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Google Lens: how can you use it to support your SEO strategy?

To access information, Internet users don’t just type text queries on Google. They also often use visual searches to save time… and this is a great opportunity for your SEO.

Discover how to optimize your ranking in online search results with Google Lens, and how to optimize your SEO by combining visual, text and voice search to be more visible on the web.

What is Google Lens?

Google Lens is a Google application that works like a search engine. Available free online, this tool for Android and iOS devices enables image recognition. It offers a visual alternative to Siri.

Lens analyzes the object on which the mobile device’s camera is focused, and provides information about the item identified on your smartphone or tablet.

Why use Google Lens ?

This image or photo search tool is based on a technology developed using machine learning algorithms. It offers a wide range of options, enabling users to :

Scan and translate texts

The application can be used to digitize and translate texts directly from books, notebooks, posters, etc.

Dactylographier des textes manuscrits

You’re writing a text by hand on your notepad. Then you want to enter it on your PC? You can simply copy and paste it into your computer to make life easier using Google Lens.

Identify objects, plants, pets, dishes, places

This is the application’s most frequently used feature, allowing you to quickly find out the names of the things around you. Simply take a photo or choose one from the gallery to discover its identity. You can even recognize places, as Lens has a geolocation function.

Step-by-step homework wizard

In the U.S, this option allows you to solve math problems or other homework in history, physics, etc., by solving them step by step. In France, this option, symbolized by a mortarboard 🧑‍🎓, is more limited. It focuses on informative research intentions, with links to sites that can be used to solve the given problem.

Shopping assistant

Lens provides answers to transactional search intentions. The application suggests stores where you can buy products that interest you. For example, you can take a photo of the sweater worn by the TV presenter, and Google Lens will find an exact copy or similar models.

Google Lens for good strategy SEO

What are the benefits of Lens for your SEO strategy?

The Google Lens tool contributes to your SEO strategy and is even an excellent asset for your e-reputation.

Because of its practicality, Lens is a search engine for many Internet users. They use it to find information instantly through visuals rather than text queries.

A potential acquisition channel

Not taking Google Lens into account can impact your site’s SEO, or deprive it of a share of traffic. Let’s assume that Internet users use visual search (or voice search, then visual search via Google Assistant) to obtain information. If your SEO strategy doesn’t integrate visual search, your site will be less visible.

Depending on your activity, Lens can even represent an important traffic acquisition channel, especially for physical or e-commerce stores.

A UX asset for your site

Google prioritizes user experience. In fact, this criterion plays a key role in SERP rankings, because thanks to Lens, web users can find information directly via the application in just a few clicks. They can search for things perceived in real life, even if they don’t know how to describe them, or don’t feel like doing so.

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Optimizing your site for Lens as part of local SEO

The tool presents an opportunity not only for marketing and visual content, but also for local SEO.

Local SEO through images

Internet users can use this free mobile application to scan shop windows, products and QR codes. In this way, they can find information about the companies linked to them. If you optimize your brand’s physical presence by providing useful information to Internet users, you stand a good chance of achieving good local SEO. You’ll find more customers to develop your business, multiplying your sales.

Integrating Lens into your local SEO strategy also enables you to launch interactive campaigns. By doing so, you encourage users to share your content on social networks. And, thanks to Google Lens, you can increase your brand’s visibility on the web.

Google My Business listings

One of the best ways to optimize your site for Lens is to fill out your business listing, or Google My Business listing. Be sure to include your company’s contact details and the products and services you offer. Include quality images of your products to facilitate their indexing in local search results.

Le SEO on-page 

Similarly, create SEO-optimized content on your site. Why should you do this? The Lens application uses the same ranking criteria as Google to organize and prioritize results. For example, if you’re in second place for the keyword “children’s basketball”, you’ll probably always appear in second position in the Lens search results. So you need to work not only on the local SEO and technical aspects of your site. But also on your On-page SEO to rank well in the search results.

How do I optimize my images for Google Lens?

Concentrate also on the quality and optimization of your visuals and create better content for users.

Work on the ALT attribute of your site’s images

To integrate Google Lens into your SEO strategy, you need to focus on the ALT attributes of your images. Make the browsing experience easier for the visually impaired. This will also help you appear in user searches. To be relevant in the eyes of the algorithms, make skilful use of keywords in Alt attributes.

Give your images a good name

When you entrust the creation of your site to a developer, he often names the images as he works. The names they give may not reflect the visual content.

Opt for a descriptive name. This will enable the Lens application to recognize what it’s about. For example, if you sell children’s sneakers, indicate the model name and color.

Use more quality images on your site

Whether you have an e-commerce site or sell specific services, add a variety of images to support the text and illustrate your services. Include high-quality, tangible and original images.

Always add your logo to images

Let users identify you through your logo. When they search for your site on Lens, it would be ideal if it appeared with your corporate identity. This way, your company will be easily visible online.

Add SEO-friendly Exif data to images

The Exif is the default text that includes the location of your image capture, the type of camera, and so on. You need to edit it and add keywords to make it more visible on Google Lens.

Compress your images to optimize your site’s loading speed

The larger the visuals, the slower your shop window will load. Keep the quality high and reduce the weight to increase speed. Preferably, choose the PNG or Web image format and reshape your images to facilitate their online integration. Above all, use only royalty-free images to avoid copyright problems.

By integrating Lens into your SEO and digital communications strategy, you’ll increase your visibility, get more organic traffic and improve the user experience. You’ll optimize your conversion rate and maximize your online sales.

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