question ?
Géraldine helps you

5 years of expertise in SEA

Why use an SEA agency?

The best digital agencies have different certifications that allow them to create profitable advertising. They have among others an adwords certification, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads. They also have the Google Partner badge which attests to their mastery of Google advertising. They can optimize your campaigns and put them on the first page of search engines. They also take care of your social Ads campaigns

In addition, the best SEO agencies provide a 360° marketing strategy. That is, they take care of the implementation of SEA campaigns. SMA (social media advertising). SMO (social media optimization). SEO (search engine optimization). Email campaigns. Advertising on YouTube, etc. Therefore, choosing a SEA agency also means working with a team of experts who optimize your results. They create a web strategy with a global view of your different acquisition levers. This is beneficial for the growth of your company.

Why choose to optimize your Google campaign?

Are you looking for a SEA agency to launch a campaign? You want to gain visibility to generate qualified traffic? You would like to make your e-commerce site or your affiliation business profitable?

Our Google Ads agency helps you attract more customers and maximize your sales through paid search. Our Google Ads PREMIER certified web agency has the knowledge and experience to offer you professional support. Our adwords consultants and our traffic manager deploy their know-how to deliver a service that meets your expectations.

From the choice of keywords to the implementation and management of your campaigns, we offer you a quality service. We create text or image ads for you according to your advertising budget. You choose the type of bidding that best meets your marketing objectives (CPC, CPM, CPA). This way, you can effectively measure the performance of your campaigns in the short and medium term.

Our expert commercial SEO team doesn’t just help you with keyword buying. We don’t just focus on increasing your click-through rate. We complement SEO and SEA to give you long-term results.

With as a SEA agency it is above all :

  • More lead conversions: you target and pay only for terms that are relevant to your target.
  • Track the performance of your campaigns for better optimization. You distinguish the campaigns that work based on the predefined KPIs.
  • A good referencing and an increase of traffic.
  • You develop your e-reputation.

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