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    Are you looking for a UX consultant to improve the web browsing experience? Would you like to set up a site that meets users’ needs and offers them a meaningful experience?

    Get the support of a good UX design consultant at and develop your UX strategy. Our experienced consultants will help you improve your user experience.

    What is UX? Things to remember

    UX or user experience refers to the user experience. It encompasses all the factors and elements involved in the process of a user or customer interacting with your company, products and services via a website or mobile application. User experience also applies to physical environments, and is a measure of customer satisfaction.

    In webmarketing, and particularly in SEO, UX and web design are important factors in search engine ranking. They help improve a website’s online visibility.

    To offer a better experience to web users, SEO experts, when they work reference to a site, solicit help from a consultant UX. Why would they do this?

    What does a UX consultant actually do?

    A UX design consultant is a creative, agile analyst who conducts an information architecture study. Skilled in consulting and digital strategy, this specialist is able to redefine a company’s customer experience according to a proven methodology.

    As a consultant, you may have to rethink mobile applications, websites, information systems, services or products. The ultimate goal? To foster innovation and propose solutions capable of delivering the best possible customer experience. To achieve this, he’s ready to make mock-ups and prototypes, and above all: to carry out tests.

    This professional identifies key stakeholders and key performance indicators. Specifically, consultants analyze their customers’ digital products. In effect, the UX consultant identifies flaws and determines how to transform and improve your products for end-users.

    Clearly, the consultant’s mission requires him to adopt a user-centered approach. He can design an interface that is accessible and usable for any type of medium. The UX expert implements interaction design and guarantees a successful experience for your end-users.

    This collaboration makes it possible to work on everything a person might experience when in contact with an information system. In concrete terms, the SEO consultants and the UX expert together form the SXO and act on :

    Page speed

    Responsive pages are essential for easy navigation.

    Ease of use

    This criterion is essential to provide a useful experience for web users.

    Mobile friendliness

    The design of your website must be adapted to mobile devices or responsive design.


    The goal? To make a website accessible and easy to use for everyone.

    Page structure

    It consists in prioritizing and organizing the content of a page to make it easier to read.

    Clear information

    Information must be clear and understandable to the user.

    The pros and cons of a UX design consultant?

    Working with a UX design consultant has both advantages and disadvantages.

    A team of external consultants can carry out a UX audit, user research and implement a clear UX strategy tailored to your company’s objectives. They can also provide UX design and UX support. But what can all these consultancy missions do for your company?

    • You benefit from the expertise and outside view of a UX consultant. This professional gives you the opportunity to improve ergonomics, and make your products and services functional and attractive to the end customer.
    • You benefit from improved customer relations and user loyalty thanks to a design thinking (human-centric) approach.
    • You succeed in your business development.
    • Optimize your product’s UX design and increase its perceived value for your users.
    • Optimize your visibility and stimulate lead generation.
    • Improve your conversion rate.
    • Give your customers more value.
    • You develop an important competitive advantage.
    • You’ll get better natural referencing.
    • You optimize your website’s performance

    On the other hand, to benefit from the work of a UX consultant, you have to face a few disadvantages. First, it’s essential to invest time and money in recruiting your expert. Secondly, you need to understand that your specialist may have a different approach or vision from your own.

    Moreover, working with your designers requires trust. Although the UX design consultant doesn’t have decision-making power in your company, his involvement in your web project may give him access to important databases for a long time to come.

    Tell us about your project

      The services of our UX Design experts at

      UX is essential for solving design problems and improving your processes. If you’re looking for business development within your company, the help of a consultant can be invaluable.

      But what does a UX consultant do? Would you like to know how a UX consultant can help you succeed in your digital transformation?

      UX audit

      The experienced consultants at our UX consulting agency analyze data to optimize the experience. We examine existing analytics and customer feedback to achieve your e-business objectives.

      Thanks to a meticulous study of your dashboards, we identify your users’ behavior and then detect the points blocking traffic or engagement on your site. For this type of mission, our consultants analyze in particular :

      • Page views
      • Time spent on a page
      • Conversion rate
      • Traffic sources

      A design consultant from our web agency will help you with UX Research. We understand the needs and uses of users of your website (e-commerce), application or software. We focus on user data to detect design problems.

      Secondly, we focus on practical, innovative solutions to improve your digital interfaces. The methodologies we develop to solve your business problems help you make better decisions.

      Your UX consultant can carry out interviews, user tests, online surveys and webanalytics, but that’s not all. The UX expert also analyzes user browsing behavior through user experience.

      UX & CRO design and support

      Our UX agency has a multi-disciplinary UX team and various specialized professionals such as a UX designer, product designer and UI designer. They pool their technical skills and qualities to deliver a complete user experience for the end customer.

      We offer you customized support and implement the most relevant optimization roadmap at your disposal. A UX consultant from our agency specializing in UX consulting will continuously improve your interfaces. With this type of service, your UX expert creates ergonomic, intuitive interfaces and maximizes conversion.


      UX strategy

      You know, to deliver a good user experience, it’s not enough to optimize the interface of a digital product. It’s essential to know your organization and its vision of the future.

      In this way, you can develop techniques that transform customer portfolio management and optimize the overall end-consumer experience across all your channels. A UX consultant from our digital agency will help you create and manage a coherent action plan for a successful experience.

      Frequently asked UX questions

      What is the role of a consultant?

      The UX expert’s mission is to foster innovation and propose solutions that deliver the best possible customer experience. He or she develops an effective UX strategy to drive the company’s digital transformation process.

      A UX expert from our UX design agency analyzes your users’ needs and behavior. This enables us to understand what web users expect from you.

      What skills does a UX expert have?

      To support companies in their transformation projects, the consultant takes care of :

      • Data audit
      • Ergonomic audit
      • Benchmarking
      • User studies
      • User testing
      • Customer experience
      Why use our design consultants?

      A UX consultant from our digital agency gathers and organizes targeted information on behavioral analysis tools such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console or Google Tag Manager, and then makes recommendations for UX optimization.

      Designers help :

      • Setting up a high-performance information system tailored to user needs.
      • The creation of a dynamic ecosystem around your brand.
      • Increased user conversion and loyalty.
      • Improved web performance and profitability.
      • Improved customer relations.
      What is the average cost of a design consultant?

      Does your company need a UX consultant to solve UX design problems? But you don’t know the average salary of a UX designer?

      In fact, the remuneration of a UX expert depends very much on his or her professional experience. If you want to work with a junior consultant, the average salary is between €1,600 and €1,900 per month. On the other hand, if you prefer the services of a senior consultant, you should expect to pay between €2,600 and €3,500.

      Do you have web projects? Do you want to improve the user experience of your digital product for the end customer? Benefit from the expertise of a design consultant at to achieve your goals.

      Would you like to work with our team?
      We are ready to welcome you!