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How much does it cost to create a website?

In this article, we present reliable information about the price of creating a website. Why is this? When you ask for a website design quote, you’re in for a surprise. Search engines provide a variety of answers. Some website publishers offer free website design, others offer their services for millions of euros. Why should you pay less in some cases and too much in others? How can you create a shop window that suits you at the right price?

As you know, these days, having a profile on social networks is not enough to develop your online presence. The big brands have understood this: they have a website. If you want to improve your visibility, develop your e-reputation and maximize your sales, you need to create an interesting website.

Building a website is part of your communication and marketing strategy. It enables you to raise your profile and easily reach new customers. However, it requires a budget and the talent of a professional. The cost of creating a website depends on your needs and objectives. Whether you work with a website design agency or a freelance developer, every website project has its own cost. But how can you estimate or reduce the cost of a website?

The different types of website

Knowing how to distinguish between platforms is essential if you are to choose the one that suits your needs. Do you want to sell on the web or promote yourself online? Let’s explore the different types of site together.

  • Showcase website

Just like a digital business card, a shop window lets you inform future customers about your company and what it has to offer. It helps you to inspire your visitors and prospects to make a purchase. It’s a communication tool that gives you credibility.

Showcase sites are best suited to craftspeople, service professionals and B2B companies. They allow you to present your business, contact details, products and services. It’s also an effective way of providing sales pitches or a contact form. You attract qualified traffic with web pages optimized for natural referencing.

  • Online sales website

Creating an e-commerce site is one of the best ways of selling on the web today. Almost everyone makes purchases online, so if you want to get your share of the pie, set up an e-commerce site. What budget should you set aside to open an e-commerce shop? Website design always depends on your objectives, so bear in mind that the price of a classic website is less expensive than that of a more complex website.

Whether or not you already have a physical point of sale, you can set up a website to sell your products. How can you do this? There are many solutions for creating an e-commerce site that sells. Choose a platform such as Shopify, Drupal, PrestaShop, Woocommerce or Jimdo to create your site easily using drag and drop.

However, getting to grips with certain CMS requires technical knowledge, so you will need a web service provider. You also need to rely on web marketing levers, in particular SEO and SEA, to attract traffic and generate sales.

On the other hand, if you’re planning to go into dropshipping, you’ll be better off entrusting the creation of your website to a specialist web agency. They will create a tailor-made e-commerce site for you, taking care of the web design and the creation of product categories to suit your needs. They will also set up a complete back office to help you manage your shop.

  • Blog

A blog remains an essential tool for a sustainable and effective digital communications strategy. To create a website for this purpose, you need to purchase a domain name. Next, you’ll need templates or premium extensions. The price of creating a website can therefore vary depending on the solutions you choose.

If you have knowledge and skills in a specific sector of activity and want to be visible online, create this type of site. The principle is simple: you provide quality content in your area of expertise. What’s in it for you? You attract regular traffic to your website and build your online reputation.

  • Forum (collaborative site)

A collaborative site, also known as a wiki, is a place for people who share the same interests to exchange information. Forum members may be professionals or private individuals. They produce a large amount of content. To do this, they have moderators who proofread and correct content before it is published. If you want to create this type of site, you need to have a substantial budget for medium- and long-term hosting.

  • Web application

Like web software, a web application can only be accessed online on a website. It is very practical and enhances the user experience or facilitates navigation on a website. However, its design requires technical knowledge and the work of several web service providers. What budget should I allow for the creation of a web app? It all depends on your objectives and the professionals you work with.

How do you estimate the cost of creating your website?

To assess the price of a website, you need to determine how it should be designed. So how do you create a website that suits your image? First of all, you can set up a site yourself. In this case, there are no costs involved in building a site. Online, you’ll find a number of web editors that allow you to create a free turnkey website without any knowledge. However, you will need to pay a subscription fee if you intend to use your showcase over the long term. Allow a few dozen euros a month for hosting.

It is also possible to design your website with the help of a professional trainer. With this option, the price of website design is €0. You only need to budget a few dozen euros each month for the web software. However, if you want to develop a website working with a designer, the budget starts at €1,000.

The other way of producing a site is to have it created by an experienced web service provider. The result is high quality. You should expect to pay from €1,500 for the service. How to estimate the cost? To find out the price of creating a website in this case, base yourself on the number of hours of work. You can also have a website built by a member of your company or an entire team.

Are you thinking of creating a professional website, but don’t have the technical skills? Get help from web agencies today to turn your ideas into reality. There are several to choose from. How do you choose the design agency to bring your website project to fruition? There are three types of agency.

  • Agency specialised in the creation of high-performance commercial websites

She thinks and acts like a marketer. Her areas of expertise include the creation of showcase sites and e-commerce shops. It generates traffic by combining SEO and Google Adwords advertising. This type of agency helps you to attract more prospects, generate leads and optimize the rate of prospects converted into customers. To create a website with this option, you need a minimum budget of €1,500.

In addition, you need at least €1,500/month to take charge of natural referencing and the implementation of the marketing plan. Do you need this type of agency for your project? offers tailor-made services to ensure your digital success.

  • Web design agency with a large proportion of applications

Ideal for website creation projects involving exceptional functionality, this type of agency focuses on web development. It builds showcase or e-commerce sites with advanced functionalities. It has all the technical knowledge needed to design a site or an application. It masters web programming languages such as HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, etc.

Site design by these web agencies costs around €20,000 to start with. You will also need to draw up a set of specifications to facilitate the work. If you don’t have the knowledge to draw up a specification, your partner agency will help you to create one.

  • Creative agency with a vision focused on brand image development

It’s good to evaluate website design, but it’s even better to know what to do about your shop window. Would you like to stand out from your online competitors thanks to your visual identity? Would you like to redesign your site and opt for a responsive design that adapts to tablets and different media? This type of agency can help you thanks to the expertise of its artistic director. However, you will need to spend around €2,000 for each page.

As you can see, there are several ways of designing responsive or mobile-first websites. Website creation varies according to the solutions adopted. It is also essential to use a CMS to open a website, in other words, a content management system.

Website design prices: the technology behind your shop window

When you feel the need to add a specific option to your shop window, the cost of creating a website can be 2 to 20 times higher. So what do you do? You have several choices depending on the functions you want to add, the type of website and, of course, your service provider.

If you decide to create your site yourself, you will only use the existing functionalities. If you need to integrate additional functionalities, ask a web development specialist for help. This professional has solutions for creating a showcase for your online presence. The cost of creating a website will be higher in this case.

When it comes to websites that have been completely or mini-customized by a design agency, you can add some interesting features. All you need is for your agency to use open-source software and for the desired technology to exist. If the functionality does not exist, then you need to ask a developer to create it.

Clearly, it’s easy to add functionality to standard websites if you enlist the help of a web development expert. On the other hand, sites designed for casino gambling, advertisements or even dating require tailor-made construction. In addition, the number of web pages and the page templates for your shop window also have an impact on costs.

Website prices: customization and requirements affect the budget

If you opt for a website designed from existing templates, you will pay less than for a fully customized site. This is because web developers use technical knowledge and time to create a made-to-measure template. You need to pay enough money to remunerate them for their work. Are you looking for a tip to save money on your website design project?

To create a website at an attractive price, build a responsive, attractive site with a semi-custom design. This allows you to use prefabricated, customizable templates. To save time and improve efficiency, draw up a set of graphic specifications to inform your design agency of all your requirements.

As well as personalization, consider your design requirements. If you’re planning to use Google Adwords to promote yourself online, you should seek out an SEA expert to study the relevant keywords and launch your campaigns according to your budget and objective. Designing product pages also requires a specific cost. You should add them to the overall website design price.

Website maintenance is another factor that determines the price. Technical assistance makes it easier to manage and administer the site. The price varies according to the type of service provider. Get organised to keep your shop window up to date and easy to administer.

How can you reduce the cost of creating a website?

To reduce the cost of creating a website, ask for a discount on hourly costs or reduce the number of hours of work required. Working time and design methods often affect the cost of creating a site. If you have a small budget and want to create your web showcase, focus on these two key factors.

By reducing the number of hours worked, you won’t affect the quality of your site. You build a top-of-the-range site at a low price. You automate tasks by using the machine.

The consequences of reducing costs

You only recruit cheaper service providers. What do you get? You create a shop window with all the problems in the world.

  • Website inaccessible
  • Slow loading speed
  • Sloppy user experience
  • Natural referencing drowned out
  • Very poor security

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