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How can Google Bard improve your SEO?

A few months ago, you couldn’t spend a minute online without hearing about ChatGPT. Open AI is revolutionizing the world of marketing and communication. It automates tasks that used to require human assistance, saving time and optimizing it for other tasks.

Google is adding its own touch to this AI revolution, and is now bringing us its own AI assistant, Google Bard. A chatbot that’s now available to everyone, but what can this AI system do for you? How can you master and use Bard’s skills to boost your SEO performance? To help you take full advantage of this AI tool, in this article our SEO agency reveals all about this new alternative bot to ChatGPT.

What is Google Bard, Google’s AI?

Bard is a generative artificial intelligence created by Google. It is an AI tool that brings together theories and technologies capable of simulating human intelligence. This conversational system is endowed with an intelligence that makes it possible to interact with it through messages. Bard can answer an open-ended question or perform a task. This AI chatbot from Google provides original, relevant answers based on content published on the web.

It is based on LaMDA, Google’s AI that dialogues intelligently like human beings. LaMDA is equipped with powerful algorithms for natural language processing, enabling the generation of coherent, fluid and contextually relevant textual content. This program developed by the Mountain View company uses machine learning algorithms to analyze the user’s writing context and provides a qualitative response.

Like ChatGPT, Bard performs a wide range of tasks:

  • Writing emails
  • Publications on social networks
  • Content and copywriting
  • Coding (JavaScript, Python)
  • Writing poems, etc.

However, the advent of Bard is bringing new approaches to improving site visibility. Google’s AI focuses on SAIO, which stands for Search Artificial Intelligence Optimization. How should web pages be optimized to appear on Google Bard?


How to use Google’s bot to manage your SEO?

Intelligent agents are now capable of mimicking the human brain and solving the productivity problems we face every day. But they don’t just make us fast and efficient. We can put them at the heart of your visibility strategy.

If you want to use Bard for your SEO, you first need to know how it works. As we’ve already mentioned, Google’s AI chatbot is connected to the web. It cites the sources on which its learning is based, which underlines the importance of working on the experience, authority and trust (EAT) of your content.

To give your brand visibility through Bard SEO, focus on the quality of your content. In practical terms, approach your topic as an expert in your market would. Bear in mind that Google’s new AI chatbot takes into account your reputation and your authority on the subject. Improve your press relations and develop your social media. Your brand’s online reputation is also a highly relevant factor for boosting your visibility on Bard and appearing in the answers it provides.

What’s more, one of the best ways of maximizing your visibility on the Bard platform is to use YouTube as part of your SEO strategy. It is an important source of authority for the Google Bard artificial intelligence search engine.

What are the main functions of Google’s chatbot?

Bard, Google’s interactive robot, has remarkable intelligence that enables him to :

  • Respond to numerous text requests from users. The bot gives advice, provides writing assistance, takes care of translations, etc.
  • Create prompts. If, for example, you ask the chatbot to perform an action, and you’re not satisfied with its proposal, it offers you the chance to repeat your request. Edit your prompt to get a much more relevant response from Google Bard.
  • Offer a wide range of response options. One of the things that makes this AI tool unique is the fact that it offers different response options to your queries. It gives you the choice of selecting the most relevant response to your query. On the other hand, Bard provides a single answer when it judges that there are no other valid options.
  • Use vocal research. Users can interact with the conversational robot using voice input and listen to its responses.
  • Gather information directly from the Internet. Google’s AI assistant is connected to the web and provides data based on online sources like Bing AI. This distinguishes Bard from ChatGPT.

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Google Bard or ChatGPT for SEO?

Increasingly, we like to work with artificial intelligence to improve our daily lives. But which AI should you choose to solve your SEO problems? Need artificial intelligence to speed up your SEO? Are you hesitating between Google’s AI chatbot and Open AI’s?

Objectively, we can trust these two technologies when it comes to suggesting keywords. You can create and send a prompt to these different robots and obtain a keyword related to a specific theme. You can also use them to find a list of secondary keywords.

However, if you’re looking for a free, reliable AI to manage your SEO, you’re better off choosing Google Bard. This chatbot is based on Google’s Pathways language model, an artificial intelligence that is capable of providing answers centered on current events found on Google Search. This AI thus represents a search platform for gathering information in real time.

ChatGPT works with Generative Pre-training Transformer 3 for free users. Paid subscribers have access to the GPT4 version. Users of the free version can only find data available on the web well before 2021. In addition, Bard provides users with the sources of its content, but does not save conversations, unlike its competitor.

Does AI optimization affect traditional SEO?

The introduction of Bard into the artificial world seems to be turning SEO on its head. Before the arrival of Google’s chatbot, it was enough to create pages optimized for specific keywords and to take care of internal and external linking to achieve good SEO. What has changed now? Quality, reliability and authority are still the key factors.

To be visible on the Bard platform, you need to focus on the quality of the information you provide. Optimize your content according to the Bard AI ranking criteria. This will improve your ranking in the search results. Simply put, to have your site appear on the Bard platform, comply with the requirements of the EAT algorithm.

A few tips for getting the most out of Google’s new bot

To make the most of your personal assistant, type in specific queries and add additional contextual details for a more complete response. You can also use this artificial intelligence system to inspire you in the creation of content for your websites and blogs. It will help you to find the main lines of text, but don’t forget to entrust the writing of your content to a professional.

  1. Be clear and concise: When interacting with the Google AI bot, try to use simple, clear sentences to obtain precise answers.
  2. Ask specific questions: Avoid vague questions. The more specific your question, the more likely you are to get a relevant answer.
  3. Experiment with different question formats: Try asking the same question in different forms to see if the bot provides consistent answers. Sometimes rephrasing a question can lead the AI to provide more information.
  4. Use keywords: Identify the important keywords in your question and incorporate them into your query. This can help the AI to understand your intention.
  5. Check the sources: If the AI provides information, it is advisable to check this information with reliable sources. The AI may make mistakes from time to time.
  6. Give constructive feedback: If the AI does not provide the answer you were expecting, you can give it feedback so that it can improve. Google often encourages users to provide feedback.

Bear in mind that, although Google Bard is powerful, it may still have limitations. It is constantly evolving, so the experience may improve over time.

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