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How can you improve the SEO of your Drupal site?

When it comes to website creation, many companies choose WordPress, Joomla or Prestashop. These CMS offer advantages in terms of SEO configuration. But what about the Drupal content management system?

Although Drupal isn’t as popular as WordPress, it’s still one of the most complete web solutions for large companies. It’s quite flexible and packed with important features.

This website editor offers indispensable tools for SEO. Do you know how drupal SEO works? Find out in this article how to improve your Drupal SEO.

What is the Drupal CMS?

Drupal is a versatile, modular and highly customizable web design program. It is a free, open-source CMS (content management system) published under the GNU General Public License and programmed entirely in PHP.

This content management system lets you create and administer websites. It is flexible and adapts to the needs of developers and users with advanced knowledge.

Less popular than WordPress, Drupal can be used to create complex web projects with specific functionalities. Drupal SEO may seem complicated, given the power of the web software.

However, this is not the case in reality, and we’ll soon see why the drupal CMS can be a better choice for SEO optimization. It’s a practical, robust and secure platform that’s not always easy to get to grips with, but it’s one you can use. If you already have experience and want to take your web project to the next level, it’s the best choice for creating and optimizing your website.

It’s a CMS that helps you set up a site in just a few clicks using drag-and-drop. Using it, you can easily create :

  • Website pages.
  • Forms.
  • E-commerce sites
  • Web applications.
  • Blogs.
  • Content.

Why Drupal for SEO?

Drupal Search Engine Optimization allows you to be visible on the web and attract organic traffic. If you’re looking to generate new customers or gain notoriety with your site, this is one of the best web solutions.

This easy-to-use CMS offers numerous possibilities for SEO optimization of your website. In fact, Drupal features modules such as Pathauto, which helps you set up well-structured, user-friendly URLs.

The authoring software also offers modules such as Metatag and XML sitemap. These are used respectively to customize meta tags and create sitemap files. All these indispensable tools are designed to improve Drupal site SEO. But how does the Drupal CMS handle SEO, and what are the key factors to consider?

Referencing a Drupal site: discover the advantages of this content management system

With its easy-to-use management interface and practical website creation (as well as administration), Drupal sets itself apart from other CMS. It’s perfectly suited to the needs of large enterprises. Many governments and non-governmental organizations use it to develop activities on a national or international scale. Why should you choose Drupal?

This web software is user-friendly and offers several options for improving Drupal site SEO. As a result, SEO optimization with this CMS is easily accessible.

You can, for example, use the URL customization module pathauto to make your URLs :

  • Short
  • Clear
  • Simple
  • Intuitive
  • Relevant.

This makes them user-friendly and easy to read for both search engines and users.

In addition, Drupal lets you add meta tags, titles and descriptions to your showcase pages. With these different elements, you maximize the relevance and visibility of your pages for search engines. Robots will then be able to understand and index the content of your pages.

Essential SEO factors for Drupal website SEO

To optimize a site built with the Drupal authoring tool, a number of criteria need to be taken into account. Let’s take a look at some of the key points you need to consider.

First of all, the insertion of HTML tags is crucial to your site’s SEO. This includes, but is not limited to, title tags and meta descriptions. H1 to H6 tags also provide information to search engines, enabling them to better interpret the content of your website.

Next, you need to take care with the URLs of your pages to make them attractive to search engines and Internet users. Clear, legible URLs are important for Drupal SEO. They provide a better user experience for your visitors, and Google will take this into account when ranking you in the SERP.

In addition to the criteria listed, there are other essential points you need to consider for SEO optimization of your web showcase. These include :

  • Creating quality content: whatever CMS you use, you need to produce content with high added value. In SEO, content is king, and the more you create unique, relevant and regular content, the better your Drupal site will rank.
  • Internal links: Internal links are another essential element of Drupal SEO. They help search engines understand your site’s structure and explore new pages. What’s more, internal links enhance the user experience by making navigation intuitive and fluid. To take advantage of this, make sure your internal links are good.
  • Page loading time is another important criterion for good search engine ranking.

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What steps can I take to improve the SEO of my Drupal site?

Creating a shop window and optimizing it for search engines requires a well-defined digital strategy. If you’d like to successfully optimize your Drupal CMS site for search engines, here are the steps to follow:

  • Opt for responsive web design

User-friendly web design is essential for the SEO of any type of site. Whether it’s an e-commerce site or a web showcase, you need to ensure that the design is responsive or adapted to mobiles and tablets.

With a good web design, you improve site SEO and get fast loading times. What’s more, you’ll reduce your website’s bounce rate.

  • Find unique and relevant titles for each page

Make it easier for search engines to index your pages by creating short, clear, original titles. Include in these titles the keywords on which you wish to position your website.

How do I do it? Use the metatag Drupal module. It guarantees simple, intuitive management of :

  • Page titles
  • Meta-title
  • Meta-description
  • Astract
  • Open Graph, etc.
  • Create attractive and precise meta-description tags to encourage visitors to click on your hyperlink.
  • Improve your Drupal site’s SEO by making the structure of your URLs clear and legible. The module integrated into Drupal Core helps you rewrite the URLs of your legal notice and privacy policy pages. For service and blog pages, Drupal’s Pathauto module is better suited.
  • Simplify navigation on your showcase website by creating a sitemap with the XML Sitemap module.
  • Create and optimize the content of your Drupal website.
  • Manage your link building and include high-quality backlinks in your content.

Which modules are essential for Drupal SEO?

To improve the SEO of your Drupal site, here are the best modules this CMS has to offer for managing your SEO.

Among the list of essential tools is the Metatag module. As already mentioned, it is used to modify the metadata of each page and optimize them for Google referencing.

  • The XML sitemap module is a key element in the SEO operation of a Drupal site. If you want to facilitate navigation on your web showcase, it will be of great use to you. It helps you to automatically set up a sitemap that groups domain name entries.
  • Breadcrumbs are another key aspect of Drupal SEO. It improves site ergonomics. Thanks to this tool, users can easily find their way around a site’s structure.
  • semantic markup can also be an effective way of improving Drupal SEO. It gives search engines important additional information about the nature of your content.
  • SEO Checklist is another indispensable tool that gives you a complete overview of your Drupal SEO actions. You’ll find all the SEO best practices you need to improve your site’s visibility.
  • Google Analytics is also an interesting tool if you’re looking for traffic and SEO data for your Drupal site. It allows you to see how your pages are ranking in the search engines.

The Robot.txt, site verification and search 404 modules are also essential for SEO. If you want to save time and increase efficiency, entrust the SEO work on your Drupal shop window to our SEO consultants.

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