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For established businesses, SEA allows communicating on exceptional promotions, to move stocks and obviously generates sales. To generate more visibility, it can be also strategic to have different links on Google first page via SEA and SEO which are complementary. To diffuse ads though AdWords, it’s necessary to buy an auction keyword. It price depends on the level of competition, the number of results and monthly researches. The quality of the Ads is major because it has an influence directly on the positioning in between Google Ads placement (10 in the first page). The quality score optimization is the main goal with SEA. The objective is to get the higher traffic at the best price.

Our French SEA agency is able to understand your demand:

  1. Our Agency is certified Google Partner Premier
  2. We know how to get the best Return On Investment in France
  3. We advise you about the different French periods to determine when to start
  4. We know how French users are doing theirs researches
  5. Using French language is very difficult

Optimizing campaigns and getting a good return on investment require professional knowledge to target the right keywords and dedicated pages, and to maximize the quality of announce. Doing yourself your own French AdWords campaign is risky because it can be very costly. An AdWords campaign lasts many months. To make it successful, a SEA strategy is needed. It’s why a French SEA agency will guide your project paying attention to the right French key words and adjust them during the entire service period. Graduated by Google, our agency has Google experts in it team who optimize and manage your SEA campaigns. It means that Google itself formed our team to its methods, to know its technologies and about AdWords complex utilization.

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