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Optimize your Ads campaigns on social networks:

    Optimize your Ads campaigns :

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    What is Social Media Ads?

    Today, a presence on social networks is essential for many companies. But the competition of posts and communities available can make your message less visible.

    This is where advertising on social networks comes in, enabling you to boost your visibility and continue to grow your community.

    Our Social Media Ads process

    Advertising on social networks (LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram) isn’t going to be automatic, and will require work beforehand to reach the right targets with the right message. Here are the 5 steps in our work process:

    Defining objectives

    Determining your campaign objectives together is an extremely important prerequisite for the success of your campaign. You know your products, seasonality, budgets… And we’ll provide you with expert advice on the characteristics of the audience you want to reach.

    In this phase, we’ll study the characteristics of your audience: age, gender, interests, etc., to best adapt your communication messages.

    Designing effective campaign planning

    As soon as your objectives have been determined, we’ll communicate with you to work out the broadcast schedule, the times, devices, audiences, groups, schedules… on which we’ll send the targeted ads.

    Social Media Optimization (SMO)

    Building a community around advertising is no easy task. In fact, your subscribers will expect your brand to interact with them on a regular basis, in order to raise your profile.

    That’s why it’s essential to establish an organic social network strategy, also known as SMO, to further improve the performance of your advertising.

    Creating audiences for targeted acquisition

    Who are your visitors? Who would be likely to order from your site? Thanks to a behavioral study of your visitors and their interests, our SMA Project Managers work with you to create the ideal audience.

    Thanks to this audience, made up of visitors to your site and/or people like them, you’ll be able to reach your digital sales targets.

    Performance analysis

    Measuring performance on social networks is fundamental. We provide precise reports on the results of social media Ads actions.

    Metrics such as impressions, subscriptions, clicks and conversions are calculated and optimized every day…

    Depending on your needs, we offer customized reports and KPIs.

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